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Bionic Commando

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all epicKINGR's reviews (10)

I recently got this game for under 10 pounds and I can definitly say it was well worth it. Graphics are amazing and so is the game in general, great storyline and missions, BUY IT!

  under rated ace once u get swing of it

| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

this game gets better as u play along n progess the challenges set out give you achievements its well thought out, different weapons easy 800gamerpoints worth a look 8)

  Not Bad...think that could be better...

| | See all FaTaLBuNNy's reviews (2)

Nathan "Rad" Spencer has some cool moves, and it's pretty fun to swing from a place to another...But if you play the whole game at the hardest difficulty it can be VERY FRUSTRATING get past some points...Overall a good Third Person Shooter for this price...
(Get all the achievements can be a Real Challenge for every hardcore gamer)

  No Brainer Bargain

| | See all TheZ4M0's reviews (8)

Game mechanics (swing the bionic arm) are a bit trycky at first since there aren't so many games that focus on this but once you learn, the game feels so smooth and rewarding... One of the few games I know that is meant to be played on it's hardest difficulty level so you can get the feel of old school hazarous platforming games.

Graphically doesn't stand out but if you pay attention to detail (closer objects blurs as you focus your sight on the one far way and the same if you do the contray... the water effects at the forest...) you can discover fine stuff there.

This game got bashed unfairly but doesn't desevere less than a score of 7. It's not a game for everyone but has some of the smartest moves I've seen lately in the industry:

Collectible items are reasonably big and bright (neon) colored so are easy to find in most cases... but hard to get sometimes, since this can be considered a platformer (with shooting in it) Oh, and they'll unlock concept art so serves a purpose.

There's also tasks to do ingame such as killing 3 enemies using shotgun while swinging and such. The kind of stuff that grants you an achievement. You got killed, restat at the checkpoint and then forgive about it since it's on your gamerscore. ERROR. Those unlock upgrades for your armor and weapons (in a similar way that perks works for The Saboteur) so you'll want to get it done in the same saved game not just for your gamerscore but to improbe your chances to survive later in the game. Clever!

IMHO you'll have a hard time trying to get more for your money that this title throws at you at its bargain price.

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  Not too bad

| | See all Microgynon's reviews (9)

I purchased this for the bargain price of a fiver just before xmas. The game isn't too bad once you get the hang of the bionic arm, guns and special moves. The post apocalyptic environments are very realistic and similar to those of Gears of Wars, but far sunnier and less grimey. The gameplay kinda reminded me of old style platformers on the megadrive and this especially rings true as most levels consist of swinging from one end of the level to the other and shooting the baddies along the way. Also, if you miss time your swing in some areas you can easily end up dead and going back to the start of the level which is can be very frustrating. All in all not a bad game but not much to keep one's interest from waning after a few goes. Rent before you buy or buy when its cheap.

  Amazing game!

| | See all GameLtd's reviews (1)

This was hard to get the hang of at first, but once you get to grips with the Bionic Arm is an amazing game well worth buying!

  there's better

| | See all zedstorm's reviews (23)

I had really high hope's for the new bionic commando game and bought it straight away i really wish i had rented it first it just feel's clunky all round graphically it look's good but moving around isn't fluid enough and the combat is hit and miss i traded it in for prototype which may not look that great but it's ten time's more fun to play in my opinion.

  get spider man 3

| | See all cubeykc's reviews (2)

this game is a true let game its glitchy as haell and the hole grab and swing thing is rubbish thank god i rented it if you are after a good game with lots of swinging get spider man 3

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| | See all BernieBabi's reviews (14)

this is a great game, good story, great ending, feels so much like a movie experience, graphics as good as assassins creed, get used to the controls quickly, really good trust me!!

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| | See all dan79pott's reviews (6)

Well this game has so many flaws and only one redeemable quality and that is the swinging ( but only when you get the knack of it ) every thing else was an after thought. The flaws in the game and there are many are so annoying you will want to teach the game to fly but unlike the commando it will not wall latch. The main 3 flaws are as follows 1. The radiation, If you step off the path by an inch you die, I lost track of the amount of times died. 2.The shocking save ability truely poor no thought went into this, the developers must have forgotten about saves in mid game which is diabolical, so if you die just before the end of a mission you do not pass go and you do not collect £200 but what you do, do is start back from the beggining of the mission. And gripe 3. When you die any achievements you unlocked reguarding upgrades, well, you loose them everything you collected after your last save, I have a word for that but it would not be acceptable to write so I will let you imagine what it is. So to finalise this game had so much potential and failed dismally this is not a game I would recommend unless you are a masochist and enjoy self harm, that being said if you really must play this game, rent it don't buy it.

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