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Dark Void

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Decent combat for the aeronautics.

| | See all PMamba45's reviews (4)

I credit this games based on there being no full-flight jetpack cover based game on the market (along with decent map design and dlc) for fun arcade vertical combat.

  Very enjoyable with the right mindset

| | See all NealDuncan's reviews (8)

If you approach this game looking for a highly polished blockbuster you'll be very disappointed but if you're just looking for a few hours of good action packed fun this'll do the trick.

Really underrated in my opinion!

  Underrated gem of a game!

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

After reading the reviews about this game, I wasn't expecting much but after playing through the story, I can honestly say that here is absolutey nothing wrong with this game! The story is captivating and original and the gameplay is like Fracture, which I enjoyed a lot. The enemies are like Mass Effect's and the cover system is almost identical to Gears of War. It only took me about 5 hours to finish this game, so it's not the longest. Achievements are easy too. Don't listen to the negative reviews about this game! Especially at this price, it's a must buy!

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This games short, hardcore mode is easy but colecting jornals is boring, its pretty lame story kant even remember it, the 1st levels r boring but picks up a bit l8r on. sumtyms u need to restart level, checkpoint the a.i game jus doesnt kno wot to do..But id say pick up Bio-commando instead thats decent

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  Drakes Void

| | See all Wombatt's reviews (2)

I honestly can't believe all the negative comments. Mind you considering the amount of praise heaped on AVP which is pretty lame maybe I can. Perhaps this was overhyped and peoples expectaions got the better of them, there is nothing else close to this available so perhaps we are all doomed to be satuated with clones of COD and Halo.
The graphics are fine, the gameplay works well and the voice acting is pretty good in a familiar way.
Zoom around like Boba Fett, mix in some classic style adventuring and this is what you get.
If you liked Crimson Skies give this a go, for 12:99 you can't really go wrong.

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  even at 12.99 you will want your money back!

| | See all sonyfanboy1987's reviews (6)

Unimaginative story, awkward controls and repetitive gameplay spell for one below average game. While the graphics and sound are what you expect from game's now the rest of the game is just lazy, as a budget title it still doesn't warrent a punt as their dozens of other bargin bucket games that are AAA titles where your money could be better spend

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  Dark Void - Not Flying So High

| | See all gamerstyle's reviews (2)

First let me say i only review games i complete so i may not have a review for a week or so after release


Basically you and an ex gf somehow manage to end up flying the same cargo plane before being swept into the bermuda triangle and reappearing in an alien world.

Yes i know the story really does sell it and theres proof with brad pitt purchasing the rights to his to make his own film adaption bu please read on before you make your decision.


Nothing particularly wrong with them nothing great either, your main character looks ok but seems to move awkwardly when your in control for some reason when you initiate your je pack he seems to turn into a rag doll for a few seconds. Environments are bland and almost predominantly brown. though here is some great set pieces these are few and far between.


drake is back again, doesn' he pop up alot nowadays with uncharted, prince of persia and other countless titles it wont be long till he's a household name. To be fair though his performance is fantastic as always sadly the supporting cas dont seem to mirror his talent with some poor voice work throughout which sadly hold back the story itself.

Music for this one is pretty poor im afraid nothing exciting nohing really adds to the intensity, more often than not i found myself playing music in the bacground to entertain myself from the poor electronic background sound.


This is where the game really falls short, though the jetpack is fantastic here is just not enough environments where it seems necessary unless you include flying to the next start point they really could have made a fantastic game out of the concept, the guns dont have any weight o hem like that of gears of war or mass effect and sadly the mechanics are just not upto par with todays standards - my conclusion a poor mans gears of war.


A grea idea gone wrong theres many a great set piece in there its just geting to each one through tiresome gameplay mechanics story progression and poor implementation of some great gaming ideas.


i really do hope capcom can urn this one around for a sequel as EA did with army of two, he first one wasnt a bad game just nothing particularly great then 40th day came along with vast improvements. I really hope we havent seen the last of this IP because its got the potential of greatness.

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  Bargain bucket game.

| | See all Joker283's reviews (1)

I bought this game after seeing a trailer. I liked the storyline and the free movement of being able to fly wherever you want to, but the end product seems far from finished. There are loads of glitches like getting stuck in scenery, sound disappearing during cutscenes, enemies being stuck behind walls so you can't kill them and move on to thext part of the game. At one point whilst trying to change my weapon, I lost my weapon altogether and had to reload to get it back. It's a shame as the game is fun to play but I would wait until capcom release some updates, if they intend to update at all.

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  Try the Demo first

| | See all Toastaddict's reviews (1)

The overall concept of Dark Void is innovative with its use of vertical combat and the ability to out manoeuvre the enemy with the use of the upgradable jet pack. There is a fair selection of weapons to choose from most however, conform to the typical load out you'd expect from this sort of game. the cut scenes seem slightly unpolished and underwhelming at times, this can also be said for the story as a whole in my opinion. If you can see your way past this you'll most most likely find the gameplay entertaining and on the higher difficulty's challenging at times.

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  Havent played full game just the demo

| | See all JamiejsReviewer's reviews (3)

From the demo ive played the gameplay is good, its fast paced as u have a jetpack and guns, u can hover, and spin in air which is cool when u land you kinda hover, the cover system is good, u can pop out and shoot a bit like gears of war.

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