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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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  i want to love it.

| | See all daemonfey's reviews (6)

i am an avid FF fan like most here, and like everyone i got this the day it came out. i have tried, i want to like it. but i can't help feel that square enix has just raped the final fantasy brand.

it seems to me that, while trying to broaden their consumers overseas, they picked up on the wrong role models. Michale Bay shouldn't be someone to try to imitate; flashy visuals and tons of actions don't cover up the flaws for long, and their are many of them.

my biggest beef is the characters, its hard to want to play a game where dying actually seems the most satisfying option, when every cut scene you wish one of them would just commit suicide already before you have to. after having to come to terms with the fact they are not going to off themselves, the painfully horrid battle system works it's charm. now this could almost be considered quite good, until you realize that your not actually needed, like as an afterthought they realized it was a game and allowed you to control a single player, whom can to attack or command the Ai to all attack together, heal or play rock paper scissors. the customization is something else to be desired, because being able to change weapons and perks(abilities) may distract you from running down the never ending corridor. the most important aspect i find when playing a rpg like this is story. now to say this didn't grip me to begin with might be a lie. but after the introduction i know very little about a world in turmoil, im cool with that, knowing more is what i want now. possibly it was everything else about the game draining the life from me, but i lost track of the story and never felt inspired by it. it seems ff has lost alot of charm, story and a vast interesting world to explore. i may not have made it too chapter 11, but i have tried several times. no game should make you play for 20 hours of hell before treating you to what is probably worse than previous titles, prancing about as the good section only because stepping in poo is better then having it thrown in your face.

some reasons for poor outputs from the company could be the length of time for game development and the huge weight of expectation. where each game is built from the ground up. not that i want copying but some things could stay similar, for instance leveling, battling, etc. shame things had to end this way.


| | See all Rosiefarnell's reviews (6)

i love this game. so far, i havnt been able to find a game that i love more than this, i think that it has amazing graphics, storyline and battles. If you like this kind of game, totally worth a buy.

  Strong in some places, weak in others.

| | See all Soujiro85's reviews (8)

Having played every Final Fantasy game i could get my hands on since i was 14, i was eagerly awaiting this one, somewhat still reeling from the travesty of X-2, i was looking forward to seeing what Square would provide with its first next gen installment (XI not inluded).
I agree with several reviewers here and elsewhere, in that a couple of the characters are linear and annoying (Snow, Hope) however they serve their roles of pushing the story forward. Speaking of which, the story is great, as every you'd expect from Square, the depth and mystery of the world that surrounds you is immense. It's just a shame that it wasn't literal.
It takes roughly 60 hours to complete if you grind a bit like me, the first 20 of which you dont get any exploration at all, point A - point B, mini boss, cutscene, next. A shame, to be sure.
The open area isn't truly open until you finish the game and come back (thus opening up the final levelling up process). The levelling up itself is linear, grinding isnt worth it as its all streamlined, you can only level up so far until X place in the story, then a bit more and so on.
Customisation is limited, more can be accessed at "end game" but even so, upgrade your weapons, accessories thats it.
However, there is yet praise to be found.
The battle system is fluent and a step in the right direction for Jrpg's such as FF, allowing you to play with the turn based feel of an old FF, but being able to shift the tide battle with fluent teamwork and role switching brings a fresh feel to it.
Also if you are that way inclined there are a lot of bigger challenges to take on after the game in the form of c'eith stones and a larger "tournament" to progress through for powerful rewards, which you will need to face down the biggest of the big.

- Great graphics
- Mostly great characters
- Amazing story
- Fresh combat system
- Lots of harder challenges for post-completion

- Takes a long time to feel like you're getting anywhere
- A couple of 'really' annoying characters
- Limits on levelling
- Practically no freedom apart from one field area (until post completion)

Good game, not great, but good. If you can get it cheap, grab it.


| | See all foggy87's reviews (4)

they still havent bettered 7 and dont think they ever will this is by no means the worst ff game try the online ones there awful completed the game only 2 see the ending which was a major dissapointment hasnt put me off the next one they will have seen there mistakes and should fix them for the next one hopefully


| | See all ilyria2's reviews (13)

im on my second playthrough of the game and i cant put it down.the characters each have a brill storyline going on , the lanscapes are beautifully desighned and look a treat , the battle system is addictive and a stroke of genuis, if it takes a little time to get used to .the first two discs take the characters on a pretty straightforward path ,but when you reach the third disc the game opens up and the side missions become available. there are some 60 plus side missions which lenghtens the game greatly. my first playthrough took me 100 hours and thats with half the side missions completed .overall , a true gem of a game , a must buy for fans of the series , a great villian and a epic storyline that may have you in tears or at least put a lump in your throat , the end sequence is amazing , well done square enix , cant wait for the sequel .

  First two disc are good but disc 3 is AMAZING

| | See all SuperSolidus's reviews (14)

I'm a huge fan of the FF series so as always my expectations were very high for this one. I was slightly disappointed with the first half of the game due to the fact its unbelievably linear and that there are NO cities or towns but it was still enjoyable. Once it got to disc 3 though it is simply an amazing game as you can explore the world of Cocoon which is filled with monsters and missions which can take you away from the main story for a while. The graphics are phenomenal I mean seriously they have set a high benchmark in gaming graphics for consoles. The new battle system is really enjoyable and quick but at the same time difficult as one mistake can mean game over especially with some of the bosses on FFXIII. The storyline is compelling but is at times confusing while the characters are memorable for good and bad reasons. Overall I really enjoyed the game after a slow start but it still needs cities and towns etc.

  Not the worst in the series. But not one of the best either.

| | See all Robert09's reviews (14)

When I first got this I was awestruck with the graphics and the fighting system improved and became more thrilling than FF12. However, I find that if you want to revive a series you don't have Leona Lewis as the main theme song. You also dont need that song being played literally just about every minute of the game. The dialogue was cheesy (extremely) as were some of the characters. In fact all of the characters in my opinion aren't really worthy of the FF hall of fame for characters. Lightning was ok bet lets face it - since 7 all they've tried to do is make a character LIKE Cloud (Heres an idea why dont you make a game OF cloud?) The game was quite slow and rather easy in the main. I was generous giving it three stars mainly for the graphics. But in my opinion there has been better, if your not an avid or just simply a fan of the FF series, then this game to start off is definitely not for you.

  best game out

| | See all chaosff13's reviews (1)

this game is amazeing if your a final fantasy fan if not you should try it out before you buy it but has a great story and the gameplay is great too worth the money

  good game but...

| | See all woopwoopglowstick's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed playing it, and canno't wait for 13-2 to come out, i've heard it will be coming out later this year as they have had it in development last year. anyway the only downside I personaly think is the battle style, the first final fantasy game I played was number 10 and I profer the battle style in that rather then this one, I have lost loads of fights because that split second before my fighters could do something.

but appar from that, an amazing game :D

  Great Game!!!!

| | See all JP1981's reviews (4)

I'm a massive Final Fantasy fan so was looking forward to getting this game especially as its the first one for the Xbox 360. Overall you get around a 50 hour gaming experience with a great storyline and visuals. The game is very linear and you have to go from point to point which did worry me when I first heard about it but the battle system is the best one they have done and keeps the pace up (especially on boss battles). Obviously this isn't as good as the Final Fantasy VII or VIII which are classics but for 17.99 you can't go wrong.