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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  A lil tricky

| | See all epicKINGR's reviews (10)

The controls for this game are tricky to get used to, and im not really sure if u can ever fully get used to them for that matter! but in general its not a bad game, if you like stratagy shooters then give it a try!

  Not as bad as they say

| | See all Spam101's reviews (2)

This is clearly not a quality product. It's riddled with bugs and lacks polish. Thats why it's 7 quid but it is in no way deserving of the 2 gamespot gave it.

there is a playable game in here. It brings some new ideas to the table. The whip select can be confusing and may take abit of trail and error but you will definitely get to your units faster than if you used a cursor, the ability to go underground and scale certain buildings is fun and the cover system works well

missions are generic. You have to turtle away untill you have enough forces to push for the next control point then rinse and repeat.

If you've got an open mind this can good enough relax to waste a few hours on

If you're expecting multiplayer. Stay away. You will find almost no one online

  "To Marmite or not to marmite"

| | See all yorkshire40's reviews (5)

I had read/seen bad reviews of this game,saying it was buggy and very flawed and complicated.This completely put me off from buying it,until i saw it on here for under a tenner,so i bought it.Being a RTS fan anyway,receiving it today i start to play it and followed through the training program and learnt what "whipping" was,while waiting to be disappointed i was totally surprised at how good the game is.Given time and thought the game works very well and the "quick whipping" system was for me superb,i which this had been thought of before saves trying to find all your forces on a map with a mouse.Its like having "quick keys" really but with one swift button/right stick i really thought this was a brilliant design idea.
Seeing as the game was from "creative assembly" the lads have approached RTS from a new perspective and i think it works really well.The game is designed to be a tactical approach to RTS rather than rushing in to destory the enemy base!!,please give the game a chance and work with it rather than against it,C&C while brilliant in its own way,never moved the genre on or experimented with anything new,stormrise does this for me.While the RTS is there the game makes you think about attack and defence which in my book rates very high.
The graphics are certainly not superb,but i can see where all the work went ie pathfinding,i found myself really not putting these under to much strain,for me they conjure up the atmosphere needed and i am happy with that.Sound is also fine and again it works,story is nuclear war/survivors/waring races,enviromental plague but all in all great fun.
As i play more of this game,it for me gets better and i shall where it leads me,up to now though its "once more into the breach".Also when i loaded the game up on my 360 there was an update which seemed to help and i had heard of a major update beening released.
So please at the price thats its beening offered at its a complete bargain!! for myself i have found a little gem,while not all is gold,i will take silvver as second.So to sum up its like "marmite" some will some wont.

  confusing and hard

| | See all bondy512's reviews (3)

Stormrise to me is very confusing and hard it takes a very long time and can get very boring after 5 minutes, this is my first strategy game I have played and in my eyes it miught be the last. If you like strategy games and you have a lot of patience, this is the game for you.

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  I was disapointed

| | See all jkrohn1's reviews (5)

Ok i have only played it for half an hour so dont wanna put anyone off too much wish this was more like C&C would have been a much better game whip view system is not good and after just 30 mins of play i had to turn it off. Think you need to have patients with this game think it could be good but its just not the kind of game i like to play. Its like endwars but a cheap version without voice commands? Giving it a 3 star as i think it will appeal to some gamers just not me.

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  Very good, but could have been so much better!!!!!

| | See all ScienceMan's reviews (2)

I had high hopes for this game when it came out. I was thinking it would be one of the best rts games on consaul ever, due to the fact it came from the creaters of the Total war seires. As soon as the game arived I put it in the disk drive and began to play. Within 15 minits I was comanding my army with very little difficulty and was having a blast. At about 40 minits I had a problem. My men were in cover fireing at the enamy, I kiled the enamy, and then seconds latter my men fell to the ground. At this point I was geting rather frightened. I thought my game was about to crash, but it did not. It terns out that there is a major bug on this game that combat lags and even if you or the enamy are not shoting, your men or there men can still be killed. It is a good game but they should have sorted this problem out before they put this game on the shelves. Also the "wip select" was not the best idea in the world. You know go to your units by useing the right stick, you point in there direction, release and your done. Not very handy way of aranging a huge army to attack. The camra angles are not very good.

