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Fight Night Round 4 (Boxing)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  went the full 12 rounds!

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Some people say that they do not like using the new system for fighting, you can actually change it but not while in training.

I was the same and didn't like the new system but you do get used to it and I ended up liking it, so now I use the new system for training and the buttons for the fights.

The game is good and will keep you entertained knocking everyone out that steps in the ring!

well worth it if you can get it cheap!

  Great boxing game

| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

If you like boxing then get this,but if you are not a fan of hiphop/R&B like me then make sure to turn off the music from the start as it gets really,really,really annoying.
EA need to sort the soundtrack out for the next installment as its always the same type of music every time,why not have a mixed soundtrack to please everyone?


| | See all alfie9uk's reviews (1)

this is a good game but i perfer using the buttons to punch instead of the joystick, i find it really hard to get the punch i want

  fight night 4 kayos fight night 3

| | See all critic2000's reviews (15)

fight night 3 was the most sohisticated and realistic boxing game to date in the next generation consoles, fight night round 4 has improved many flaws from the first game. the graphics are sharp and are very detailed and the gameplay itself actually stimulates boxing. the controls are much better then fight night round 3 and one punch can now make a difference. the roster is now more vast, and is much bigger then fight night round 3. fight night round 4 features mike tyson, lennox lewis, joe calazghe and kelly pavlik. my only grievnace with the game is that the career mode isn't very fulfilling as it could of been, and the replay value is minimal, unless you are a keen boxing fan. new additional content (fighters and attire) has also been made available via xbox live which only adds to the game's strengths.
well worth getting.

  The Champ.

| | See all Soccerboy's reviews (5)

This game is awesome. Simply Awesome.

This game is a game any boxing fan should own.
The graphics and Playability are all top notch, and has been advanced leaps and bounds from FNR3.
The Online is superb and the Download/Share boxer feature is awesome. You can literally download any boxer past present and future!

People given bad reviews either have not invested enough time in this gem or well are basically not very good.

Buy this if your a boxing fan and you will love it.

Simply Awesome.

  Technically brilliant just not as fun

| | See all mindless's reviews (12)

for me fight night round three was amazing so when i first played fight night round 4 i was disapointed the game seemed alot harder and people could take so many hits it seemed like they were invincible but once i played it a bit longer i relised how technical this series had become thats when the series opened up for me and i saw how good a game it was but still i find i cant do two many fights on this at a time because they go on so long but still fun to pick up and play

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  Ring the bell Fight nights comin!

| | See all Optibuck's reviews (14)

This game is increddible didn't however play last years but got this one and its great the graphics are stunning and the punch mode is great. This is a true boxing game legend!


| | See all Bretters's reviews (20)

At some point in a pub, most blokes have fancied themselves as a boxer. Sadly, drinking 15 pints and windmilling into your opponent with a selection of expletives is frowned on in the professional game, and is likely to acquaint you with the canvass before the echo of the first bell has died out. If anything, boxing is more about defence; about movement and carefully choosing when to expend precious energy chancing a potentially telling combination or otherwise leaving yourself open to punishment. As such, the question for developers has always been 'how do we turn that into an entertaining game?'

Fans of relentless action and gentle learning curves need not apply. This is a simulation and demands that the gamer pays attention to detail, whether that's with one of the established real-world boxers you can fight with or if you have created a monster in your own likeness in the quest to top the rankings.

It's important to stress that nothing is guaranteed in the Legacy mode. Starting out on a new career does not automatically mean that you will eventually end up as No.1. In fact, it is entirely possible that your boxer will never get near a belt, retiring when age or too many defeats take their toll. Your training regime will be key in this respect and how you decide to build a boxer around your preferred fighting style. Selection of opponents is also critical. Get out of your depth too early and you'll end up getting knocked out in every fight, but play it too safe and you'll never challenge for top spot. Again, the details on what you're facing - whether you should aggressively come inside or stand off and patiently wait for a points decision - need careful consideration.

The controls are well laid out and after some initial hit-and-hope bouts you will learn to differentiate your hooks from your jabs on the analogue stick. Blocking, bobbing and weaving soon become second nature and form an essential part of your strategy, as faster, tougher opponents stand in your way. You might be able to out-muscle the first few chumps, but expect to go the distance frequently in your long professional career. If the balance really doesn't feel right, the game generously allows you to adjust punch strength and speed and boxer health and stamina accordingly at any point in the pause menu.

There are some problems with the mechanics though. No matter how weak your opponent, each of them is capable of downing you with a single punch, regardless of whether you've pummelled them without sustaining a scratch in reply up until that point. Naturally, computer-controlled boxers know exactly when to throw these punches and it can seem very unfair.

Overall, the Legacy mode is somewhat limited. Training feels detached, laborious and lacks variety, and there is little else happening between fights, save for a few uninteresting emails about who is beating who and winning awards.

But the fights are what you'll buy this for and by and large they really shine. The graphics are superb, with noticeably sweatier, bloodier protagonists as the rounds unfold and nigh-on faultless collision detection. Accomplished fighters can really work to a chosen strategy and amend it accordingly as a fight progresses, making some distance victories taste just as good as a crunching knockout. Two-player and online fights are of course the most enjoyable tests and present the opportunity to set up some classic clashes from past and present, without the niggles present with the AI.

This is slick, entertaining boxing that really captures the big-fight atmosphere as you progress and offers plenty of options. You'll need patience and determination, but nobody became The Greatest overnight.

  A few bad points bring down an otherwise excellent game

| | See all onefreeagent's reviews (14)

First and foremost, I have always been a fan of the Fight Night series. The use of the analogue sticks rather than the mindless pressing of buttons is an excellent feature and ensures there is actually skill involved in the game. Fight Night Round 4, no doubt, is an excellent game. It's a massive step up from R3 with the inclusion of the ability to get close and really get a feel for inside fighting, yet there are still a few flaws. The punches that knock other boxers down have the tendency to be either be brutal, or barely even threatening. Despite the punches actually scoring a knockdown, you're left feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Secondly, I think the game and the training mode are far too hard. For example, I recently started a legacy mode with Mohammad Ali and was (8)8-0-0. Entering into my 9th fight I was undefeated, had been training properly and achieving good scores and was better overall than the boxer I was fighting. However after 5 rounds of fighting on the outside & being accurate in punching I was knocked out because I simply could not throw a punch without it either being avoided by leaning and then countered, or blocked and then countered. On the upside however, the game looks great, the gameplay (other than a few tweaks) is excellent and it is a well rounded game to keep you entertained for a good few weeks. It's just a shame it's let down by a few problems.


| | See all tommyr1's reviews (18)

by far the best one yet .... graphics=awesome , gameplay=awesome and replays awesome . it has the best customization yet ..... so all in all 2 words ... buy it !!!!!!!!