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Soul Calibur IV

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Good game!!

| | See all Khol24's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed this game, it was fun, good fights and the online stuff was great! Shame about having to buy Darth Vader though.

  Awesome game

| | See all chibot2000's reviews (7)

For those who have not played any prequel of SC4, Soul Calibur IV is a fighting game, where you are pitted against your enemy in single combat. However in this fighting game... you use weapons.
Soul Calibur itself is a weapon (shown on the front) which was made by using a purified fragment of its evil counter-part Soul Edge, a dark blade wielded by Nightmare, which can eat the soul of the slain, adding to its power.
The story mode is quite short, but allows you to actually complete it with a variety of characters apposed to SC3, which is very good, and with 3 different difficulty modes and a unique story mode for each character, it was well worth cutting short.
Most of the characters from the old games (all of the main cast) are in this game, with guest characters. Yoda is xbox 360 exclusive, and Darth Vader is PS3 exclusive but you can purchase the other character on xbox live. Darth Vader's secret apprentice is in both games though.
Luckily for anyone looking for tonnes of unlockables (like me) will love the huge amount of level in Tower of Lost Souls (ascent) and a literally infinite number of levels in Tower of Lost Souls (descent).
Tower of Lost Souls incorporates fast paced action in that you can quickly change between your chosen characters during a fight, and often as you KO one enemy it's only a second before the next fighter runs in, weapons flailing. This is really good because a lot of the time in SC2 and SC3 the wait in the middle of fights made the game more like reading a book than actually playing a game.
As always there is a huge variety of weapon skills unique to each character, but may be imitated by your own created characters.
The character creation has become even more excessive than SC3. Not only can you make a character from scratch, but you can edit the main cast of characters by buying new weapons, equipping different armor and accessories, and changing colour scemes.
The graphics of this game are truly amazing, with backgrounds of breath-taking views in fighting stages and glimmering lights off of swords, its extremely aesthetically pleasing.
You can play alone, with a friend, or online with xbox live friends or strangers in competitions or single matches.
You can also play Arcade mode and xbox live will automatically upload your highscores to display your time.
All in all. This is a great game and I recommend it to those who have played other fighter games, and also those with no gaming experience at all, as it is very quick to get into the game, but you will always be able to incorporate new fighting styles and moves into your technique to improve.

  An *Almost* perfect fighter

| | See all WinterWolf's reviews (6)

Having been a fan of Soul Calibur 2 in the Gamecube era, I once again decided to blow the dust off my 360 and engage in this particular installment. Having played SC3 and enjoyed it, I have to say Soul Calibur lacks nothing. Weapon Master in Soul Calibur 2 may never return, but that's certainly no reason to negative stars away from such an awesome game. Graphically it looks beautiful, the fighting and weapon styles are varied, and the newest characters, including my favourite - Hilde- are welcome to the cast. The Character Creation does NOT rely on putting on armour to gain stats, weapons also give additional health and attack, and I've never had a problem with creating characters how I like. Being about to change pitch in the voice, as well as physical appearance and clothing makes the character completely yours, though the equipment is a little ambiguous on how you unlock it. The negative - the only one I have - is the game can be a little uneven at times, being incredibly easy one round, and difficult the next. I think anyone who has played the game will agree that Arcade against The Apprentice is a killer. However, the more you play, the more skilled you become, and this doesn't become much of a problem. Plenty of modes (despite what people say), and plenty of things to unlock. A niggle for non-xbox live members though - a certain amount of the achievements have to be unlocked online.

  Soul Calibur IV

| | See all ChrisD101's reviews (11)

One of mine and my friends favorite multiplayer games. Great fun local multiplayer. Graphics are beyond awesome, and controls are easy. Throwing moves are a bit too easy to activate. Never can tell who is going to win but is a fair bit of skill required. Story mode as mentioned in other reviews is way too short. Very easy. Overall great graphics. Great gameplay. Just plain great.

  Average Soul Calibur with awesome Star Wars characters

| | See all JonAgirre's reviews (8)

This one improves the fighting experience we got with Masters of Teras Kasi in the original PlayStation, but comes a bit short when comparing it to the pure stylish, polished and COMPLETE Soul Calibur for Dreamcast. Leaves a bit to be desired if you are a Soul Calibur fan (hey, we've got hordes of randomly generated minions), but just fills the existing gap in the Star Wars fighting genre.

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  Just Lacking...

| | See all Salmon 's reviews (41)

The visuals are stunning, the controls and finishing moves are much improved and fun and the online is pretty fun but otherwise this game isnt that good.

The story mode is short and easy and the endings are all very similar, the "Adventure" mode doesnt live up to the 2nd SC and the character creation is aweful, simply becuase you have to coat your character in crappy armor so that he or she has good fighting stats.

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  Not so sure...

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

I always feel with fighter games, that they have to be top notch to be worth the money ,due to the lack of modes. Soul Calibur IV doesn't really manage it. The graphics are great and the arcade mode keeps you entertained for a while, but online is a bit ragged and the massively overpowered Star Wars characters are a bit of a joke to be honest. Yoda is the universal choice online because he is not throwable and has some cheap, spammable moves. Despite this, the fighting itself is solide if unspectacular. I would definitely recommend the infinitely brilliant Street Fighter IV over this.

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  a tale of souls and sword eternally retold...

| | See all Harlequin83's reviews (2)

start game...and "Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords eternally retold..." i follow the saga from soul blade on ps1 and was always perfect (exluding the terrible SoulCalibur 3) but this time namco/bandai created a masterpiece! this is the best of all time fighting game unlimited character, fantastic graphics, wonderfull gamestyle...simply a must have! hundred of combo,an articulated system of combat based on sage use of your attack. All game developer must use this as comparision meter for their product.i don't want say more...think only about this,i bought an xbox360 only for this game...


| | See all LeonParry's reviews (28)

I rented this game recently, and I must say I was impressed with the game in general. The gameplay itself honestly bored me slightly, and I didn't like the controls. It's a good game, but it just didn't click for me. The story mode takes like 10 mins max to complete per character, on hard aswell. A thing I must point out is the graphics. This game has the best graphical arenas and characters I have ever seen on the 360. The characters have immense detail and really come alive, especially Yoda, who is amazing! The cinematics are also incredible. The Tower of Lost Souls is a great mini-game kind of thing, well chuffed with that! Watch the intro!