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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  A style done before, but hey I liked it

| | See all BlobsP's reviews (4)

It's a mix of God of War and Zelda. Hence in my opinion is arguably not worth five stars, but from what it takes, it melds together and performs well, and by that standard is a good game.

Additionally it's unique style and enjoyable storyline keeps you sated while playing and by the end (depending on the difficulty ofcourse) you really do feel like an unstoppable horseman of the apocalypse. At nine pounds its a bargain as I'm sure I've got over 9 hours of enjoyment out of it.


| | See all arxnine's reviews (3)

This game really is epic the story to it the twists is just brilliant and u cant ask for more as for the game play goes it matches the story brilliant it feels smooth and nice to control it really is a top game a must buy bring on darksiders 2

  Absolute steal at this price!

| | See all CJPhips's reviews (6)

Darksiders is a brilliant game and at this price should'nt be missed by any third person adventure fan. It has a good story and puts a nice spin on the old seven seals of armaggedon, bible madness. The grapihcs are lush and the world you get to explore is impressive with each area having it's own distinctive theme. As for the game mechanic's, at first it seems a bit to much, but when you get the feel for it you'll control war effortlssly.

Now at first I thought that game was too hard, but then I embraced it (let's face it games are quite easy these days), but once you master the lock on/blocking system, you'll be laughing as you disembowl and smash up some demons and freaks.

As I said great game and for under 15 squid you have a good deal

  Too hard on Easy, how old are you?!

| | See all Raptorex's reviews (10)

This game is awesome, one of the best of its kind, and on Normal difficulty its perfect unless you are under 10. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay/combat, enjoyable puzzles and plenty of replay value built in from the start, cant recommend this enough, especially at this reduced price!!

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  To Hard

| | See all detolhead's reviews (34)

When I wrote my original review I gave it 2 STARS, Because at the time I was getting annoyed at how difficult it was despite playing on the easy setting. This still remains the same. But however I did not give up and managed to complete the game. it has good graphics, good gameplay good story. But easy should mean easy. As I am not the fastest when it comes to bashing out combos etc. A very good game better than Castlevania, Better than most other games of its type. Please make Darksiders 2 but make sure easy is easy.

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  Pretty darn good

| | See all Supernewt's reviews (18)

Ive read alot of negative reviews of this basically saying its terrible, i want to say first off this isnt the case. Its true the game can get repetative at times, however the game itself is well balanced and fun to play. There are some wicked moves and killing demons with a massive sword could never not get boring.

The story is wonderful and intresting yet i was left asking alot of questions even at the end. it really doesnt give too much away which helps for the whole emmersion side of things.

The range of moves is adequate as is the range of puzzel solving, to be honest i hate it when console games get too complicated with 100's of moves for only 4 buttons.

Finally for the current price it will keep you occupied for atleast a week which for me is rare considering i got bored of COD in all of 5 hours, this is much much better.

Give it a go you will like it.

  I cant rate this highly enough

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

This game is absolutely superb, Im currently playing it and have been for about 6 hours now. Everything about it is fantastic. The storyline is well thought out. The graphics are a dam sight excellent. The game play is just mint, i love it how things are hiding and the bosses are somewhat challenging as well as everything else that makes you think and isnt straight forward.
Its reminds me of zelda, but also of ninja gaiden 2. The best of both i suppose.

I saw today there was a darksiders 2 coming out. I literally cannot wait for it to come out.

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  Meet WAR!

| | See all BonjDelta's reviews (3)

This game..... Well i have to say seems similar to devil may cry and Zelda.... But who doesn't like those games?? I mean the storyline is good, the characters are brilliant and the amazing horseman you are just makes it all worth while! This game is fantastic in my opinion and a great buy for the price it is! This kept me entertained and i liked the fact you can feel unstoppable! All in all.... Bring on darksiders 2!! Can't wait for it especially after the finish of the first one!

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  Its great, but far from being perfect

| | See all asifiwouldtellu's reviews (34)

Firstly, the game sucks for the first few hours... its a slow starter, and secondly yes your main charcter looks like a world of warcraft character... just don't put it down because of this... The game really expands out as you go along, the story is alright, its very similar until you get about halfway where twists and turns start to come in, The graphics are a bit of a letdown after a brilliantly detailed opening cutscene, they seem to be cartoon like and take away the seriousness of the game, which means it seems like a childs game at times, however the colour and variety in each level is great, some levels are bland and extremely long, but some are beautiful lush greens with some short fun gaming which will take you back to the good old days of zelda. Also the water in this game is very good, its probably the best i have seen in a game for a while. The game controls are ok for the mostpart, sometimes they are too simple for a huge amount of equipment and weaponry, (only 3 slots for 5 pieces of equipment is not very helpful), also movement looks old, with enemies and all other movements on strange looking loops, and enemy AI being extremely pirimitive, to the point there almost is none, they just walk into walls and follow the same old attack patterns all the time, luckily some moves are pretty sweet and the amount you can do is great, it offers a big amount. The gameplay is good, puzzles can be well thought up and fun although most are too long and end up just becoming repetative or fustraiting, and sometimes battles can be tough but this makes them feel more of an achievement once completed. The character models are also weak, unfortunately i didn't like the main charcter, he looks ridiculous until the end of the game where you can make him look awesome with abyssal armour and a new sword. The achievements are good too with many being fun or interesting to unlock. Although the amount of time you spend in the game feels long (which is 10-20hours for the story and more after) its jsut because its slow, it slowly releases new stuff constantly but gives you constant tutorials for these new things, and this means it can occasionally go off corse. The game is great however, and the main thing is you wont want to put it down, and there is not many games quite like it on the xbox 360 at the moment, it takes elements from other great games and uses them well... which makes this a very good game and once you finish you really appreciate it for what it was.

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  copy of devil may cry

| | See all psychedelicwolf's reviews (1)

this game is very good however it is so similar to devil may cry its scary over all the game is very good the graphics look great the only thing that was a bit of a let down is the difficulty of the game the boss battles are way too easy and short and the game gets repetitive like other people have said if you can put up with that then its worth getting just to warn people you can complete this game in 15hrs so its not a very long game

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