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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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| | See all Ravenwolf's reviews (52)

Played this after playing the PS3 version back when it first came out. Game itself is inferior to pretty much every FF game to date, but even moreso this Xbox 360 version is vastly inferior to the PS3 version I played with less detailed visuals, a blurry look to the whole game that makes it look like you're playing in standard definition on HDTVs, low quality FMV sequences that wouldn't look out of place on Youtube and of course the game comes on three discs!

A shoddy port of a game that wasn't great to begin with. The RPG equivalent of a corridor shooter... it's a boring mess.

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| | See all familybeck's reviews (5)

As an avid Final Fantasy player I was desparate to get my hands on 13 since the day It was announced and I wasn't dissapointed!, well ok some parts are a let down like the idea of scraping shops, the classic world maps and 'free roam', but you cannot argue with the epic story line and graphics, boy the graphics are something, 1080p 42inches = beautiful. However It looks better on ps3 blu-ray, but that's my oppion.

Some of the reviews on here are a little short sighted, the game has some obvious flaws, but it's not worth anything less than 3 stars at the least.

Coming from a proper final fantasy fan, I can see where square enix are heading with the next generation in final fantasy games, however there will still be a particulally large group of fans who prefer the originals like 7,8,9 and maybe 2,3,4,5,6.

BRING ON 14 and 15 please :)

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  FF13 Review

| | See all peewhy2k7's reviews (1)

Before I purchased the game, I was reading all the reviews about how ths game was a great movie, and poor compared with other final fantasys. After purchasing this game and completing it almost fully, I have to say I cannot disagree more. I have played final fantasys constantly since FF7 which set standards pretty high and FF13 doesn't fail to disappoint. At the beginning it is a pretty linear game however the amazing cutscenes and upgrades to your characters keep that going pretty well. When the game opens up into a free roam the scenery is fantastic and it turns into a great game. The only thing stopping me from pressing the 5 star button is that i feel the free roam should have been available from the get go with this game. Recommend it to any players who are old or new to FF. 4/5!

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  Great Graphics but such a Let down

| | See all floogly's reviews (1)

I enjoyed the previous final fantasy games so when this one was released i was very interested in buying, but after playing the game for 14 hours played time i found it very boring and nothing like the previous games. the amount of freedom in the game is very limited and linear and the amount of customization you can do very low e.g. weapons you start off with you will almost keep using until around disk 3 and the stats you can update your character in are very limited and every option you choose makes no difference and you will end up with pretty much the same stats. the only good thing i enjoyed was the enviornment detail and some of the fighting cutscenes which were amazing but can only take the game so far. the other short cutscenes during the chapters i found very boring and each characters voice was annoying and they said very cheesy line with their strange half australian half british accents.

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  Played it twice but won't play again

| | See all OmegaAlpha's reviews (3)

As other have stated, I am also a big fan of the FF series and RPG's in general. The game takes about 40 to 60 hours to complete.

Plot: Very monotonous. Characters are often just moaning about their situation and go from A to B to C with no plan or forward thinking. As Lightning says at one point "smash through the front door". Personally, I would have liked to see a bit more structure and logical progression.

Characters: Some good, some are just plain annoying. It was good to see FF's first lesbian couple but this romance was hindered by two dimensional characters such as Snow and whinny ones like Hope. Sazh had a particular "spark" but I felt that this was not utilized or expressed fully enough. Lightning was a good character and is for all extents and purposes the main character but once again the poorly addressed dynamics between the group of l'cie paralyzed her personality.

Battle system: Simple to say the least. You control one character and the other two party members perform actions according to which role you select which can be changed in game. One point that I have gotten really hung up on is that character development or leveling is restrictive. You can only build up a character to a certain level until you complete the next part of the game meaning that you will never have a moment to pwn enemies.

Game Play: Linear. You will be following a track until the end of Chapter 11 (about 4/5ths into the game). There are a few annoyances that will never go away such as the save menu always tries to create a new save file. One lapse in attention will result in a multiple save files being created and clogging up your hard drive. The other is that an alert symbol appears every time you collect an item from battle. Now, I'm not just talking about when you find a new item but every time. Say I have two credit chips (an in-game item) and get another two, this damn icon pops up. Also the items in the game are largely redundant compared to other FF games. You have defensive items (potions, phoenix downs, etc), key items and components (items used to level up your weapons and accessories). There are perhaps only 12 or so defensive items but nearly a hundred components which serve no purpose other than to give EXP or give multiplier bonuses to your equip. It just a bit boring really. Finally, Gil is now a very rare commodity. There is no gil generated from battle (like in other FF titles) but instead you can get it from selling items (which you are not guaranteed to get from battling) or finding it in treasure spheres. So while you have a plethora of shops by the end of the game, you have no money to buy anything.

Environments: Some interesting places but be aware that because of the linear, "on rails" nature of the game, no area (other than Gran Pulse and Eden) is re-visitable so you only get to got there once. There is no exploration, just a few short dead end alleys and a path that takes you directly from A to B, often without explanation.

Replay value: At the time of writing this review there is no downloadable content. Replay value is ZERO! Once you've completed the game you can wander Gran Pulse and accept marks (basically battling and defeating specific monsters). There are about 60 of these but there is not much reward to do it. No increased CP (the EXP that characters use to level up) or mega items.

To clarify, I played the game through once, completed it and thought "I must have missed something here cos that was way too linear (nothing to discover on the side)". So, I bought the official guide, played it through again, found some extra areas I hadn't gone to before but they didn't do anything spectacular.

