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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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| | See all friendlywizard's reviews (5)

This game is a gem, love the simple graphics (water looks terrific), and the best bit is the endless strategies you can try, as every unit has unique abilities. Hilarious cheese acting from the legendary Tim Curry as a soviet leader....the soundtrack is cool too


| | See all bulletjunkey's reviews (9)

the concept of this game is great, and I also really like strategy games. But this game feels like it just wasn't made for the xbox. The controls are far to complicated to get your head round and makes gameplay frustrating. If you want to buy this game, get for the PC. Other wise I would recommend a strategy game such as Civilization evolution or even Halowars for the xbox.

  Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

| | See all FishBoneDiscs's reviews (190)

I'm not a massive C&C fan the main reason I got this game is because a friend wanted me to try it. I'm glad he did. Very challenging game with loads of online potential. Great fun! And at 7.99 you can't go wrong.

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  rts fans wet dream

| | See all mindless's reviews (12)

if you love your strategy games then red alert 3 is a must buy fresh look not grey and boring like some of the other rts games out there and the controls are really easy to use and have been well thought out for use on a console this game is highly accesable if your new to the genre you can use the basic commands and still get the job done but if your a vetren then you can still use the advanced commands and get the job done with a great look and sense of proffesionalism some problems though are the online its really fun but unfortunatly there are just not that many palayers online and the ones that are playing are very impatient and fail to wait longer than 2 seconds but the game itself has great campaign that you can do with a friend great variety in factions and more depth than say halo wars all in all masterpiece.;

  A Truely Polished Experience

| | See all JoeyThorn's reviews (11)

This game was made with care and it shows. Everything flows nicely, the controls, the units and tactics you can employ, the animations are smooth and crisp. A very polished, funny and enjoyable game. Well worth the money.

  A bit too easy

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

I love C&C games,always have always will.This is no exception.It's a truly OTT performance.Eye watering colours,outrageous acting in the cut scenes(I normally hate cut scenes with a vengeance but these are exceptional).Easy to play....and there's the rub.It's too easy even on hard.If you've never played a C+C game it's a good place to start but if you like a bit more of a challenge then C+C 3 Tiberium Wars is a bit tougher.


| | See all David1989's reviews (3)

You can tell that some ppl who have left reviews havent played the old types of C&C. Red Alert has always been based around cartoony graphics and a similar type of game play as this one. Someone complained about not having mamoth tanks and again you can see these ppl have only played from C&C generals!!!! they have never had mamoth tanks in Red Alert and the units/buildings u get make red alert a unique piece of C&C. Overall I felt this game is a step forward in the Red Alert games with good gameplay etc.

  The best Console Based RTS

| | See all JimmySlippa's reviews (3)

I had my reservations before I bought this game as I have always been a Red Alert Fan and I've had bad experiences with Console based RTS's before, but boy am I glad I bought RA3 for the XBox360.

After the rather boring tutorial I put the game down as I thought my suspicions about RA3 being bad were true, but after a couple of weeks I picked it up again and started playing it. I began playing the Soviet campaign and in between the laughter and all out wetting myself from the fantastically made cut screens the game play was brilliant.

The RA series has always been outrageous in the unit design and story and RA3 was no exception, from an ACP which fires people and BEARS into the air to flying submarines, this game has it all. I've personally loved RA3 for pushing the boundaries and having such crazy plot twists it puts Nnightshyamalan to shame, but also I love the humor each RA game has brought with it.

All in all I enjoyed this game and I rate it very highly, it's just Fantastic, 5 out of 5 from me.

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