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Tales Of Vesperia

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Great Addition to the series

| | See all eden06's reviews (4)

Tales Games always have a small print run due to their niche following in the UK and US and the variance in the markets they hit, this usually means that, unless people are willing to pay very high prices, after the initial retail period has passed, they are very hard for new players to get into. The game itself is now available on Xbox Live Games on demand for a much lower price, and if you don't know what this game is and why it's so expensive, I'd probably recommend buying it from there.

Tales is a series of slow burning and very much traditional action RPG's that Namco have been producing for a number of years. Rather than going for high impact graphical flourishes and particle effects, they concentrate on long, interwoven stories spanning 40-70 hours of play with a traditional path through the narrative, closer to games like the secret of mana for the super nintendo, rather than a more exploratory, free roam approach like Zelda or Fable.

Shying away from some more modern conventions and fashions in the medium has allowed Tales series to become a unique experience in it's own right, the length of the games and their focus on character development seems to be much closer to that of a long running Anime series than that of a 20 hour blockbuster RPG, it works well for fans of character development, and Tales of Vesparia is a particularly good example and a great starting point for fans of long running Mangas and Anime's looking for a new way to experience that type of story, there are a few purchases available on xbox live to make the experience easier and remove some of the grinding elements to the game for those players who don't have the time to invest in the odd hour of grinding when your character needs it.

The characters, although appearing archetypal at first expand to show some true depth and complex reasoning for their behaviours, the story allows for a slow steady expanding of the world, and, although 20 hours in starts to become quite dense the effect all these different elements and guilds has on the characters should be enough to keep you interested.

For fans of the series who haven't played this yet, in comparison to symphonia it is just as good, if not better for all the right reasons, and has another 70 hours of gameplay for those rainy days of revelations and discovery.

If your a fan of the series, you will probably already have this game, and you'll already know whether you want the disc version or not, if your a newcomer to the series who likes the sound of it, go for the xbox live version. If you have the choice between the Xbox and the PS3 version, go for PS3, with extra characters and other additions, it's the delux box set.

  2 things

| | See all SmugShot's reviews (19)

1. stop moaning about the prices its a rare game so people have the right to sell their game for whatever they want 2. this is a good game the people who dont rate this are just rubbish at the game get a grip, i know this isnt most helpful review but it had to be said, thanks

  MUST GET FOR ANY RPG'er/Beginner

| | See all Marco0798's reviews (21)

I have come in here specifically to say WHAT ON EARTH ARE THE PLAY.COM PEOPLE DOING!!!!!!! these one star reviews are being written by people who have NOT played this game and are giving out FALSE information to support the random reviews they are making.

This game will give you the following:
120+ hours of RPG Excellence
Brilliant story
Top RPG gameplay
Gorgeous Visuals.

Ok as any gamer knows this console generation has been generally lacking in the RPG genre in comparison to previous generations but boy do they have quality.

Lost Odyssey was simply the best RPG this generation and for some its an all time great.
Valkyria Chronicles was simply a brilliant rpg and just like Lost Odyssey its earned its title as king of RPG on the PS3.
Finally though through Tales of Vesperia we have a game that is just as good as Lost Odyssey if not better. Amazing gameplay brilliant story and simply the best looking RPG to date and that is saying alot considering just how beautiful Lost Odyssey looks.

If you are an RPG fan this is a MUST get, Star Ocean was a let down but this Tales game delivers on every level by far the most open ended RPG game so far.

If you are new to RPG there really is no better place to start, the game eases you into its gameplay dynamics as to not overwelm you which is frankly a great way of doing things.

There were 2 RPG's that everyone who enjoys the genre should have:

Lost Odyssey XBOX360

Valkyria Chronicles PS3

but now I am frankly DELIGHTED to add another MUST BUY game to those two Tales Of Vesperia.

  Use games on demand

| | See all Tigzy666's reviews (2)

This is one of the best RPGs in the past few years, the story and characters are amazing the art design is great to look at and the further you get into the game the exploration and side quests are just as fun as the main. But DO NOT pay these stupid prices, get it off the Games on demand via xbox live for only 20 quid you will not regret it

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  No more charging ridiculous prices

| | See all Sunderland06's reviews (1)

Everybody against paying insane prices for this game will be happy to know this game has just been added to Games on Demand for an extrememly reasonable price of 19.99 pounds

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| | See all FallenHsu's reviews (3)

I remember playing tales of symphonia on GCB when that was released and was amazed at how good the story and feel of the game was. Now many further tales title down the line, Namco do not dissapoint. The story is fun with some serious aspects but still has some slapstick moments that you can't help be laugh out load.

