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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (35 reviews)"

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| | See all BlazedAngelo's reviews (4)

I thought that this game was an excellent purchase. the voice acting is a little dodgy il admit but all in all this is a good game with a rather clever battle system this has taken up now at least 200 hours of my time to finish it completely and not once was i bored. The story is good the gameplay is good and the graphics are good.

One note id like to add is that dont play this game with any of the final fantasy games in mind as you will be dissapointed, but if you think of this as a completely different game then you should enjoy it.

  Not recommended for the over 13s

| | See all shadowecho's reviews (6)

Being a fan of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 and dabbling a bit was others I thought I couldn't go wrong with this title from Square Enix but how wrong I was. The problem is fundamentally with the characters, they all sound and act like they are about 10 years old and as the game progresses this gets more and more noticeable.
The graphics are ok but seems to be all cartoonie and do not really push the abilities of the Xbox.

This game isn't all bad but to me it seems Square are struggling to create a game to rival FF7 and seem intent on punishing you for dodging every fight when they are every 10 or so paces.

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  Better than I thought

| | See all RPGamer's reviews (7)

A major improvement on 'Star Ocean - Till the end of time'. I didn't really want to get this game as I was so disappointed with the last one, but as I needed something to fill my RPG thirst and as this game had come down to a bargain price, I risked it. And, i'm sure glad i did, the game itself is very good and addictive and at the current price, not to be missed. Well worth the purchase.

  With todays market of JRPG's, this still stands up.

| | See all Seleca10's reviews (4)

Yes some of the voice acting is shoddy and yes some of the characters look so out of place within this 'sci-fi' story, but aside from that this is a good solid JRPG with a good solid battle system.
The story is interesting and remains to keep you excited throughout with different twists and turns, some moments are very predictable but ah well.
I loved the difficulty of the game, imo, just the right amount of harshness. Some of the boss fights had me frustrated for a good while and usually in todays RPG market that's hard to find as most are fairly easy to simmer through.

You dont have to be a fan of the franchise to play either but it certainly may help. Give it a try, you wont regret.


| | See all INVNO1's reviews (12)

There are a few people here moaning about the voice acting and annoying characters, and to be fair, they have a point, but are blowing it out of proportion i think. Yes some of the voice acting is very amateurish, and there are a couple of annoying characters in your group, but the awesome combat and character leveling MORE than make up for this, and although the story can ge a llttle cluttered, it is still worthy of a AAA JRPG. The visuals are nice and very smooth throughout, and its nice to actually control the camera like a normal 3rd person game rather than preset angles. A few hours in and you WILL be hooked on this game, and the further you get into it, the better the game gets, the last disk is by far the best. We are all waiting patiently for FF13, but this is BY FAR the best JRPG on any current gen platform at the moment. BUY IT NOW!!!!

  If you want a traditional "Jappy" rpg then give this a go..

| | See all BareOsaka's reviews (29)

First off I wanna say Mobius I understand completely! ha "lymel" is possibly the most annoying character in history, fortunately she is also pretty dam beefy as far as magic goes! so i'm trying to overlook her annoying catchphrase of saying "Kay" after every word!! (I still find my self cringing every time she speaks tho)..

Anyway character voices aside this game is pretty good, it's my first Star Ocean and I like it. The combat is fun and theres loads of different tactics you can bring to the battle. Loads of abilities and equip to play with and seriously stunning graphics!, I mean if this is what SE are producing already FF13 is gonna be nothing short of beautiful!

Story is as others have said is one huuuuge cliche lol but veterans of jrpg's will know this is how they are and if you can just allow yourself to absorb it a little I can promise you theres a very worth while game underneath. My only gripe is that of the side quests, I havent encountered many but then again im only on disk 1..

