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The Last Remnant

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  wonderfull Turn Based battle

| | See all Harlequin83's reviews (2)

simply fantastic, isn't a real rpg/jrpg is a strategic turn based battle game :D very fun and always hard to play more powerfull you are, more powerfull become enemy, a lot of side quest a lot of place to visit( if u follow only main quest you visit only 1/4 of world location) a lot of item and skill :D fun fun fun :D i'm slave of this game now :D it's hard to handle but when you understand the battle system the satisfaction is huge and fun is extreme :D

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  Not a good RPG. Dissapointed.

| | See all FatKidz50's reviews (17)

For me, the games that let me down the most are games sound interesting and appear to be good fun...until you play it.

I like RPG games. Final Fantasy has to be mentioned (even though its yet to comes out on a next gen platform), Lost Oddyssey was a good underrated game, I have to say i enjoyed Star Ocean 4:TLH the most out of next gen RPG games.

Drifting off point. This game was a BIG dissapointment. I HATED the battle system, forget what they say about "original". Its original because it sucks and everyone else realised that before the released a game.
The main character was annoying from stage one. I did not get used to it either, he just got more annoying every hour i played.
Though i say this, I did manage to finish the game. I got used to the battle system (even though i never liked it), and i played the later discs on mute so i didnt have to listen.

If you want an RPG for the 360, look elsewhere. The are many other better ones (prior mentioned, Infinate Undiscovery was ok but the 2 above were better).

  Not a JRPG classic.

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, and I think Lost Oddyssey is one of the underrated classics of the 360's library. However, this doesn't live up to either of those games. The story is dull, as are most of the missions and you may think im being a little stupid here, but I found the battle system really convuluted and confusing, I didn't know who was on my team and who the enemies were. I really don't see this as the 'evolution of the JPRG battle system' as was stated, I think that they should have stuck with the tried and trusted. The graphics are very good, carrying on from the usual tradition of beautiful RPGs but that is a high point of a dissapointing game that I hope is the 'Last' in the remnant series.

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| | See all Jimmy22's reviews (6)

I was looking foreward to playing this game for so long then found a bargin copy and thought my luck was in. Sadly the good times stoped once I put the game into my consol. Can't say I've had problems with slow loading like a lot of people though.

The story is to square enix's usual standard of excellence and the graphics are great to but the battle system is terrible. And it is almost impossible for me to read the description of items as the text is too small and I have a 32" wide screen TV!! I have been playing RPG's since i first picked up a game controller and this was just too disapointing for words. I would avoid it if i was to pass on advice but everyone has their opinions and some people just have to learn the hard way.

For anyone who wnats this game look for a bargin bin copy because that is where it belongs the bin.

  The Last Remnant Review

| | See all Rubix78's reviews (21)

The Last Remnant is another great RPG from Square-Enix. Instead of going through the story I thought I would just focus on the battle system and some other points of interest.

The battle system works different from previous RPG's and you only have to only ever worry about equipping one character but you get lots!
Instead of having a lot of characters and only being able to equip 3-4 of them at a time in this game you have up to about 25 characters which you can change around all the time and play with around 15 of them in separate parties but all onscreen.
You can have up to 5 in one group but you must have 1 leader and the rest can be soldiers which you can pick up in some of the towns. Leaders can be bought from Guilds which are dotted around in most of the towns and later on there are special Guilds. As you progress through the story you equip more and more characters and what makes this game different is that every battle is more like a war then facing random enemies.
For Example I have 3 teams of 4 and 1 team of 3. I have 2 leaders in teams A and B and one each in the other teams. When you enter a battle you get options for each team rather then any individual characters although some special attacks will only require one of your leaders in that team and when selected you will know that only that character will use it.
As you walk along the maps you can see all the enemies on the screen and you can draw them in with a touch of a button. If you draw in an enemy and defeat it your chain will go up so long as you are in the same area and every enemy you defeat you have attacked first. If you don't draw in enemies you could be attacked first, this gives them the advantage and you lose your chain. Chains are good for gaining more money and better items at the end of each battle. You can also run past enemies by slowing down time but this can only be used for a limited period of time.

There are lots of bosses dotted around each level and also there are bigger bosses in the story and side quests.
Side quests are great for gaining money, equipment and gaining EXP but the Enemies in the story will also gain EXP as you do so this is unnecessary if you just want to play through the story.

The Towns are not as good as Final Fantasy towns and all shops can be found in the main street. Each town has separate areas you have to visit through a map screen featuring pubs, guilds, shops, a castle or palace and other places of interest or caves.

The map is pretty big and the game is played over two disks but it's the side quests that will clock hours and not so much the story. I have played through doing all the side quests so I can not tell you how quick it would be to just go through the story on its own but it is worth levelling up to obtain better weapons, more money and EXP.

