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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Not too bad!

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Its not as bad as most people make out, the gameplay is fast and entertaining when playing with friends at home and its easy game score. The game is lacking live functions and graphics/animation could be better but it is what it is.. saying that i think its the best monopoly game on any platform ive ever played and it has a quite fun alternative monopoly game ive never seen before which is quite fun but i dont think it warrants a full price tag, if you can get it under a tenner then i think its money well spent.

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  Big Monoply fans only!!

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There is a big lack of Board Games on the X360...
However I must say I do really enjoy this game!
Was playing the board game over the christmas period and there were the obligatory fights resulting around the rules being interpreted differently.
This X360 version speeds up the process and the rules can not be argued.
The AI is quite annoying and there is no online play (Previous Reviewers have expressed their annoyance about the lack of this feature) the Lack of online play meant that I did not ask my family to also purchase this product.

  This should be an arcade game, but its still bad

| | See all Daviduk2000's reviews (40)

The game is very small, there 2 game modes, and like 8 boards, the size of the game is micascule. so it really should have been released on the arcade.

but that wouldnt have made the game better its So incredibally incomplete.
There is No online play, which in this day is Shocking.
the new game mode is pretty bad, because you play mini games every round, and the mini games are just Awful simple, using around 2 buttons, and theres only ,like 6 mini games, and most are just a copy of each other.
playing the traditional game is the only thing of value, and even then you will want to shoot the host, in the head, for using the same phrases a million times, every time you play it, you get like an explanation of everything you land on, i found a way eventually of muting him by holding the Y button throughout the game, but its a bit of a hassle.
i like to play the game muted, and even then the pace of the game is soo slow, and dice rolling is very unrealistic.

One really good thing though is the way you can customise the rules of traditional mode to suit how you would play it, because the rules seem to be different for everyone who plays it

the game is not good, and for this price you can buy a very decent REAL version of the game, so dont buy this but the board game, its much more sociable aswell

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  Another EA scam. Rushed product, missing modes, Full Price!!

| | See all Slim01's reviews (6)

no xbox live play?!?! absolutely diabolical.
i can understand what people are saying about people leaving, but that really is no reason to leave out how great that could be with people that DONT leave, like say, your friends, which is how its been played since it was made.
They had a chance to do something new, and something that people had told them they wanted, and EA were oblivious.

there are lots of games on xbox arcade that have shown ways to get around this 'early leavers' as well, all of which ea have failed to spend the time looking into. Besides, even if they had just included the live feauture and it was a flop for many who couldnt play with friends, you wouldnt HAVE to play online. Great games always havve varying different features for different poeple.

this is just yet another scam by ea, ripping people off with a cheap, rushed out product, charged at full price.

its upsetting to know they now must own the rights to any future monopoly games, i was really looking forward to this.

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| | See all anubis1988's reviews (2)

This game is perfect if you like monopoly. The AI is annoyingly hard but easy at the same time, won 2 out of 5 games played. I play this because no one wants to play the game with me cos its takes a long time so this is great :D

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  Great Game

| | See all brewster84's reviews (1)

Great game. Just like the original board game - but better.
Lots of Mini games and extra game boards to unlock.
Have a game of monopoly without the mess!

To answer the other review Xbox live would spoil this game. Can you imagine playing for hours with someone on xbox live only to have them disconnect when your winning! Its hard enough to have a ten minute game of football without the losing person leaving the game early.

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  Tragically missed opportunity to bring Monopoly on xbox live

| | See all timthepig's reviews (1)

Before I start.

There is no online play functionality, which is a little misleading with the various sources of information found on the internet.

This game is great for multiple human players. However the single play component has tragic flaws like not being able to speed up CPU, CPU on hard skill is dumb compartively to any half-decent monopoly player etc.

I played a Monopoly clone called Safe as house on the Atari ST about 15 years ago and it was public domain software. That had better AI and quicker CPU turns.......

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