This game could have been a hit in my opinoin if they had got rid of these problems before release. I have given this 4 stars because I think this game is diffrent from other rts games. You can now go on top of buildings without having to put your men inside. You just click on the top of the bilding and bam, they are on there way. Very good statigy in it to.

To sum up, would have been a five star, if some of the problems with the game were spoted before this game was released.

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| | See all Sanjiyan1's reviews (2)

Unless you've got alot of patience and really want something to kill a few hours on a poor game get this. The developer's didn't really plan this game very well and would suggest you give this a miss

  This isn't C&C!

| | See all Gust0o's reviews (6)

I guess that's the first thing to get out of the way, having read the first review of this game - if you're buying this game looking for C&C, then you're barking up the wrong tree.

Having said what it's not, I guess we'd better consider what it is - and it's not so bad.

Welcome to Stormrise, Creative Assembly's latest RTS, and a trip to a post-apocalyptic world; and an effort to try something a little different, for a change.

And the change?

Well, you're not a god; so out goes the god-view. No more top-down views, allowing you to see everything on the battlefield. Now you're limited to 3rd person - you see what your troops see, and nothing more. The safety blanket ot Creative Assembly's other games, in being able to the see the enemy moving in good time, has gone.

There's a further shift in the unit selection. The game operates 'whip select' - meaning unit selection is all handled via a single control, instantly 'whipping' you to the selected unit. Simply use the right stick to aim at your intended unit, and you're moved straight over.

Also, we have 'verticality' - in that the game seeks to bring the fight to an additional level. Height, and the line of sight it conveys, is key to the battle. Get your snipers into a good position in a crumbling sky scraper, and you'll be able to target the enemy for miles around.

The problem with trying something different, is that it poses a trap - a trap into which the armchair gamer falls. Never a fan of change, or experimentation, the armchair fan won't like this - if, like the chap below, you were looking for C&C you're going to be frustrated by this. Very frustrated.

Fans of Creative's other efforts might be a little more patient. The game does have faults. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic future. Great. Is there any other kind of future? Cue decent graphics, but such a drab, drab world. On the plus side, you definitely get the sense you're playing in a waste.

Creative's usual camera failings are replicated. The unit lock often leaves you staring into the abyss, as you try and maintain view with a unit moving through a tunnel. As in Rome, so in Stormrise.

The whip select also suffers - it being ever-so easy to select the wrong unit, especially when selecting from off-screen units represented only by icons (best try the map then).

Theres' not a massive amount of depth, either - you have two factions, with the usual breakdown of units; the robust, militaristic Echeleon - all technology and guns; then the Sai, exposed to the effects of the apocalypse, and looking like outtakes from Gears of War's Locusts. Their chief protagonist could be a Sara Kerrigan clone, for any fans of Starcraft.

It also takes a long time to achieve anything - resources are gained by capturing warp points and building refineries. Great, at least you're forced to fight for control of these - but the rewards take some time to accrue, which seems at odds with the pace of combat.

In summation: good, but not great. 65-70% - a decent romp with some key failings.

If you're open-mindend and willing to try something new, you'll go with my review. You'll find a game which pitches you in with the troops; which gives you the grit of combat missing since Ground Control; a game which will require you to think on your feet, as opposed to plan, and plod methodically.

If you were hoping for more of the same, you'll go with the other chap. You can't see the world beyond the end of your gun; and if you want to see much further you'll have to march out and find for yourself.

This isn't C&C; RA; Halo Wars.

If you can't get your head around that, this isn't going to work. Read the one-star review and be grateful you saved your money.

  Awkward and annoying

| | See all MaximumMaiden's reviews (43)

I bought this expecting something more in the style of command and conquer. After sitting down to play it, I found that the controls were awkward, the camera was irritating and the graphics were ok. The new 'whip select' interface means you push the right stick in the direction of a unit to take control of them and see the map from their view point, but in the middle of a battle this is frustrating to use. Also the training missions at the beginning are annoyingly simple but restrictive. A disappointing game all round from the developer that made Viking: Battle for Asgard. I suggest you buy command and conquer or Battle for Middle-Earth instead.

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