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WWE: Smackdown VS Raw 2009

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Brilliant Game

| | See all hunter11's reviews (7)

This game is good fun, and a good break from shooting games all the time. The road to wrestlemania is decent and fun to finish with all the different wrestlers. It can get a bit repetitive but I guess that's wresting games. Loads of different match types to choose from, it's just missing old favourites like rock and stone cold.

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  A lot better then 2008

| | See all Jackarsenal1992's reviews (24)

Its hard for one of the smackdown series to be a bad game but 2008 was awful but 2009 is a big improvement. The gameplay is more fun and the career mode is more intresting and it's good to go on just for fun which last years installment wasn't fun. Would reccomened this to any smackdown fan who doesn't want to buy 2010 yet.

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  Improvements but not as good as 2K7

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

As the title reads there are alot of improvements since SvR 08 which got very repetitive and boring but it can't beat smackdown vs raw 07... the highlight reel is a cool feature but when you use a grapple move it keeps your opponent down longer than a "FINISHER "move!!

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| | See all Dirtbeaver's reviews (40)

This is by far the best wrestling game on the market. The create a finisher and create player and move sets just adds to the fun! Also, while doing the road to wrestlemania you can unlock classic characters such as Doink the clown, Vader and The Bushwackers! So many different matches to choose from the fun is endless really.

  great fun

| | See all stozza's reviews (59)

If you like fighting and want something to just pick up and play then you cant go wrong with this. simple control system and good choice of characters and modes means you will be playing for quite some time.


| | See all LATIMERNUFC's reviews (5)

not a massive fan of wrestling but this game is really good its geat online and its even better how you can create your own characters and show them to your mates

  best smack down vs raw

| | See all tobyandmolly's reviews (11)

this game is great you can go on road to wreslemania and career career is a bit boring and most disapointing bit is you dont get gm on it but stil a great game

  good game

| | See all bec7uk's reviews (19)

tag team matches are brilliant.
career mode is good
road to wrestlemania is the best in the whole game.
also, graphics are really good

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  Wrestling With Your Conscience

| | See all InigoMontoya's reviews (64)

This game is so good it'll make you feel guilty as you start neglecting your family, your job, that long suffering girlfriend who also had to play 2nd fiddle to GTA: San Andreas, World of Warcraft & Haol (I am of course speaking of the true gaming geek such as I!!) as you wont be able to tear yourself off this game.
A big improvement on 2008, Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 features Road To Wrestlemania where you can wrestle as Triple H, CM Punk, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, John Cena and/or the tag team of Batista & Rey Mysterio. Each RTWM contains multichoice storylines that can take you in different directions, a couple of the storylines would've made great entertainment for WWE itself, especially the Triple H & Jerich angles! Also in this game they have introduced new elements to the tag match including a hot tag (where you can tag a partner in who punches out both opponents and then finishes off the opponent tagged in) and if you're controlling a wrestler tagged out and standing on the apron you can grab the opponent when he/she gets close enough allowing you and your partner to double team, you can also grab the referee and distract him while your partner does something against the rules. Also new this year is the inferno match (I've collected all the games in the Smackdown series going all the way back to the very first version on the first playstation and I've always wanted an inferno match) The graphics are great but the end of the match is a little disspointing.
Whats dissapointing about the game is that instead of previous games where you could unlock legends like Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan & The Rock the unlockables in this game arent the same. You CAN unlock Ric Flair which is great but other unlockables are puzzling or completely pointless - You can unlock the WCW Classic World Title and have WCW as a roaster option for created wrestlers, you can unlock the masked character from the Jericho RTWM and Tony, a soldier who befriends John Cena in Cenas RTWM and I think most hardcore fans of this series of games such as myself would agree when I say we'd rather play as Sabu or Terry Funk or Stonecold Steve Austin.
Whats also really cool about the XBOX 360 (and I think the PS3 version is the same) version of this game is you can upload your own music onto the game and use it for your created superstars entrances, so if like me you like to create yourself and friends and then other crazy characters or oldschool (like Kurrgan or TAKA Michinochu) and also like me you're a huge fan of Metallica you can create yourself and have yourself come to the ring to "Enter Sandman" or "Battery". Also you can save highlights from matches ande create your own entrance video/highlight reel for entrances as well.
This game is really cool and I've spent countless hours on it! Some of the unlockables as I mentioned are dissapointing and the career modes a bit boring (but also a useful way to boost your created characters' stats) But you can create your own tournements battle for titles and so much more in this the first instalment of the smackdown videogame series for the 7th generation console the only question is - how will Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 top it?

  not bad

| | See all AdamJ86's reviews (3)

this is an ok game the road to wrestlemania is the only plus. there is no gm mode, the created superstar career path is pathetic theres no story 2 its just matches, the create a finisher mode is very limited an the superstar roster is not current this game is not a patch on past titles, its not even as good as some of the ps1 games play wise.