The skits are by far the comedy elements through out the adventure and will keep you entertained for many hoirs to come, and I mean many hours. Its packed with extras and like the other tales series you get grade points to spend upon completion to give you extra bonus's when you wanna run through the game again.

The added bonus for those XBOX 360 buyers that you can, (if you choose too) buy additional items, craftables, levels and even gald from the XBOX LIVE function. These will cost you around 100 to upwards of around 300+ points though. These are not needed for overall enjoyment, but I found it quiet humorous to by the outfits for Estelle at the beginning and having her as a nurse with wings.

If your out for a great adventure RPG, with a great sond track and lets not for get the good voive dubbing, this is a serious choice for any gamer. Thats what I call 5 stars well spent.

  Very good RPG

| | See all Cerebralbore's reviews (10)

On the surface this game is pretty much....a more deluxe version of Eternal Sonata...no bad thing. But in reality, it has a fair bit more fairy dust than that game and it's very easy to spend time with this game.

With FF13 on the horizon some people may be wondering whether to just try that as their one JRPG to have on the go...if you do, you do, but make sure you come back sometime and check this one out, because it's well worth it.

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  Story? Check. Gameplay? Check. Sidequests? Check.

| | See all Seleca10's reviews (4)

Fantastic JRPG for any fan inside or outside the 'Tales' franchise.
The artwork and design is beautiful and vibrant, matching up[ to an innovative story as always provided by this franchise who never cease to deliver.
The gameplay is fast paced and enjoyable and will keep you occupied even many hours after the games finished [through various sidequests and harder challenges].
The Tales series always deliver on the sidequests which for any RPG fan is essential in delving deeper into the story and collecting a 100% 'I have seen EVERYTHING' record.
Few little indescrepencies, such as some of the characters could have been slightly more developed out in parts, but apart from that the characters were all amazing within their own rites, mixed with a prolific cast of great voice actors.
A must buy for any RPG fan.

  A tale of the brightest star

| | See all Michael2084's reviews (2)

For those of you who have played Eternal Sonata or Blue Dragon due your ability to connect with characters that appear in an animated fashion will fall in love with this game. That is not to say those who enjoy your RPGs with realistic character models should stay away. Much to the opposite in fact. There is a rich story with charming characters set in a world struggling to understand its ancient history and technology.
The voice acting is nicely played with only the odd bit of cliched voice matching certain characters. The graphics are beautiful, always reserved, never attempting to show off the wonders it has to offer. The game's length is unexpectedly long, being just a single disc, I hadn't expected to still be playing 100+ hours. The game world is thoughtfully designed with many towns and dungeons to explore, many of which change depending on if entered during day/night or various weather effects.
The character design is a series staple with the main characters design (Yuri and Judith in particular) being the most original but all holding their individual personality. There is also the option of aquiring titles which then changes said clothing to a completly different outfit ranging from maids, spa managers, knights, frogs, goths etc. Skits is a system in which the player views conversations of the characters in various situations and points in the story and allows one to gain helpful insight into the characters thoughts and feelings. This is a great way to connect with the characters without overloading the main plot with lots of character past events which are not relevant.
The battles are dynamic although the camera angle can feel alittle uninspiring hovering out infront but will change depending on where the character is on the field so it never becomes a problem. The skills and abilities are gained via items and weapons equiped aswell as developing basic skills to intermediate, advanced, arcane etc etc.
There are many many many side quests to undertake, many lead to knew titles or better weapons. Also a secret town, a mystery dungeon and a new game plus to get your teeth into once the main events are over. The new game plus allows one to buy certain effects (such as double exp; keep all items, titles, map, skills; increase item drop rates aswell as many other effects) using 'Grade', points aquired at the end of each and every battle, depending on ones performance (a bad battle can even take grade away from already accumulated grade). This coupled with cooking, item creation, dragon riding, online leaderboards and an original story that has few cliches, it is certainly a game for anyone that wishes to play more than just another JRPG.

  2nd best j-rpg (1st being ff7)

| | See all adammint7's reviews (2)

This game is out of this world, the fighting is amazing and the story is so captivating you will be thinking about it even if you are not playing the game. if you are new to the tales games this will be a great way to get into them but if you an avid fan (like me) you will enjoy the subtle references to past games. MUST BUY!!