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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (57 reviews)"

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  Great Game

| | See all LukeW93's reviews (3)

In my opinion this game is a great game that seems like it hasnt been recognised as well as it should off, its a great shooter WW2 game with abit of a twist and something different to everyday war shooter games, if you enjoy first person shooters, war & sci-fi this game is just perfect and at a great price.

  If you loved 'Castle Wolfenstein' you will love this too!!

| | See all Rodney61's reviews (1)

If you looked for 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' on Xbox 360, there isnt. If you liked 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein on PS2, PC, or XBOX' you will love this too. 'Wolfenstein' is from the same makers. This is a great game, dont compare to other FPS games, this one blasts Nazis, SuperNatural creatures, robotic, and monsters. You have special powers too while using a range from real upgradeable weapons to prototype future weapons, theres only one problem... this game is consuming all my free time!! Do not let the rating make you hasitate. Amazing game.

  a good tenners worth

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

A reasonable game if you can find it at the right price.Single player is a fun fps,it's got guns,nazis,magic and a silly storyline(I don't care about story lines in games I just want to shoot things)and some truly laughable voice "acting"..about 12 hours on hard mode.Multi player is garbage if you are "randoming".

  Good but with issues.

| | See all GamesOxford's reviews (1)

Single player is good. You can just pick it up and blast through it but it is really buggy. I wouldn't even bother with the multiplayer.

  Good game, online poor

| | See all Rimshot's reviews (33)

Overall this game if very decent, my only quip is sometimes the graphics are a tad jitterey, could be a tad smoother.
Multi-player isn't the best, but the campaign is very good.
I snapped this little gem for a tenner, well worth that!!


| | See all filmrapid's reviews (11)

Great game, please don't listen to the negative reviews of the game as you yourself need to be the judge of the actual game play. Comparing this game to the old original game is silly as times and technology as changed since then. So get yourself a copy and enjoy it.

  Expected much more

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I love First Person Shooter games and when I finally got the chance to play the new Wolfenstein game, I was let down to be honest. I was expecting it to be up there with Call of Duty 2 and 5 as far as the WW2 genre goes but it doesn't even challenge them! The whole introduction to the veil power is pretty cool but after that it's just there. Story is decent and the ending is pretty cool but nothing spectacular. Haven't even tryed multiplayer. Overall a rather disappointing game which had the potential but just didn't deliver when it came down to it.

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  Have to agree with everyone else

| | See all FatKidz50's reviews (17)

I share the opinion of alomst every review ive read which is good. It should give interested people a good idea of what the game is like, when most people say the same things. Ill just summerise.

Single play is good, the WWII shooter layout and game play is good. I enjoy being about to upgrade weapons (damage, extra scope, ammo cap. things like that) but i accept some don't.
The spells are a nice addition when used in game play. I was a little dissapointed about the spells being necessary rather than optional (i.e. one spell makes enemies visible in the dark but means you cant see anything without the spell. I would prefer it if the game creater just made the game a little brighter).

Don't bother buying it if you are interested in an online shooter, its not that good, partly because no one plays online so there are only ever about 3 games active and they take a long time to load.
If you manage to get into a game its is enjoyable.

Overall 4 stars. Good game.

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  good game

| | See all Dezzzer's reviews (14)

Got this for £25.00 and you can't go wrong. Graphics are really good. Game play is really good. Only thing I didn't like was the special powers bit. But I prefer COD type games, which this basically is, with a twist. Really good game. Would not have been angry if I paid £40 for this. Top notch. Just not in the same league as COD, but almost!