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PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  footballing masterpeice

| | See all blitz1993's reviews (8)

brilliant gameplay , amazing goals , a few glitches but all round fun .

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  Back to the old feeling Pro Evo

| | See all DAZZERQPST's reviews (43)

This Pro Evo goes back to feeling just like the originals did back on the last gen consoles such as playstation 2 etc. PES 2008 did and felt slow awkward where as pes 2009 is just fast flowing smooth and just like the orignals to play. Its graphics are acceptable and all run very smootly. The game is laid out in quite a relaxing way with nice bright colours however the menu system and match visuals (intro and scoreboard etc) all feel very dated. Kits etc can all be edited if like me you cannot stand playing without proper kits and proper names. This game is good multiplayer dur to the delibrate dive! Its a great little feature in which the computer uses to! Overall this game is back to pro evo of old and will be instantly recognisble to anyone who had played them. If you enjoyed them then you should enjoy this.

  Potteries 2009!

| | See all TheGlove's reviews (4)

Pes 2009 has the best gameplay for any simulator at this moment in time... If you don't go online!

It's honestly two different games. Locally, the gameplay is tremendous, good fun! Online, everyone has a red connection, its jerky as hell, and everyone at the top of the leader board only ever, and i mean EVER, plays using "The Potteries" (Stoke!).

I'm really hoping someone will clear up why Stoke are so good for me please.

But yea, for a tenner you mayaswell buy it and sit playing yourself till your blue in the face!


| | See all Stidds's reviews (1)

If you are looking for a great football game online dont pick this one!
It constantly stops and starts! And then you are in a diffrent position!
If you do not play online and just play by your self this is the kind of game you want good graphics and games mode , like being a legend and stuff.
If I was you next year get fifa as on this you only get top teams and internations!
Get Fifa !

  Worst Online Game Of 2009

| | See all reckse11's reviews (6)

Period. The main reason i am disgusted with this game is its shockingly appauling online mode. I find it hard to believe that in 2009 a game company would release a game with such a shoddy online feature, its as if the game is half complete. It would have been better if Konami just left out the online mode altogether rather than piecing together this non stop jerk fest that they call a game. Its both embarrasing to them and insulting to us as fans.

  Role Reversal

| | See all gazza127's reviews (18)

Year after year, Pro Evolution Soccer was the footballers choice for a football game. The play was more realistic than Fifa, there was more fluidity and quicker gameplay - all in all it was more enjoyable.

This year has changed. Fifa have done their research and have improved drastically and have now surpassed PES. Each year, PES made minor improvements in the gameplay and the graphics - but nothing major. That was fine with the playstation 2 and original xbox, but with the new consoles, it feels like a step in the wrong direction.

The gameplay is unresponsive. This coupled with the poor commentry, stupid offsides + freekicks and the narrow choice of competitions and cups has made Fifa 09 the better of the two games this year.

I gave Fifa 5* for a number of reasons:
Better graphics
Better gameplay
More skills
Controls easier
More competitions
Have the rights to the teams

All in all, a footballers game for the 2009 year is Fifa and there is no getting away from it.

It pains me to say it but Fifa is better and should be your first choice purchase.

  Where has PES gone?

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

I love PES. I scrutinise every screenshot and obsess over the game in the months before release. Fifa is fine, throwaway football fluff. This is why it hurts me so much to say this. PES 09 is... bad. The series was the best but seems to move backwards and every year Fifa seems to regain a little more ground. This year Fifa has surpassed the previously unbeatable PES. I know you'll ask why i mention Fifa so much in a PES review, but these rivals depend on eachother, the better of the two gains the upperhand and they are bound to be compared. The gameplay seems to have stagnated, having changed little since PES 5, the graphics are no where near Fifa's near photo realism and the loss of the Spanish licence is tragic. The capture of the former EA licence, the Champions League is a big coup, or would have been if Konami used it in any way. The standalone mode only serves to accentuate PES's failings. Why was it not incorparated into master league? E
Every year, PES has stayed the same while Fifa evolved. Last year Fifa caught up, and this year has passed PES. Konami didn't seem to know how to respond to this. Unfortuneatly, my favourtie sport series in gaming has a long way to go before it garners the same respect that it deserved in years gone by. Over to you Konami.

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  Going Backwards...........

| | See all Morigeez's reviews (9)

Iv owned every pro evo game realised and i have to see this is just awful fifa has passed it easily the gameplay is terrible the shooting is poor the goalkeepers actions are completely unrealistic and the passing is terrible. It still have good modes like creating your own team in the master league which is also a bonus but the game play just is not up to scratch, if you want a good realistic football game buy fifa09.

  Beats Fifa

| | See all callan24's reviews (31)

I've invested in both games this year and i can honestly say PES 2009 beats Fifa in the battle of the football games. Konami made a huge error by releasing the game with massively out of date transfers (Rolando Bianchi was still playing for Manchester City and he left 2 transfer windows ago!!) . Thankfully they've updated that now...

Lots of people have been complaining about the difficultly of the game? I can't really see this as a problem, previous PES games were too easy, you could just run past defenders with ease. Master League is as good as ever, and the Uefa CL feature is a nice addition to the game.

If your up for a challenge go for PES, Fifa is too easy...its only downfall falls down to the online experience. I keep getting disconnected but that isn't a huge problem as i have many friends who own this game, i play with them lag free.

Happy days =)

Be a legend is pretty poor and you can't change teams in MASTER LEAGUE which is really disapointing as thats the only game mode i play...

  Poor very very poor

| | See all BigGorm's reviews (43)

Having owned all the previous PES games i held out until recently on purchasing it finally i thought i would get and see what it was like. One word dreadful. The physics of the game are shoddy the A i of the computer players is soo poor that you find yourself screaming at the screen when they don't pass the simple ball (on become a legend mode of course). It was like they didn't even try to make this enjoyable and now i have played FIFA i regret even putting this game in my machine. BUY FIFA NOT THIS