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Afro Samurai

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all RacySlip's reviews (4)

I gave this game 3 stars for a number of reasons,

The Good: Well the storyline was (ill come back to this) great, the fighting altho very button bashing style still has a little bit of fun to it, and overall a pretty fair anime game.

The bad: Awfull Camera 10% of my time was wasted trying to reset this thing, some boss's where time consuming and brought the game to a stand still rather than the free flowing hack and slash fun. The forests I wanted to go forward 200 years and get a flash light and finally this brings me to your side-kick, if I could do one thing to this game it would be to remove him, having to call him every 2 seconds cause I was lost meant that voice made me go a little insane, and when I finally got to the story I had to listen to him moan all over again.

In essence a great game, with the volume of and your brightness turned up to nearly full. Not my type of game but some people will really love it.

  Now lets not be harsh

| | See all TommyE's reviews (3)

hmmm ok afro sam is a decent game if you like the tv show then i guess you will like this its pretty much episodes from the show but you do little bits inbetween the violence is good and amusing but after the the 30 time i chopped someone clean threw the middle i thort to myself wow this game is boring. graphics are pretty cool the cell shaded is pretty awsome stays true to a comic book anime style show that it is story is good acheivements are easy and hard most of them you will get from pure luck like cut of a finger and a toe!! all in all the game is fun and nothing else more would have been cool to see some online but hey not every game is blessed

Graphics 7/10
story 8/10
gameplay 6/10
Overall 8/10 its fun but you will get bord

Xboxlive gamertag T0mmy186

  This game is good........ NOT!

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Im not a fan of the anime, but the lure of Ninja Gaiden with hip hop intrigued me, so i took the plunge. I now wished i had not. There are moments of quality, the graphics are good and I'm informed that the story is faithful to the anime. However, the button mashing gameplay without much sense of control leads to a dull hack and slash that doesn't do much that's not been done elsewhere. The black and white focus mode is pretty enjoyable, makes the kills more gruesome, but when the mechanics are so weak it's difficult to enjoy these moments when they pop up. Heavy reliance on bullet time and a pretty annoying side kick means that this is probably just one for fans of the anime. A particularly enfuriating boss battle against a flamethrower equipped enemy was very cheap and rook a large chunk of time, ruining what up to then was an ok hack and slash. Missed it's chance to get up there with Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden due to linearity, fluctuating difficulty and gameplay that's been done before. Could have been a lot better.

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  Moments of quality but far from perfect!!

| | See all fightstar's reviews (6)

I appreciated the graphics and the audio side of this because at times look and sound supberb- but as the game goes on near the end there really are alot of glitches youl spot,especially platforming. its seems unfinshed and rushed,poor standard. it gets repetitive... very repetitive near the end. However the controls and combat (ie cutting enemies to bits) do just enough to make it bearable and somtimes enjoyable experience


| | See all Patriotbrady's reviews (4)

After reading many previews about this game, i had high hopes for it. Then i bought it, probably one of the worst games yet on Xbox, even £25 was too much regret buying it.

This is an insanely unfair game where you block but enemies can hit past it (Kuma), and no matter how many times you hit the armoured guys they absorb everything. Bad platforming, as i was stuck after a jump floating in the air between a cliff and a wooden platform (4th level).
Overall this is as glichy and terribly frustrating as games come......play Ninja gaiden instead at least its fair

im a fan of the series but not this poor effort!


| | See all nezmuff's reviews (1)

afro samurai,more like awful samurai.Got more joy out of the demo for the new x-men game than this poor excuse of a game!!

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| | See all DaniStephanie's reviews (2)

I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. It's a brilliant hack and slash thats very easy to pick up, yet gets more demanding torwards the end with more advanced moves. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, and the visuals are amazing. It's like playing out a comic book, and it looks really cool!

I would say this game is worth buying. I went for all the achievements and it took me about 16 hours or so. Some parts are extremely challenging, especially on No. 1 difficultly where you think some parts are impossible to get past! Yes there is no multiplayer, but this is just a fantastic single player experience. I've already started playing through this again.

Lastly, you do not have to be a fan of the anime to like this. I have never watched Afro Samurai before and I just bought the game on a spur of the moment thing! I'm so glad I did!!

Also, the game is hilarious! Honestly, Samuel L. Jackson is brilliant as Ninja Ninja so it will definantly provide a few laughs along the way.

Altogether a fantastic game, worth buying and spending time on!


| | See all LdnStoner's reviews (1)

If you've seen the animé show and liked it, get the game, if not, watch the show, then get the game. It's refreshingly different from all other hack and slash's, a must buy for those with a liking for mindless violence with no real life repercussions!

  Pure Awsomeness

| | See all Stampy89's reviews (4)

The game is completely different from anything previously seen on the 360. The graphics are stunning and has gameplay to match. Samuel Jackson's part is funny and refreshing. Definately worth buying even if you are not familiar with the anime, especially for the price of just £25


| | See all Walkinz's reviews (3)

This game is a good game if you like sword fights choppin off head arms legs. then this is a game for you
The only bad thing that i would say about this game is that it is a bit repetitive after a while and at the start off every level Ninja Ninja shoutin AFRO gets a bit boring and annoying but that is just picking
other than that this game is quality another good buy from play