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Infinite Undiscovery

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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| | See all Offspring4life's reviews (1)

Now I am a hardcore RPG fan. The Final Fantasy series being the pinnacle and I'll be honest its not as good as most of them but then there is only 1 way down from the top. But anyway the main good point of this game is the characters combined with the storyline its very very addictive. The characters are extremely deep and easy to like the story is very different to alot of rpgs on the market. the battle system is slightly cheap but then its what I've come to expect from 360 RPGs. But overall I would say a masterpiece on RPG gaming, the more you play the more you will want to play. Every single character has their merits and are very likeable and create such a good atmosphere for this game. I genuinely can't speak highly enough of this game. For anyone who wants to feel the way they did when they first discovered Final Fantasy 7 then this is the game for you nothing I've played on 360 including FF13 and 13-2 will give you that thrill.

  infinitely unplayable...

| | See all themadhatter182's reviews (37)

I am thoroughly unconvinced that this game is deserving of some of the amazing reviews it has received, in my opinion it's pretty awful, uninvolving and frankly irritating.
Games like "dragonquest" on PS2 are a tribute to the failings of this game. They were involving, with great battle systems and story lines. This just isn't.
The AI is terrible, your cast of imbeciles will spend most of their time running around absorbing enemy attacks and then using all your potions healing themselves... useful... they rarely attack and when they do, it rarely helps.
The story line seems fair enough, maybe even good enough to be classed as inspired, but let's not get carried away. The gameplay is mediocre at best and the 'real time' system would only work if you're team mates where any use at all.
You are often poorly directed i.e head north, and theres about 10 different paths that way... The cut scenes rarely have audio, as they haven't bothered dubbing, and the voice acting for the rest is pretty awful. The graphics are nothing to write home about as they look a bit last gen. There is no 'exploring' so to speak as there are 'invisible walls' everywhere.
This game just doesn't live up to the expectations of a game on xbox360, it would probably feel more at home on a ps1.

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| | See all FinalMarauder's reviews (8)

I bought this game for 11.95 3 weeks ago and completed it within about 4 days of 5 hours of game time a day, and I loved it, The graphics are great for the time it was made, the characters are memorable, the scenery is beautiful, the ordian mountains, to the dark and danky castle prevant. This is a definate buy if you played FFXII and loved it like me has a similar feel, Of course there are some downsides, the voice acting is poor and since it was only developed in japanese they cut out the voices for the PAL and USA version and got some people to do and they haven't synched it, making the game someone disapointing, as they only focused on 1 region, Also the AI can be dumb, for instance you get to a place in the story where you have a few minutes before a tidal wave comes in and you can get an achievement for not getting hit by it, so you hide and your AI go to, then as soon as it comes they run out! talk about frustrating, but paitence is key and give it time the game will grow on you. Think you completed the game? think again the Seprahic Gate is only availible on Normal+ and has higher level enemies, and a few shocking enemies, and the customization is one of the best I have ever seen. Buy the game it'll keep you entertained for ages, i'm still playing it even after 30 hours and I'm not regretting it.

  Great JRPG game!

| | See all Daisy69's reviews (5)

This is a great JRPG game for those specific fans out there. It has all of the cliche and twists that makes the game worth playing. The storyline throughout the game was consistant, lacking in a few areas but overall it was a nice story from SE and it reminded me more of the old FF series rather than anything new. The battle system from the game wasn't the best, but yet again it wasn't the worst either. Once you get to grips with the different combo's you can pull off, it gets a lot more fun to work with. The only major flaw I had with this game was the SERIOUSLY bad lip syncing. I mean c'mon... you can turn a blind eye to a few words here and there, but there was scenes when someone's mouth had already stopped moving and they were speaking! =( ...but nevertheless, the game was fun and in the end that's all that counts! Great game for the price, don't hesitate!

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  Great Game, Terrible Title

| | See all boniboyblue's reviews (11)

This game is brilliant for people that are fans of Role Playing Games. The game is 2 disks and not hard to play... It's quite a fun and humours game.

The main reason I'm taking away a star is because of the lack of voice acting in some bits and just annoyed me a little, although the majority of it is voiced.

The game is also great for the price, I payed £25 for it from a place other the Play.com, I now i wish I could have saved the money and bought it here.

  Infinitely average.

| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

The attempts to combine elements of MMOs with single-player RPGs are nothing special. Because of this, Infinite Discovery is just another Square Enix title loaded with cliches.

  A must for a jrpg fan

| | See all Hikaku's reviews (1)

If you are a jrpg fan then you should definetely buy this game!I wasn't so sure about buying it cause of all the bad critisism but i totally enjoed playing this game!It's a Tri-Ace game so there is a great addictive battle systemwhic you 'll spend hours fighting without getting bored at all!the story wasn't something so special but not too bad!the only problem is the out of sync dubbing in some scenes which in my opinion does not spoil the fun with this game!All and all a rpg fan should not miss this game specially if you liked Star Ocean or other great games of Tri-Ace!

  good effort

| | See all daemonfey's reviews (6)

This game plays more like kingdom heart then a normal rpg turn based system, which i think works well for the game. the storyline is quite compelling even if the dialog is annoying and the voices frustrating but if you can put up with that then the game start to play really well. but although it has lots going for it with the large battles, large maps, quests etc. there are serveral other areas where its flawed. 1. the map can become so frustrating having to run around the edges of the whole map to find a way out. 2. the game doesnt pause when you go into the menu (but this is not too bad when you get used to it).
and lastly i found that there was enough going on that they add in a feature about half way through which makes different points in the game very tedious where your own comrades decided to start killing you if you dont control them every 5 seconds. i think the game could have been a 4 or 5 star with minor changes but i think its still worth playing.

  4 Star but a couple of down sides...

| | See all Moroda's reviews (6)

Well as a lover of RPG, this is my first for the 360. the graphics are brilliants and the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. The storyline is good although slightly hard to grasp if you are someone like me who just wants to have the gameplay!
There are a couple of downsides which for me should of had a few more hours trying to prefect.... One being the out of sync cutscenes, nothing big i know but its always nice to have. Secondly, it will start to get abit annoying when the main character always announces the move you are using... but again no biggy!
In all a very good game and for the price i recommend. I suggest playing with a large LCD for better gameplay as on my smallish screen its had to read!

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  Very annoying.

| | See all rTrigger's reviews (2)

This in my oppinion deserves 3 stars because it really did irritate me.

The characters are so far out of sync of what they are atually saying it's made me want to cry. Second of all, the characters say exactly the same thing every time you try to use them in battle. To be honest it does this in the last remnent a bit but that doesn't bother as you don't tend to notice it. However, hearing "fire my bow to shoot right and true" in a loud, annoying voice every time i want to shoot something is terrible. It's let itself down so much because of this and it will gain a lot more dust before it comes out of the box again.

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