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Battlestations: Pacific

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Great strategy game, not for wham, bam, thank you players !

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I had bought and played Midway and, while it was good, their were a lot of things that could be improved. Pacific has taken this game to the next level in every way.

The graphics have been vastly improved, a lot of units have been modified and improved and additional units added at the request of players. The 'skirmish' mode is excellent and the online play is great too. The best bit (in my opinion) is being able to play as the Japanese throughout an entire campaign and not just the odd mission.

All in all, if you like strategy based games, at £14.99 you really can't go wrong with this one and I would thoroughly recomend you buy it.

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  Great Game (once you get used to it)

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This can be a really good game after the first couple of hours there are massive selections in which you can control and use to fight and i think it is the only game like it.If you are not sure you should buy Battlestations:Midway which is cheaper and if you like that then you should buy this.This is a rare game which combines stragetic and action into one game and it works well


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Having bought and played Battlestations Midway, I thought this game would be better; I was right.

Midway was a great game but the storyline was stupid. Pacific doesn't have a storyline and is way more exciting. Especially the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) Campaign. You get the classic Jap attack strategies; loads of Carriers, The Yamato and Musashi (Superbattleships), Shinyos (Suicide boats), Kamikazes, Ohkas (Jet suicide plane) and Kaitens (manned torpedoes). It makes it more exciting flying a titchy 3000lb bomb with a Jet engine and wings into a Ship!

There's also a load more plane, ship and sub types. To use some of these you have to unlock them. e.g, achieve a silver medal in 'Battle of Okinawa' to unlock Avenger with advanced weaponry.

One more thing; theres something called 'Skirmish'. You make your own battle. choose from Escort, Siege, Competitive, Duel or Island Capture. then choose a side (USA or IJN), a map, an unlock and your ready to go. the only downside of this is it doesn't save at a checkpoint like the campaign does, and it doesn't give the ships names. it just says Agano Class, Cleveland Class etc.

One last problem; you spend ages getting somewhere, e.g. an Enemy HQ, get your Ship or Plane blown apart, then have to spend ages getting to the HQ again, just to get blown apart.

Its a brilliant game, but I reccommend getting Midway first if you like stories to flow. Plus, if you get that first, you understand the US Campaign, because you know why your in the East Solomons, not at Pearl Harbor. If you buy this first, it an ace game to buy. reccommended.

  Great Game

| | See all mentalmadmaniac's reviews (12)

Well, this game was well worth the wait. I'm not going to waste anyones time reviewing the demo. The game has been made a whole lot easier compared to the last one in terms of controls. The gameplay itself has been vastly improved, and to be honest, the storyline is less cheesey. Great thing is you can kill the 2 main characters from the last game in the first japanese mission. Result! Its what you want from a WW2 game. If you play as the americans, the war ends normally, BUT if you play as the japanese, you can win the war. The one thing that makes me go for 4 stars rather than 5 is the graphics. on HD, its brilliant, but for a standard picture, you cannot read any of the text. Other than that, its all very good!

  Game trumps demo

| | See all barrybarfly's reviews (5)

Demo - 1 star

Game - 5 stars

This game is at least as good, if not better than Midway. Opinion is divided as to which is better, but for newcomers to the game/genre this is the one to get. The campaigns bring you into the game gently without using a boring training level and the learning curve is nowhere near as steep. For those who played Midway the new aspects to the MP add totally new possibiliteis to strategies and gameplay.

All in all, 28 really good campaign missions divided into Japanese and American campaigns.

Fantastic MP that will keep you playing for months. Definately a great game well worth 5 stars and totally different to every other game out (except Battlestations Midway of course!). I also think it is an improvement over the original.

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  Great Game!

| | See all Bignuts's reviews (1)

I have it since a few days, played a lot.
I was a big fan of the previous one as well, but this one is a lot better. The graphics are amazing, the online is superb, and luckily they were smart enough to keep the music from the previous one.
They corrected every little bug from the first one.
Its kinda like the first game got really pimped.
Small things like on the strategic map you can even see the shadow of the planes,and so on.
The campaign mode is a lot better than in the Midway, especially the Japanese.
Buy this game you wont regret it!

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  Battlestations: Pacific

| | See all Kurse0408's reviews (8)

Just downloaded and played the demo, what a complete waste of time compared to the original. The original missions seemed a lot more exciting and faster paced where this just seems to show how great the programmers are on graphics. I have been eagerly waiting this game since I learnt it was coming and now will be looking elsewhere for fun, ranks with last GTA as a major disappointment.

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| | See all Mi2000's reviews (3)

Why do people write reviews based only on demos?? Yeah the graphics are good, nothing special though. Having played battlestations: midway to death, i was looking forward to the sequel. The game is very similar in almost every way, the new aditions arent anything to get excited about, more planes, boats etc, two seperate campaigns and thats about it. The new game modes for xbox live do add something, but nothing new or original.
overall worth a go but not a keeper,save your money wait till its cheap : )

  Battlestations Pacific Demo

| | See all napalm150's reviews (14)

just played the demo from Xbox live and it looks stunning although it was a bit limited and short i got a idea what was to come on the 15th and man it going to be good, stunning graphics and controls is ten times better, although there is a couple of frame drips here and there it can be expected when the graphics are so good as this,
if you have not downloaded the demo yet then i would recommend you do and leave your review and support for what i think is going to be one of the best games on any system this year,