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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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  On a par with FFVII

| | See all Centrin0's reviews (1)

Just amazing. New battle mode is perfect, looks stunning and plays beautifully. A MUST BUY!!!

  Poor show

| | See all Andy05's reviews (2)

was very disappointed with the latest installment of the final fantasy franchise. I am a huge fan of the older games however square enix has filled this game with hammy dialogue and Disney characters, there is seldom a cut scene that did not make me cringe and the battle system leaves much to be desired (basically keep pressing A and you will never go wrong). and this monotony is only broken by the frequent boss battle who is usually trounced by 9 pushes of the A button. I urge you to test this game before buying.

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| | See all AdamH2K8's reviews (5)

With only 3 offline itterations of the FF franchise in the last ten years it's safe to say that fans have certainly been kept waiting. But now that the wait is over, how has Final Fantasy XIII shaped up? Well I'm pleased to say that good things come to those who wait and FFXIII is no exception to the rule.
With only brief personal experience of the previous games in the series I was not completely sure what to expect, what I can say is that FFXIII delivers a more refined experience with a fair few of the series excesses cut back (for instance there are no towns now and the path you take is more on the linear side) some die hard fans may well dislike the new direcion that FFXIII has taken but give it plenty of time and you will be sucked into a rich and absorbing story.
Some characters feel a little randomly placed and some of the voice acting can at times seem a little wooden but you won't notice it as much as the story takes hold.

Graphically FFXIII is one of the most beautiful next gen titles I have played to date, with CGI movies mixing almost seamlessly with in engine rendered cut scenes. vistas and game worlds are gorgeous and the characters are an absolute marvel. This helps with the over all immersion of the experience and after a while you do even start to feel some emotional attachment to the cast.

The musical score itself is excellent and adds an extra layer of polish and richness to the experience.

To summarise, FFXIII is nothing short of a masterpiece! I'm only a few hours in and am hooked already and with between 50-100 hours of play time being quoted on the leading gaming websites its a AAA title that should keep you going for quite some time!

  holee epicness on a very large stick

| | See all crobbus's reviews (2)

this arrived yesterday and i wet myself..... EPIC..... this has now taken over my life... i demand compensation from square enix as im now going to fail my degree

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  game of the year

| | See all jlloyd's reviews (4)

this is a fantastic game, beautiful environments and smooth flowing gameplay. it can be tricky to get used to the new battle system at first but after a couple hours of play you get used to it. in my eyes, i would say that this is the game of the year and a must for any final fantasy fan. i would highly recommend this game and i hope that anyone that purchases the game will enjoying playing it.

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  All the wait...Could have been better

| | See all Mose101's reviews (1)

I have been playing this for a good few hours now, and i still cant get over the battle system. Its very repetitive. You either auto attack or spent time getting attacked to select through moves/spells, but selecting moves takes time due to the options reacting really slow to them being pressed, so by the time you have your fully list of moves in you have already taken tones of damage.

Graphics are amazing, once again you cant fault this, i do find moving around a bit jerky.

The game feels more like an attempt to make a love story, the FMVs are more than game play, from what i have seen so far.

Biggest down side of the whole game! Interaction of random npc's is next to none! and no shops, the save point/shops are all right but it just feels like half of a FF game. Shops and interacting of npc's was great.

I waited a long time for this, its a shame this hasnt lived up to the hype. Next they will just release a FF film and call it a game!

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