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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Rage on

| | See all StateOfMind12's reviews (3)

I thought this game was epic right up till the end ,what was they thinking .
Great graphics ,great weapons also brilliant level design until untimely end.

  Good, but too short.

| | See all falloutfan101's reviews (4)

Great game but a little short. However, you will probably want to play it through more than once. It is a lot like other 1st person shooter games, but they have some RPG elements and a nice variety of enenmies so you are not shooting the same old poeple. Storyline takes a bit to appear but throughout most of the game you are left wondering, who are the Authority? Also, people who complain about having to do a mission all over again, you can save at lots of different points in the game and can save at anytime during most missions so you don't have to start them again. The minigames are fun (never seen five finger fillet done like this before) and there is a good, but small variety.The major downside of the game is that single player only lasts about 10-20 hours but there is still an online with co-op and competitive gameplay.

  Just missing that something special

| | See all Jack1055's reviews (1)

This game isn't bad at all and will feel like a worthy purchase at it's current price, with solid shooting, great AI and great overall look. However, this game never reached anything which would make it truly memorable. The story is truly bland and completely underdeveloped ,this will clearly presented in a completely lazy ending. The driving sections aren't particularly entertaining, instead you will only do them as you believe you need too and not because you actually want to.
This game is a fair game which should more be seen as a way to sustain your gaming interest till a more special and memorable game is to come around.

  Brillant but dont play alone at Night v scary

| | See all mobella's reviews (25)

This game is one of the best i have played on Xbox great graphics and lots of action.The Zombies are v scary and this game made me junp a few times.Is a big game(3 Discs) am only on Disc 2 but really enjoying it.Great game


| | See all ReaverRaziel's reviews (1)

game started out slow at first but once i got into it more it becomes better and better till i can't put it down. the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are excellent, voice acting and details are also brilliant. weapons are nice and easy to use and much much fun once you get better ammo and upgrades.

enemies can be difficult sometimes if your not the best at aiming, as they generally are good at avoiding fire by running along ceilings/walls (mutants). bandits can flank you and you can die easily, so it keeps your wits about you.

The Vehicles are abit strange to drive but once you get the hang of it and get some upgrades through racing events it becomes more fun.

also the customisation menu to create items or special ammo types is very easy and simple to do, make your own sentry bot with a machine gun for a mouth :) or perhaps leave a turret to kill any sneaky enemies you left behind.

overall this games has kept me entertained for a good 20hours worth so far and im still not bored! get this game, its worth it :)

  Good, not great

| | See all VPersie's reviews (1)

Beautiful graphics, clever enemies, nice shooting mechanics. But no clear storyline.

But, of all games with a weak story released recently, this is one of the best. :)

  Like Boarderlands? If so then you will love this!!

| | See all goodwin's reviews (5)

This game is just addictive. I picked it up for nineteen pound and just thought i would give it a go. Played it for about 7 hours straight and could't put it down. The game has 3 disk's to it and hours of game play. Loads of missions and side missions to do to keep you going. Did not find the this game to hard to complete. But worth replaying the game again. Fantastic graphics, easy to get about places, and some fantastic battles to do. Amunition is a problem but once you get in to the game you no were to get it from. Only down side is it may take you a bit to get used to aiming you weapons. Really worth buying though.

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  What a great game. Love it!

| | See all Allstar180's reviews (92)

I was so sick of the advert on this game, it was the most advertised game ever. A day never went by where I didn't see Rage trailer on tele or on the net. Didn't think much about this game, just never found the interest to buy it, I thought it was just one of those novelty games, even when I heard it was from the makers of Doom, strangely, this wasn't enough to motivate me to buy it. The trailer was not only annoying but made it look like a novelty game so I didn't think it did it any justice.

This game is by far one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year. I love that crossbow, has a great satisfying feel to it when you shoot targets in the head and that boomerang weapon is awesome.

Download the demo and you will find that addictive I'm sure of it. With the low price its at now you cant go wrong.

Gameplay has a great smooth feel to it, graphics are pretty nice. If I hear Rage 2 is set for release some time next year I will be preordering it without a doubt.