To sum it up then ill agree the voice acting is extremely bad and subtitles under original Japanses cast would have made a massive difference. But that is only minor in comaprison to a great playing, great looking little jrpg. Also as I think someone has said before, DO NOT EXPECT MASS EFFECT! lol it really isn't.. If your in 2 minds about this and want to try a jrpg then I'd say go for it as I did and you may be surprised at the depth and quality of it. Plus it makes a nice filler till FF13 gets here :D

  i've got 2 agree with mobius

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

This could have been a really good game as there are many positives already mentioned in other reviews, however the voice dubbing is poor and some of the voice over are cringing to hear - no really I need to mute them and the general dialogue and cast is very unsci-fi. If you like jrpgs, buy it its a good price, however if you don't or haven't played any avoid and stick to normal rpgs such as fallout 3 or mass effect.

  has the most annoying charactor since Jar Jar Binks

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

The adventure elements of star ocean are sound along with its combat style, the charactors drivel on about nonsence to each other and the monsters are all pretty much the same, anyway a few hours into the game i reluctently recruited the most annoying charactor since jar jar binks opened his mouth for the first time and ruined a franchise, this destroyed the scifi feel of the game and so the game all of a sudden turned into japanise style game that has you looking at young boys and vunrable younger girls type video game. Suffice to say that the game was very quickly traded in the next day.

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  A solid JRPG.

| | See all Kenny0709's reviews (1)

As a big fan of the Star Ocean series, I hoped this would continue to build and improve on the quality of the previous titles. I wasn't disappointed. I'll begin with the pros: The graphics are everything you'd expect from a game on a next-gen console like the 360 and more in some places. The storyline is brilliant, packed with clichés as we all expect and love from JRPGs! You can expect to get around 60-80 hours gameplay if you include the trademark bonus dungeous. The replay value is there for hardcore RPG fans as there are several possible endings to achieve depending on how you interact throughout the game with other characters. Finally, the best thing about this game and previous Star Ocean games - the real time battle system. Lots of fun can be had with it and you will always be looking forward to your next battle. There are no "random" encounters like in Final Fantasy games, instead you run into enemies to fight them.

Now, the inevitable cons. The voice acting - like in SO3 - is pretty poor. One or two characters in particular can start to become annoying very quickly. Also, the necessary disc-swapping can become a chore. It isn't noticeable until you reach the end of the game and have to start travelling back to previously visited worlds which happen to be on previous discs. Finally, at times in the game it seems like there is little direction to help you discover which way to go. It's almost as if the developers had an agreement with the walkthrough guide authors to make certain parts of the game very difficult to navigate through. It is possible to do so without a guide.

5/5 stars from me. On a par with Lost Odyssey, I'd rate SO: The Last Hope as the joint-best JRPG on the 360. If you're a Star Ocean fan and you haven't played this game, you know what to expect and it doesn't disappoint. If you haven't played a Star Ocean game before, I'd advise you to try this out simply for the unique battle system and the epic storyline.

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  A good jrpg?

| | See all j2000nr's reviews (9)

Never has a game made me change my opinion about it so much as TLH. I started of by thinking that it was more style over substance, as i personally feel that the graphics are very good, and spot on for the type of game it is. Then i started to get really in to it, and started to think that it actually was pretty good. This game does take time to love. As many reviewers have said this is a jrpg game, its not like the rpg's that are made in the west. As such it is unfair to judge it against anything that is not jrpg - esque. Yes the story and dialogue are written using the great big book of cliche, yet that is what a jrpg is all about, a hero has to go through a journey, to better themselves and those around them.

I like the way combat is delt with, even though enemy models are recycled for every planet that you walk on, it doesn't really matter, each battle to me felt different, one of my favourite features of the game is the 'bonus board' this becomes active in battle and bonuses can be earned depending upon your performance, such as bonus exp, money etc. The boss fights were a challenge, especially the last one, which took a long time and almost wiped out my entire party.

There are negatives, one for instance is that the game comes on 3 discs, nothing wrong with that i hear you say, well there is when you have to change discs to go back to previous locations, which is annoying.

The most annoying thing that i found though was the save point system. Like many gamers today i am married with a small child, i do not have time to play all weekend like i used to. so not finding a save point for two + hours was annoying.

This is a good game, but not a great game. If this is your first entry in the world of jrpg, then you might not like it, but stick with it as it is very good, and don't go in expecting a Mass Effect clone, as you will end up dissapointed