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Fable II: Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  It's a Game...

| | See all Archemetis's reviews (1)

That much is entirely certain, I've heard it described as both good and bad from several different varieties of gamer.
However my own personal experience with it.
It's not a terrific game for what it's supposed to be.
Don't enter the game thinking that exploration is key and freedom is your only companion.
Because it's not - It's played as if on rails made entirely of poorly conceived story that serves more as a means of seeing just how long you can follow orders without actively seeking out points where you can just mess about.
But even when you find those few solitary nuggets of free-time to do whatever you like it's boring, the only things to do outside of questing is horrifically boring job mini-games and getting dressed in clothes that in the end make you wonder why you even bothered thinking you could look like an adventurer.

The game itself is enjoyable on the first run-through but after that it becomes tedious and for the majority unplayable, it's fairly glitchy and seemingly lacking and rushed.

The limited edition 'goodies' in my honest opinion are lack-luster at best, the game was originally promised with worthwhile collectables for the LE (such as the fate cards and Hobbe figurine)
But they were replaced by the online development diaries which you can watch on the internet for free, the LE armour, weapons and dungeon are not worth the time, if you want to look like Master Chief then play Halo, don't play Fable 2...

All in all, it's a decent game for as long as you ignore the story and do as little of the job mini-games as possible. which unfortunately means it's a good game if you ignore well over half it's content.

Not a good game in the end.

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  Good but disappointing.

| | See all AaronSales's reviews (6)

I will start with the negatives:
From the major success of Fable 1 I was expecting this to be amazing, firstly the shortness of the story, I finished the storyline in 6 hours, the very day I bought it, of course there are a few choices to make so I can go back and take the other choice.
The combat system is terrible, I like the one button combat but having unlimited mana ruins it, you can just charge a spell and kill everything in sight, 1 enemy or 100. Introducing guns was a bad idea, I want a good old style RPG, if I wanted to use a gun I would play halo, crossbows are a compensation but the bow and arrow was brilliant in Fable 1.
The clothing is an absolute disgrace, what happened to the armor rating and damage reduction like in Fable 1? They go rid of it and gave you some clothes that make you look completly camp, not a hero and the thing is you can't die, so wheres the challenge? There is none, this is an OK game but a complete disappointment from Fable 1, getting rid of the heroes guild was a bad idea, you encounter more invisible walls than the first one and how annoy people are when merchants run away from you when you're trying to buy something off them because you are evil.

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| | See all Taldur's reviews (22)

This was my most anticipated game ever. The main story is a bit plain and there are no major twists. The voice acting is pretty good (Stephen fry). The general game play is brilliant and had me glued for hours with several play throughs. The co op mode is very dissapointing with lots of lag and annoying camera angles. The limited addition comes with few extras which I will leave up to you to decide whether you think its worth it.

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  What a disapointment...

| | See all FemmeActuelle's reviews (1)

I agree with most of the negative or mitigated reviews here.
I was really really looking forward to this game, as I was a big fan of the first one, and I still can't believe what a let down this is...
The spell system is completely different. you get unlimited supplies of mana. The longer u press B the more powerful the spell is. It makes for very boring fights, as you spend most the time activating the "time control" spell and then using one of your most powerful destruction spell on your enemies.
The system in the first one made much more sense, with a limited but renewable supply of mana which made for much more interesting fights.
Speaking of fights, the simple and intuitive system of Fable 1 was modified, but defintely not improved. You need to press X to guard, which is also the hit button. Needless to say it is often confusing and results in ur character hitting instead of blocking, and vice versa.
Towards the end of the game, during one of the last fights, your character is surrounded by so many enemies that you often don't know who's who. Doesn't matter though, all you need to do is constantly use a destruction spell and that's the end of it.
I won't get into the lack of interesting clothes and armors, weapons, the fact that you gain weight so easily and the unbelievably short length of the game, as many people have already done that, but I'll just end with saying that the fact your character can't die is the dumbest "improvement" ever. The fights are boring enough as it is, didn't need to make it easier by making the hero immortal.
Worse thing that could happen to your character if you run out of magic is that he'll get knocked out, loose experience and get a scar.
Forget the hype about this game and avoid the disapointment.

