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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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  Dull, Annoying and overproduced.

| | See all SanFran51's reviews (5)

I have played a couple of JRPGs in my time and boy after I played two discs of this I hated every single second of this game.
First of all this game is mind numbingly slow seriously! Also
since when running through one corridor after another is considered fun? and the battle system is hopelessly complex.
Also the characters in this game are either unlikeable or annoying and it takes 20 hours until the plot gets going and by the time it did got going I couldn't stand playing it anymore and got rid of it.
Seriously this is one of the most cringeworthingly boring RPGs I ever played.

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  A really great game and a superb story

| | See all Cockseylad's reviews (6)

I think it is important not to compare this game to previous installments in the final fantasy series. Looking at this game as a single title rather than part of a franchise it is a superb game. I can understand why final fantasy fans give the game low scores as you aren't given the exploratory freedom we were used to in previous installments but on its own merits this is one hell of a game.
The graphics are second to none and the story line is gripping. It is important to pay attention to the early cutscenes in order to understand the story. I found myself quite confused to start with but soon became immersed into the story.
Regarding the characters, Vanille is just so annoying it is untrue. Admittedly she gets less annoying as the game goes on but in the first couple of discs she is just unbearable. I quite like the other characters. Lightning is an excellent character especially aswell as Fang.
The battle system is superb too. Watching it on videos will not do it justice because you will not have a clue what on earth is going on. It really is not as complicated as it looks! Very simple to use and gives you real control over your party.
All in all a great title. Hopefully the next installment of the series will go back to final fantasy's roots and give us more exploratory freedom but other than the linearity of the game, I can't fault it. I picked this game up for 12 pounds. Definitely worth the money!

  This blew me away.

| | See all Allyal568's reviews (12)

The story is amazing as ever, very detailed and an "Oh, I didn't see that coming" round every corner. The 2 first discs are boring, but also essential, and, if like the guy 2 under me, find cutscenes boring, skip them? They don't force you to watch them. Disc 3 is where the real game starts, where exploration starts. Don't give up on this game, it's the best I've played this year.

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  A Game of two halfs

| | See all TimmyNicks's reviews (11)

This FF is a funny one, The first 15 or so hours are very basic, teaching you the game and giving you the story. There is no exploration, you just follow the path and fight whats in front of you.. This half of the game gets 2 star.

The second half of the game is more what you would hope to get from a FF, The world is much larger and allows for good exploration and discovery. This half of the game gets a solid 4 star.

If your looking to buy this game, be prepared for a slow start, but if you get past this you should get a good game and one you can spend many hours improving your team and gainging achievements..

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| | See all CaptMalcolmKirk's reviews (2)

The first FF game I played was FFX and I was blown away. How could I have spent all these years gaming and not discovered FF or RPGsw before! I've been an avid fan every since and have bought FF games for the PS2, PSP, WII and DSi. So you can imagine my excitement with FF 13 was announced for the next generation consoles . I pre-ordered this game from Play (it never arrived-couldn't wait any longer and bought it locally, but I digress). Damm it I really wanted to like this game and I was even willing to put up with its linearity but, dare I say it, it's boring! It seems obscene to mention boring and FF in the same sentence but that's how I find this game. The story is confusing (Li-see, Li soo, Li what?) and worst of all the characters elicit no sympathy from the player. I really didn't care what happened to them I stopped playing it when on one occasion I actually fell asleep.... So now it lies there causing me great sadness every time I look at it. As a contrast I recently purchased Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360 (on sale at this site 13 Eur!!): I've only played a couple of hours but, wow, the difference is amazing. If only FF13 was half as good as this..............

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  Too Many Cutscenes

| | See all Graham21's reviews (12)

This is actually a decent game if very very linear but you are stopping every 2 seconds for a cutscene which gets a bit tired after a while looks nice though. It is different from other final fantasy games with a different combat system and battle rules the most annoying of which being that you can only control one character and if they get put down in battle its game over. Normally this would not be so bad but when all of the enemies decide to focus on you at once they can take you from full health to dead basically instantly.

The battle system is a bit clumsy as well having to change the different settings for the characters during battle, e.g. medic, commando, ravager. This would be fine if when someone was set as a medic he would use a basic attack if no one was hurt be he wont, he will just sit around waiting for someone to get hurt or for you to change his job role.

The game in general is not bad, the storyline is difficult to get into because they dont explain it particularly well and you are left trying to work out what cocoon and pulse are and what a lcie is supposed to be. If you are a fan of RPGs picking this up wouldnt be a bad idea for 25 quid or so, you well get plenty of game time out of it. But if you prefer more old school RPG action I would recommend Lost Odyssey on XBOX360 which can be picked up for less than 10 on play and is an absolutely fantastic game.

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  Give it ago

| | See all stumpy06's reviews (4)

I was really ifey about buying this and after all the bad reviews it put me off even more, but I found it knew for 15 pounds and I thought y not and was pleasantly surprised, I have only played 2hours into it and I love it, it has stunning graphics and (so far) an amazing story line it is so much better than what everyone else says, so I would say if you find it for 20 pounds or less definitely give it ago and (hopefully) you will be as surprised as I was.

  Didnt live up to its legacy

| | See all Harlster's reviews (1)

I've played many final fantasy games and all there stories are simply amazing, this one didnt quite have the WOW factor as the other ones through there stories. but the graphics and gameplay were great. They also bigged up how amazing the music would be for this game but it was nothing in comparrison to FFX (My Favourite FF Game). Definately recommend it though, its an amazing game.

  Would not recommend buying!!!

| | See all sjackson89's reviews (1)

I have now bought this game twice. I pre-orded this game back in march and was really excited about playing it. When i got it, i managed to watch the intro after selecting "New Game," but shortly after that it froze. I kept re-starting it, but it still froze at various parts at the start of the game. I got a full refund(not without hassle) and decided not to buy it again. However i seen it at the current price of 17.99 and thought i would but it again, hoping it wouldn't freeze like the last one. Unfortunately, it still did the same thing. At first i thought it was my xbox but after reading some comments on other websites, i now know that there is known problems with both the xbox and the ps3 version. If you do experience this problem, it is recommended that you do not keep using this disk as this may damage your xbox. Im totally gutted, all i wanted to do is play the game, what a disappointment. Im wondering now if this game is on sale @ 17.99 because it is a faulty batch (i paid the full 39.99 back in march).

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  A brilliant addition to Final Fantasy

| | See all SBils101's reviews (4)

I've got to say this game is simply amazing. I bought it the day it was released and never looked back. The battle system surprised me at first, you start as Lightning, you have a limited choice of attacks and I found myself just pressing A repeatedly. However once the game really kicks in you can change your battle team and paradigm shift, and despite it being largely different to my previous favourites such as 7 & 10, I slowly got used to it and it didn't take long before i was hammering it every night. Graphics were spot on, especially in HD :) If your a big fan of Final Fantasy and haven't bought this game yet, you are seriously missing out...

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