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Left 4 Dead (Left For Dead)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (233 reviews)"

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  In my top 5 games of all time.

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This game had me and my friend hooked for MONTHS on end and we still play it now and again. The best way you can get the most out of this game is versus mode. The fun never ends as you play 4 humans against 4 infected. Playing as a fat boomer spewing puke over the survivors, a smoker dragging them to their death, or a hunter pouncing on them from walls or from buildngs. Even play as special infected and become a steroid induced tank and smash survivors up the wall or off a cliff. You will NOT be dissapointed however much you pay for this. In my TOP 5 games of ALL TIME and i've played well over 100 for xbox. 6/5 stars!


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

In my opinion this is one of the best games out there especially for the zombie genre where you can kill your way through the game by killing different breeds of zombies. Must be warned though it hasnt got the campaign mode of other games where you have to fight through levels to advance as these have already been unlocked for you. This is first and foremost an online co-op game and is really enjoyable especially playing with mates. Enjoy

  Left For Dead Co-op

| | See all MaidenBhoy's reviews (1)

Got this game just at Christmas therefrom peer pressure from friends wanting to play online.
Have now ONLY played it online in a co-op, and in my opinion this is one of the best games for playing as a group.
I am sure the second one will be the same, but this really has you building up teamwork in order to survive.
Love this game, but it does take me an hour to calm down after it.
Well recommended.

  One of the worst games I've ever played

| | See all Sitmus's reviews (13)

This is how the game pans out;

Kill zombies, go to safe house, Kill zombies, go to safe house, Kill zombies, go to safe house, Kill zombies, get rescued

Do that 3 more times, and that's the game.

There is no storyline to it, or save feature, so if you want to get the achievements you have to complete a mission in one sitting (usually takes an hour and a bit).

Not recommended.

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  Lots Of Dull and Sameness

| | See all thor2007's reviews (1)

Rented this game mainly due to the hype around its launch and found it extremely tedious even for a fps. I used to be a fan of the Resident Evil games while they stuck to Umbrella and the T-virus but later on they just became boring dealing with those daft worm like things, (things have moved on). If you are looking for a mindless game then this is the one, if however you want something to immerse yourself in then go and find something else. Any of the COD games will probably do and if you want zombies then seriously look at World At War inclusive of the map-packs.

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| | See all Glenny93's reviews (1)

this is one of the best games out in the gaming world, yes the campaigns are shorter than they could be but the endless zombie onslaught is amazin and will keep you up for hours, the online gives you a sense of speacil zombie powers and skills, the game is worth buying even thought left for dead 2 is on its way 20/10/1009, but i still bought it and i am so glad i did, i would reccommend this game to everybody unless your sad and scared of zombies on a tele.

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| | See all tomcitroensaxo's reviews (8)

I thought this game was a pritty average game,

No story line, only 4 campagin's which you could complete each one in an hour with 4 of you playing, graphics ok could be better, and not enougth guns, but saying that....

It was a real fun game if you like the insane shooter games, good achievements to get which makes it more fun and a real good multiplayer game,

Hopefully they make left 4 dead 2 in to more of a story mode game! Then it will be pushing in to a 4 star to 5 star game

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  soo bloody short

| | See all Dexscott's reviews (11)

Right, so i bought left for dead reading all the positive reviews, and it is bloody awsome, but after i completed it once, i was done

i didn't wana play it again, i hear that the enemies spawn from different areas...but u still have to get from A to B in the same way, every time!!

with only 4 levels to play from (all with their own sub levels) it seems rather short, i completed it with a friend ina ciouple off hours

i dont play online as much as many people as im norm on COD4, so mayb i aint seen the appeal, but i wouldn't pay more than £15 for a game like this

  Left 4 Dead

| | See all JackArmitage's reviews (13)

Its great to start with but the campaign is way too easy if you're playing it with your friends and the online play is just way too boring. It's good in the sense however that you can play the campaign a few times as it differs all the time but it does get very boring with its very limited weapons. I would not recommend it.

  good game

| | See all MetalBeWithYou's reviews (17)

yeah this game is good for the campaigns and the online gameplay but if you dont have xbox live services then i wouldnt recommend getting this game as it can get very boring just playing the 4 campaigns by yourself