Final decision: 2 stars, Final Fantasy Flop!

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  good game but not the same

| | See all kongosy's reviews (1)

the game has changed alot compared to the previous final fantasy's, theres no exploration (at least up to yet am currently on chapter 7 and still stuck to the story line)
but the game is very good graphics and has a excellent storyline but in my opinion it doesn't top any of the other final fantasys.

  Final Fantasy XIII

| | See all notoriouslycrunchy's reviews (4)

I have not played a final fantasy since the PS1 era, only ever playing 7,8 and 9. Not playing a final fantasy game in years i felt maybe i dont have the skills to play this new installment as i had not played any of the others on the PS2, however how i was wrong! So all of you new gamers out there definitely give this ago! Alright down to the main points:

Graphics: absolutely stunning, the character models and their designs are awe-spiring, the best i have ever seen. The environments are stunning also and a definite eye candy. The designs of the enemies are also unique and look amazing.

Plot: Without any spoilers, you will find the main plot overwhelming, when you are sitting content letting the cut scenes tell their story, you slowly become more and more engrossed within the story line, you will have to give it a chance because at first you will think what is going on here, but as you progress things become more and more clear, bringing you into a whole different dimension, a different fantasy, you almost feel the characters are made of flesh and bone, no joke! They really did a great job here.

characters: This has to be my favorite part, the characters are all just amazing, Lightning has to be my favorite, the emotions they express and their persona are so charming, it makes them seem very much real, i find this rare today in games and i am not a big gamer at all, creating a bond with the characters helps to supplement your understanding and enjoyment of the game and the story for each character, which is told brilliantly.

Game play: a lot of people complain this is far to liner, tis ture to a certain extent, having completed the game myself, i can safely say that, although a while away, when you get to disc 3 the game opens up much more and you have the options to do side quests etc if you so wish, but i found the main storyline far to engrossing and had to plow through it! so i did not mind the linear aspect because it had compensated for a deeper story line. The weapon upgrade system is fantastic you have to learn how to upgrade your weapons the best way the only tip i will give you is to buy many wicked fangs and use them first to get you weapon to multiplier X3 then use a metallic component, you'll know what i mean when you play ;).

Length: This depends on you, the gamer, it is to your own discretion how long you want to make the game. For me personally i plowed through the first time in 45 hrs through the main storyline not doing any side quests apart from the compulsory one you get on disc 3. i wish i expanded the experience longer, but the storyline was so spell binding i just had to see what happened, mind you its worth farming CP, you'll know what i mean when you experience the game, this will help develop your characters major style.

upgrading system and battle: you have a total of six roles to play with being commando, ravager, sentinel, saboteur, synergist and medic. now i am going to give you my personal choice which i found worked really well for my characters:

Lightning: commando, ravager and medic
Hope: Synergist, ravager and medic
Sazh: Synergist, ravager and saboteur
Fang: she is great at any role, you decide
Vanille: Saboteur, medic and ravager
Snow: sentinel, commando and ravager

This is my personal choice, you should choose what ever fits you best!

in conclusion, i would say this is a fantastic game and is worth anybody's time and money, as it definitely gives you your moneys worth, because i had the best 45 hr experience ever in gaming, anyway thanks for reading and hope i helped!

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  A fantastic and almost perfect game!

| | See all ConnorCInHull's reviews (3)

This game is absolutely incredible, in my experience of next-generation gaming this comes close to being one of the most incredible visually presented games I've ever played. While on Xbox 360 the compression is quite honestly, at times, poor, it doesn't change any of the finer details of the game.

The game is massively story-driven which proves the games opening 10-15 hours to be rather linear, but then to surprise, the game does open up around the half way point quite drastically, (to a degree comparable to it's MMO predecessor, FFXI) and also features a beautifully composed soundtrack.

The game is also completed by a half dozen of interesting, intruiging and complex characters, suited up with a fine cast of voice actors.

Over all, despite a pretty bad compression between the PS3 and 360 conversion, and the starting linearity of the game itself, it proves to be one of the (in my opinion) best games I have played on this console!

A must have for any FF fan, or even not strictly an FF fan!

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  Awe-inspiring, a must have

| | See all Monman9000's reviews (3)

Even as a self confessed die hard fan of final fantasy. I had my doubts about this game, Mainly due to a lack of talk about it since its release.
However i am incredibly relived to say that the game is consistent with pretty much ever aspect of the game with two exceptions. The character upgrade system and the battle system.
Both take time to adjust to but have amazing depth. The game is phenomenally detailed (3 discs worth) and is simply flawless.

One final note: You will die. A lot. But make sure you keep going, the storyline is well worth the effort

  Worth it :) But that doesn't mean it's anything special

| | See all SteelAngelVikki's reviews (9)

Design & Graphics: Amazing, alot of thought went into the visuals and has come out beautiful, unfortunateley I think Xbox is struggling in comparison to the PS3. Character design is fairly good as well (Fang in particular).

Plot: POO! POO! POOOOOO! That's why it's missing a star.

Battle System: Awesome, this system in a way, requires you to actually have some strategy as it's not a simple case of being able to directly command all of your characters at once, but giving supporting team members roles and allowing them to fight on their own in hopes of them being able to to assist you effectivly in battle.

All in all, I can't say I think this is better than any other Final Fantasy game, but as a game on the whole, it is great and definatley one of the best games of the year so far.