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Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Great Value. Similar to the first.

| | See all GeoShu's reviews (6)

More of an expansion pack than a sequel to the Viva Pinata series.

+ Great for 4.99.
+ Snow & Sand feature expand on the original VP.
+ Great pick-up and play game.
- Evil characters come too reguarly later on in the game

For 10 pounds or less, a must-have!

  vp tip

| | See all wooooooooop's reviews (12)

alot better than the first 1 and a lot more difficult if ur a 3 year old don't by this game honestly but stil a good game

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  Addictive and essential

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

The first Viva Pinata was a great game, unfairly ignored for being to 'kiddie' and not appealing to the hardcore. You will struggle to find a game that is as hardcore as this. Everything the original did well this does better. A great update rather than a sequel, this adds tons of new pinatas, levels and online play. One of those games that is easy to learn but difficult to master, if you give this a chance you will become hooked. Great graphics, superb gameplay and excellent learning curve. One for everyone.

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  Love it!

| | See all EvilHerbivore's reviews (2)

As soon as I got this game I was playing it for hours- so addictive and good improvement to Viva Pinata.
Higher quality graphics and lots of new pinatas- would recommend getting the 1st first because it sort of carries on from it and you can get so many achievements for doing really simple things. A must buy!

  Very addictive

| | See all DaveyGravy's reviews (32)

This game is brilliant. A lot of improvements from the first,great visuals, tons of Pinatas and a hugely deep game.

Must buy, 8/10

  Built on Perfection

| | See all Goldenpacman's reviews (3)

Some people may say that this is an old game with a new title. it most certainly is not. I don't think you can call 40 new pinatas, new plants, and new playing styles a repackaged game, can you?
Simply Brilliant and Addictive.

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  Great game, with '0' drawbacks

| | See all Dave101t's reviews (12)

'The same game as the previous one' the other review says, so it gets 1 star? Obviously never played fifa, pes, gran turismo, tomb raider, project gotham, or any other game!

Yes its similar, and when the 1st one was so good, why change the formula, they added extras which are better than described, the graphics remain amazing, and its overall more interesting and easier to get into.

Not a kids game, i usually play gears of war or gta4 but i have touched those since i got this!

Well worth the money!

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  Been there, done that

| | See all bosseye's reviews (62)

Its almost identical in every way to the first Viva Pinata. No bad thing if you're new to the series, but if you've played the first, there really is no need to bother with this 'sequel'. New stuff is thin on the ground - the new areas are basically a tiny extra arena with a selection of different Pinatas roaming around, as long as you have the correct bait, trapping is as easy a pressing a button. The new surfaces for your garden (all two of them....) are just grass in a different colour. Certain plants won't grow on snow but thats it - hardly a visual or mechanical tour de force.

Its visually identical to the first game, the characters are the same, the voice acting is the same, theres a few new pinatas, but the main body of them is exactly as you've already seen before. Mechanically its the same, the process you have to go through to do things is the same. Some of the little irritations have been removed, but others put in - weeds are incredibly annoying, especially if you didn't plant them - Its entirely possible to ruin your garden with one strain of weed which not only poisons all your Pinatas, but is near impossible to get rid of, hit it with your spade and 2 more seeds plant, repeat until everything is dead, your garden is barren and you're sick of the whole thing.

Its a real shame as this could have been a real opportunity to step up the whole game - theres so much more that could be done with the visual side, the garden design thing could and should have been expanded considerably. For example why are we still stuck with that horrible mud edge around all water? Why can't grass be taken right up to the edge? Rare could have included terrain deformation elements, new things to be done with the water, a wider range of pinatas and scenery. Its a shame that this is being billed as a sequal when really, very little has changed.

If you played the first, don't bother with this one.

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  It's Awesome-ish

| | See all Chippy22's reviews (1)

Viva Pinata, as with the first one is a great game. It's really fun to play and is not a game you could complete after a couple of days of play. Overall there is not much difference from the first game. The two new regions are an interesting addition to the game and thankfully don't draw all attention away from your garden.
The only bad points to the game is the disappointing story line and the fact it takes much longer to get better pinata's than the first game. Prof. Pester is also introduced too early and appears too often, destroying the best items and pinata's in your garden!
Still a great game though...if you're patient.

  So much fun

| | See all MarkO277's reviews (15)

This looks so out of place in my shelf, its next to cod4 and gears haha! Aside from all that i cant remember when i had more fun on game without blowing something/someone to pieces, so addictive its 10x beter than the first, if it aint broke dont fix it! Kudos to rare!