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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (55 reviews)"

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  Good game if you work at it

| | See all mushbag's reviews (1)

Brilliant game for those who like to take the their time perfecting a charater. It brings back some of the classic elements from the original Mortal Kombat games, yet it could have easily been 5 stars if they kept the traditional, gore-filled fatalities that seperated it from the other games of its type.
Whoever thought of the idea to bring the two universes together was a genius, Ive always wanted to find a way to kill superman

  A great balance of fun and challenge

| | See all makedacirclebigger's reviews (3)

I really enjoyed getting back to my gaming roots with this version of MK. The graphics are great, the gamplay smooth & fast and the moves are relatively easy to remember. The DC characters are really cool & the best of the MK cast are there too but with the notable exceptions of Mileena & Reptile :-( The game is a good balance between fun and a challenge. You definitely can progress through the whole story without weeks of practice and trying. For this price this game is a must have for MK fans and indeed fans of any of these epic fight games.

  Lacked the killer instinct.....

| | See all Kingsly619's reviews (21)

I bought this game a while back and am still torn to whether I like it or not, graphics are good but I feel they could have put some better characters in, the MK side of things is good with the heavyweights of the game its the DC part that annoys me.....who wants to be lex luther??I think it is a novel idea but just lacked something that will keep you wanting to play more.

Single player just get's boring, this is def a game that you play with mates with a few beers.

The death moves could be abit more simple to execute and more gory, seems over the years they have got abit more tame and less inventive.

If you are a big fan of this sort of game then you might like it but I got bored quickly!

  Average at best

| | See all SmegHead22's reviews (1)

Fairly interesting storyline with quite a lot of effort put in, however the gameplay gets old quickly and can be incredibly irritating and clunky, a major example i witnessed was having a nasty surprise in the form of special moves being accidentally used while trying to move and uppercut for example, and instead having an utterly unwanted special move turn up and leave me utterly vulnerable.

This can be worked around of course, but you really shouldn't have to face this problem to begin with. Not the only problem of course, just one of the more glaring ones.

The enemy AI has the age old problem of either being annoyingly omniscient in terms of the exact time one becomes vulnerable from recovering, or being able to counter with ease, or has the opposite problem of being stupidly open to AI breaker moves, most commonly sweeps making it feel like a cheap victory.
This would not be a problem if it occurred on the correct difficulties, unfortunately either can appear on any difficulty seemingly at random

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| | See all shane19's reviews (7)

first played this at my brothers on ps3 then immediately after playing i had to try and get it for my 360 looked in my local game store and no joy so found it on here for reasonable price.


| | See all Marcusbasher247's reviews (8)

A very good MK game, finally a game that shows Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc gettin' their butts handed to them haha!!! although the takeaway of the original brutal OTT gory fatalaties was a bit of a let down, hence the one star missin'... but above all get this game! and for all the fans of Scorpion, definatly buy this, he's at his most kickass form yet!!! (Scorpion fatality one: Down, Down, Down, B... Scorpion fatality two: Right, Right, Left, Down, A) be sure to type these buttons at mid-range, don't mention it!!! until next time, this is Marcusbasher247 sayin' SCORPION ROCKS!!!

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  Best fighting game I've played on the Xbox 360

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I absolutely loved this game as soon as I put it in my disc tray. The graphics are awesome and the controls are well layed out. The selection of Mortal Kombat characters are very limited. Thereis plenty of people the could've added in like Nightwolf, Motaro, Cyrax and everyone's favourite, Johnny Cage or maybe not. The selection of DC characters is pretty sweet like Batman, Superman and The Joker although they could have added in people like The Penguin, Two-Face and even Robin. The story is cool as well with two campaigns to play. The online is good as well athough you get people wo use the same move over and over again. Great fighting game although there could have been more characters to play as.

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  Another Mortal Kombat Game

| | See all Kainunable's reviews (4)

Yeah - enough said. I've always been a fan of the MK series, owning every MK game. This one - well, it steers a bit away from the general MK blood and gore to a more story-based, comic book feel, complete with those spandex outfits we all know and love. The acting in the main story line made me feel a little nauseous, and the removal of the brutal fatalities made my heart skip a beat (and not in the good sense). The combo system has changed slightly (it is no longer a combination of A, B, B, X etc.), which wasn't the proverbial cup of tea for me. For the price, you can't go wrong with this game. Just don't expect the world.

  Brilliant and great value for money!

| | See all flinds11's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic. I don't play my X-box all that much and was worried about this game straying too far away from it's original MK roots and becoming overly complicated...but it does not at all. It's got some neat new additions to it, and the graphics are very slick indeed.

If you where a fan of the original MK games then this is a great buy with enough new playability to keep you going.

...just be prepared to get very frustrated trying to pull off the finishing moves!


| | See all dimples2's reviews (6)

I bought this game i week ago and it's so much fun it's definately the best MK game i'v played. DC players are well selected the two i love playing with are WONDER WOMAN and BATMAN because they have the best brutality moves out of the whole game. So YES this game is a must and worth every penny.