The bosses seem to be easier in the side quests then the ones in the story although I have read that because I levelled up so much the Bosses in the story have also levelled up gaining new and more powerful moves. I have yet to finish this game and currently on the final boss who can kick my ass with one super move which destroys all my characters. You will find that there is a lot of randomness in this game and that is what brings my score down on this game. Sometimes you ask the game to heal your characters and they will attack first then heal or you will ask them to bring your characters back to life but you can't tell them which ones to bring back so they might bring it back instead of your own team and the same goes for healing and this can cost you time and cant be avoided. All in all though the graphics are stunning, the story is above average and the gameplay when it works in your favour well

  So far so good

| | See all Enkidu's reviews (14)

I havent played for a very long time yet but already i think this game is great. graphics are excellent and i really like the battle system, very original and its nice to have something a bit more complicated than the average RPG.

Some people seem to complain about long loading times, i installed this on the hard drive before playing and havent had any waits for loading.

  Patience is a virtue.

| | See all Jimskibob's reviews (11)

First of all, running this game from the discs spoils the fluidity of the game, so installing to hard drive is highly recommended to avoid lengthy loading times - of which there are many.

I chose to play this game on XBox instead of PC as I played the demo on PC and it didn't run as well as I'd hoped. Even on the XBox it still has some small issues, like slow texture loading and some sharp FPS drops in battles. But none of these issues take away from the game's enjoyment.

From the outset, I would advise anyone wanting to play this to read the manual as if you aren't used to these types of games, then fights may seem daunting to keep track of what is going on. I am one such person, and the last time I played a game of similar type was way back in 2002 when I played Grandia II on the dreamcast.

Graphically, the game is beautiful, and the battle sequences are a joy to watch so long as the signals from your eyes to your brain can keep pace with what is happening. Even with it being turn based, it can be confusing to track what is going on, and only by playing it for a solid few hours will most players get to grips with the way it works.

Patience is a virtue well worth having with this game, and once you settle into it be prepared for it to suck up lots of your spare time. I have only scratched the surface of the game even after 15+ hours, and I can tell that it is a huge game. There are many cutscenes, lots of talking to people, plenty of work to do on your character's (and NPC's) equipment and masses of battles with bosses and tough encounters.

I give the game 4 out of 5, I would have scored it a 5 but for the fact that you have to let the game chew up 12gb of your Hard drive to get it to play at a pace you can enjoy it at.

  great game but very long

| | See all skitles's reviews (1)

This is a great game but like others have pointed out it takes up a large portion of your life. I have the guide for this game and still sit and think.....................how?? I do recommend this game but the guide is essential.

  Quite a stuggle to play...but

| | See all JustStokey's reviews (4)

I'll start by saying that i'm only about 10 hours into the game. I wouldnt say i'm a big fan of JRPGs but i thought i'd give it a try. I struggled for the first 3 hours of play...unless you are really getting into the story then you may find it difficult to play. As there has been a massive amount of high quality games released in the last 5 months i would recommend putting this near the bottom of your "to buy list". The story is good but the lengthy battles can be boring after a while.

  The Last Remnant- A Diamond in the Rough!

| | See all Kennii's reviews (4)

I'll start by saying it DOES take patience to play this game- That is, about 75% of the game's mechanics are not explained to you and it is basically up to you to discover how things work. It doesn't take long to get the basics of this game, but the learning curve is very steep.

There are also loads of technical issues with this game. As many have rightly pointed out, installing the game on to the hard drive gets rid of a lot of the problems (Long load times, some frame rate issues etc). However, some problems seem to remain, such as how textures pop up in an area after a few seconds when entering an area. In addition, installing both discs of the game takes up about 13gb of hard drive space (I know, it's a lot).

The battle system can be confusing- you fight with groups of characters called "unions". You decide which characters go in each union, allowing you to customise the role of a union in battle. Also, you can set unions to take certain formations, which help a union fulfil its role. Sounds confusing? That's the basics of setting up unions! There's a lot more to battling than that though. Speaking of battles, as there are so many characters participating in a battle, even small battles can seem really long as each character performs an action. I've had "small" battles which lasted 30 minutes to an hour long!

Before I continue, yes this game can be very difficult due to how some of the mechanics work.

Despite the steep learning curve and technical issues, I think this game is really good. The story, although not as good as other RPGs' stories, is still captivating. There are also lots of side-stories due to the huge amount of sidequests that are present in the game. The "union board" mechanic also allows further customisation of strategies than other RPGs.

In summing up, if you have patience and are willing to take on that steep learning curve (and possibly overlook the technical faults), get this game. When you get a grasp of the basics of the game, you will find this game has a lot to offer!