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Rock Revolution

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Just as good as guitar hero

| | See all NLC1982's reviews (2)

I thought I'd write a quick review on this game as I have read quite a few bad reviews on it....I am a big fan of the guitar hero games and I saw this and thought I'd take a chance on it despite the bad reviews I had read mainly because it was cheap! I have to say this is just as good as the guitar hero games and has a great selection of tracks, ok so they are cover version but that doesn't alter the enjoyment of the game at all. If you like guitar hero games go for it!

  Great game, take it as it is don't compare to GH or RB2

| | See all rammsteinfreaky's reviews (4)

I read reviews about this game, most of them 50/50 i thought for £13 why not give it a try. Must say i was very impressed, the setlist is great personally i think much better than rb2 and gh5. Yes the songs ARE COVERS! but some of the covers are amazing it actually sounds like your listening to the original artist, and for people who whinge shut up the first gh games were covers.
The gameplay is very good and smooth although if you have a hd/lcd telly you will have to calibrate the game via options menu as there is a slight delay, also the drum kit is set to 7 drums (as is the rock revolution kit) simply change to 5 drums under options.

All of the songs are actually unlocked at the beginning of the game for some people thats great as you don't have to play constantly to unlock songs for others if may be annoying as they prefer the challenge.
Anyway overall i rate this game highly yes it is a cheap version of rb and gh but it works and for the price i do think its worth the money. Also forgot to mention covers songs include (artists) papa roach, linkin park, lacuna coil, iron maiden, pantera, blink 182, soad plus loads more theres about 40 songs, the game is quite challenging i'm currently playing drums on hard very tricky!

Great game i play on it more than rb2 and all controllers are compatiable gh and rb like i said you will have to change the settings on the game which takes seconds, defo give it a try hope another game is released \m/

  enjoyed playing

| | See all numan99's reviews (1)

not bad especially for such a low price, and for those complaining about cover versions the first two guitar heros and rockband were mostly covers too, loved the different challenges and look forward to future releases

  Pantera Covers in this game!!!! AMAZING

| | See all BigDDrummer's reviews (14)

This game rules, bought it solely for Pantera- even though its a cover, it is still amazing, WALK is in the track listings and it sounds exellent!!, plus there is 5 or 6 Pantera songs available on the marketplace which include,CEMETERY GATES, 5 MINUTES ALONE AND MOUTH OF WAR, pure amazing!!!!!!! BUY IT NOW

  Not too bad

| | See all Daviduk2000's reviews (40)

This game while it tries to compete with the likes of guitar hero and rock band, its not very successfull.
But does have few good qualities. and many bad ones.
if your a big fan of the GH RB series then try it. its cheap and you will find a few good challenges and some decent songs here.

but the problem with the songs there ALL covers and most of them Very Poor with a few relly good ones.

if you go into this game expecting another rock band guitar hero, then your going to be severly dissapointed. but as long as you know not the expect a great deal you can have a fair bit off fun with this game.

enjoy it for what it is, not for what its not. its not good, but its not terrible.

i reccomend to big music game fans but not to newcomers. or people who are not big players

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| | See all Venny0492's reviews (21)

right firstly, it is a poor rip off of guitar hero and rockband. The layout is really rubbish, the pathway of the notes is shocking it looks like an arcade game what you plug straight in to your tele. The price is fairly good for what you get though. The graphics are good. If the songs were master tracks the game would be a tiny bit better because the setlist is good

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  Surprisingly Good!!

| | See all Emmass's reviews (13)

I own all the Guitar hero games and Rock Band 1 & 2 this game i think is much better than Guitar hero World Tour. The songs are really good the graphics are really good and the game play is not bad .

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  Ignore any magazine reviews you have read!! A MUST BUY!!!!

| | See all bleedme's reviews (1)

We took a real gamble on this game, and it paid off!!! The magazines really slated this game saying it was a poor rip off of guitar hero and rockband. But in fact the game is very good in all honesty, all songs may be covers but the quality is outstanding!!

I am a massive guitar hero and rockband fan and this game is a must for any fan. The main reason for the poor reviews i think is the drum layout. Basically the bass drum is set out differently to previous music games. It isnt a line through all the other notes like before, its set out as another button in the line, obviously everyone learns differently so i shall use my own learning curve as an example. I only play the drums on expert but the different control layout took me ten minutes approx to get used too!!

The songs are great, this game is worth buying just for "Walk" by pantera not to mention "am i evil" by metallica! All songs are available from the off so there is no need to unlock any, plus there are some good challenges in the career mode. For instance playing a song while the difficulty increases along the way, plus a "poison note" mode where you have to avoid playing the fake notes, its genius!!!! another great idea is learning a section of a song, then playing it from memory!!! very very challenging

The other bad points to consider are there is no multiplayer career mode and you can only do the career mode on drums or guitar, otherwise a great game at a bargain price!!!

This game shouldnt be considered as a rival to the more popular titles, but more a companion to a great series of games titles, did i mention its ony £18 on here!!!

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