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  Sequels on the 360

| | See all Vilunt's reviews (6)

Personally to me this game is one of the best on the 360 console but like other people have said in their reviews about this game it IS a let down in some places but I find most Xbox sequels can be a let down, but this game makes up for it in other ways. If you pump enough money into the Temple of Light in Oakfield the terrain will change and there will be new housing plotting around which you can then buy, not sure if its the same with all the other locations on the map but I thought it was a brilliant idea when I found this out. The game like any other has flaws but when/if theres any downloadable content it will give the game a good boost. All in all I love this title and im sure many others think the same.

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  Huge, immersive and amazing

| | See all Moti15's reviews (1)

Fable 2 has long been anticipated by fans of the series and they will not be disappointed. The game has a huge world with many areas to explore and secrets to find. Players new to the series will be pleased with the simple yet effective battle system and many satisfying quests. The game allows full exploration of the world of Albion and players choose what actions to perform to ultimately decide their fate as good or evil. Which path will you take?

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  Several european languages are missing

| | See all Barthemul's reviews (1)

The game is not localized (not voices nor texts) in French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish (even when the vouchers inside the case were in English, Portuguese and Dutch). This is a big disappointment, I was planning to play Fable 2 with my girlfriend, who does not understand English very well.
The bonus DVD must be played in your 360, it does not work in a computer DVD or standalone player.

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  Brillitantly satirical

| | See all MrRaven's reviews (6)

The mechanics of this game are sometimes dodgy, comabt is occasionally repetetive but it's all easily overlooked.

This is a game that boasts some brilliant gameplay, from the moral choices and right down to the dialogue (which includes voices borrowed from stars such as Stephen Fry), The controversial choice of removing statistics from armor works decently, leaving you with a peerless amount of choice to create your perfect hero, want to create a towering demon? put points into his will to make him taller and give him some dark robes.

One thing i can state is the limited edition content is not particularly amazing, Hals outfit and sword while looking great and a brilliant novelty are outclassed by other outfits and weapons so early in the game. Also the dungeons and prizes from them have much better and easier to obtain counterparts. a nice inclusion to the game but i'd have rather of had something worth obtaining than something included at the beggining.

Overall this is a good game, it will hold up for a log time due to it's dark humour, brilliant gameplay and the sheer amount of things you can do. It is not however, by any means perfect.


| | See all Dexscott's reviews (11)

Well...wat to say

Bloody brilliant!!!!

Although i managed to complete it failry quickly it is deffinatly my fav game on the xbox360, im on my second time around takin it much slower, although i did complete all side quests in the last game i didnt manage to get all the gargoyles...thats hard to do without a guide. But the game is awsome.

If u are a fable 1 fan u might b a little dissappointed as its not as good as the original, the magic is very hard to get used to and not as easy to use in the middle of a battle. And the fact that all houses are for sale so u dont ave to kill the people living there is a little tedious :p

But still its so much fun!!

  Who will you become?

| | See all DarkTurtle's reviews (5)

Many a man such as myself enjoys the comfort of the chair and the console controller in my hands, by the age of 20, I will most likely have atheritis. I remember over 6 years ago that my friend got the Microsoft games console know as Xbox, as well as a game called "Halo: Comabt Evolved". I played this game and became engrossed in a world of FPS. The about a year later, my cousin got one and bought the game "Fable". When first playing this game, I realised that there is a better game than Halo and that this was it.

3 years ago when the Xbox 360 was just realeased, Fable II was annouced and I was extactic. Little did everyone know that it would take 3 years for the game to be made, this is the reason that this game was so atticipated. But know, we can be safe in the knowledge that it has finally hit the shelves.

Taking place 500 years after the first Fable must have been a big leap for Lionhead, but these things do take time, you can start off as either a male or female character and go through the game as you see fit. By doing good deeds you may eventually earn a halo above your head, but if yiu are rought with greed and corruption, then expect to have the horns of evil growing out of your temple.

Since we have progressed 500 years, the ways of combat and your arsenal of weaponry will have spread through technology and science vastley. Now instead of the (lets face it) rubbish bow you had in the first Fable, you know have crossbows (not all that good, but still pack a punch) and guns (these are the things you should be aiming for).

The world is your oyster so to speak and you can weild your fate as you see fit. I have become mostly evil, but thats my choice.

Only one final question remains...

Who will you become?