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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  I'm finding this okay

| | See all kate1019's reviews (9)

Banjo Kazooie is now what it used to be! i have the Original Banjo Kazooie downloaded from the Xbox live Marketplace & it's brill! I'm not sure about this game as it's all vehicles! maybe i just need to get into it more though.


| | See all Alzo91's reviews (9)

Firstly, I must warn the people that will not like this game, because there will be many of you.
1. Fanboys - no, this is nothing like the original, except the fact that the vehicles replace banjo and kazooie's attacks, so really it is the same but you will ignore that fact
2. People without imagination, you will blitz this game very quickly to completion, but if don't have imagination, all you will get is acheivements and no fun.


WOW! I am a hardcore CoD fan. When not playing CoD I pretty much only play SvR or Oblivion. But this game has worked its way into the fun. Why? It is just so much fun, you can create anything you want, and thats what is so fun about it.
You can easily create a vehicle for all land, sea and air missions, but its far more fun creating somethine wacky that will do it in style, but more so do it in a crazy way.
Some people say that this game could have been made for any chataters, true, but the world of Banjo Kazooie is what gives this game its charm, imagine sonic building a sea-plane-car that fires... Rings? No, Banjo and his many fan favourite baddies are what make this game so fun, and give it long term playability.
Want some ideas? You can build most vehicles from halo, the deathstar, a tie fighter or x-wing, the massive at-at, you can even build the normandy from Mass Effect.

You can spend hours just building silly things and messing around in the test track, before bulidning that drag-sledge, or drag bike, or submarine to take into the beautifully designed worlds and complete the missions.

Thats not even to mention how much fun you will have doing the missions. The first world will have you race through checkpoints, play football and even be a bouncer for Clanker. So many different types of missions requireing so many different vehicles- the possibilities are endless.

All in all, buy this game, and let your creative juices flow.

  A great old school styled classic

| | See all redfraggle13's reviews (22)

This is a fantastic game if you like your old school classic games like mario, sonic or 3d platform games, theres loads of things to find, collect and worlds to open, the more you play the more you'll enjoy this wacky adventure game, you can build karts to drive/ fly around in adding all sorts of crazy objects such as balloons, propellers, wings, spring mounted boxing glove etc, etc. I really enjoyed this and dont think it sold as many copies as it should have done! brilliant and worth every penny!


| | See all MrRobertson's reviews (7)

If you don't like vehicle games at all then don't buy this. However, im not a big vehicle game fan and yet I still love this game! Its visually stunning, has hours of gameplay, a good control system and is even funnier than the old Banjo games! For the price it's a must buy.

  Good, but not really Banjo

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

On N64, i loved both Kazooie and Tooie. They were, in my opinion second only to Mario and Zelda on that system. This is not really a platforming game in the traditional sense, more of a build 'em up. What it does do, it does well, with bright colourful graphics and fun exploration. To be honest, Banjo was not necessary for this game, this would have worked under any guise with any other character in his place. Whilst the game keeps the series fresh with some interesting ideas, it doesn't bring back the classic platforming from the old N64 days. Lets hope Banjo can avoid the same fate as Sonic and other 90s gaming icons.

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  Rare bring loved duo to the Xbox

| | See all Rubix78's reviews (21)

I was late playing the first banjo on the N64 and had to borrow a family members N64 to play it then had to wait until the release of the Xbox Live download to finish it and I thought it was a fantastic game that has dated well. I have not really played much of Tooie but I believe it to be the same kind of game as the first.

Banjo Nuts and Bolts however is completely different from the previous Banjo games. All what made the first game an all time classic has been completely stripped and remodelled. First of all the whole game is all about vehicles. At first you have limited parts and designs to accomplish anything and this game really does have a slow start. I got fed up with it pretty quickly as I felt the level design was poor and unimaginative and all the challenges felt like I was doing the same thing over and over. There was either a Race on land, water or air, getting to certain points within a time limit and carrying people or items. There were odd ones thrown in here and there but that was pretty much the jist. Each level had 6 entrances which were just to the same area with different challenges. These challenges you could gain Notes, Jiggies and Trophies (4 Trophies make up another Jiggie) depending on how well you did the challenge. Musical notes are also placed around the levels for you to collect and Jingos now offer extra challenges which unlock tokens used at a casino in Showdown Town which is the main area of the game. I actually preferred Showdown Town more then I did doing any of the other tasks. There were crates to find which unlocked extra parts, there were Jingos who were prisoner which you had to free and replace with their evil equivalent.

One thing I will comment the game on is how beautiful everything looks even down to Banjo and Kazooie. All the characters from previous games make an appearance but l just feel they have stepped away from what fans of the original games were expecting and hoping for.

The challenges can me quite challenging at time but once you have found many parts and you are able to build a better vehicle then the ones they provide you can turn a challenging race into a breeze. After awhile I did start to enjoy building vehicles and taking some of the previous challenges back on but I felt this came to late in the game and most people may have given up and put the game down by then.

In conclusion it does get better if you stick with it but on a whole I feel they could have done such a better game if the challenges and level design were better and maybe more of what we loved in the first game.

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  one of the best games to come out for x box 360 yet

| | See all sean117's reviews (1)

i am a die hard banjo fan any way, so of course i pre ordered this game and boy am i glad i did. sure its just as funny as older banjo games but what really makes this game is that even if your rubbish at platform games as long as you can design cars, boats, subs and air crafts to perform tasks you can play this game. you could build the crazyest stuff, me and my mates are allways going on about whos got the best blueprints. the olny bad thing about the game is the online multi player,

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  Get jiggie with it

| | See all Shortysmith's reviews (24)

The creators have put alot of humour in this game especially at the start. If you tried the demo it is confusing, before that point in the game, it explains more. Going around doing different challenges is fun, you can compare your time with friends so you can know how they did it. You can even save your replay and share it with friends.

If you thought school was a waste of time then it wasnt. Physics is useful, as for some missions you have to use it. one mission you have to try and get down a hill as far as you can, so more weight on the vehicle???. You also have to use it if your trying to create a fast vehicle, its not all about just adding power to the vehicle (Jeremy Clarkson)

The achievements for this are easy to get and you can get about 800g easy. Its different to any of the original banjo kazooies as your using vehicles instead.

There are a good variety of missions and its fun for the whole family. There is some DLC content for it thats just come out. I havent downloaded it yet. If you do a mission slowly you get 10 notes, if you do it moderately you get a jiggie and 10 notes. If you do it really quickly then you get a trophy (get 4 of theses for a jiggie) and a jiggie with the 10 notes.

Ok now stop reading reviews and get this game as its definately worth it.

  If your on the fence read this

| | See all sneedjoker's reviews (19)

Loved Banjo Kazooie on my old N64 and loved diddy kong racing god bless its genius soul of a game, now if you mix those two games up you create the beautiful game of nuts and bolts. For so long I was on the fence about this game as whether to get it or not so decided to pick it up for £18 quid off Play. This game is amazing, if you love creativity mixed with a good friendly pick up and play game then get this even if you are in two minds. It's an under rated rare masterpiece and I not understand why. This game deserves a hell of alot more praise than I've seen so far. Another home run for Rare, legends in there own right.

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It's completely different and bonkers when compared to anything else out there with enough sexual innuendo to put a smirk on John Major's face.

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