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Xbox 360 Premium Console with 60GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  kiss your social life good bye

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

ive had 3 Xbox 360 consoles over 4 years 1 broke with red ring of death other got banned from xbox live for being modded. I now have the premium console (not modded cause u do get found out so dont try it its not worth the risk) and Im so happy with it. There is no better console out there yes there is the red ring of death but microsoft offer u a 3 year warranty. And people moan about having to pay for Xbox Live well all I can say is whts ur problem Xbox Live is the best online sevice out there and its so worth paying for. Buy a Xbox 360 its the best thing on the market its has the best games the best graphics and the best price. So kiss your social life good bye with a 360 see u online =)

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  Better than ps3

| | See all cheesepike's reviews (3)

The xbox 360 does not have words to describe it. The games are awsome. The graphics fantastic and the online excellent. The guys at microsoft never run out of ideas and the new natal camera is just going to add to the never ending list of reasons to buy this console. This should defenitley be bought by any gamer as its the most fun, exihirating console around. I cant get over how great this console is. Buy now!!!!

  Very Good

| | See all Flaargleberry's reviews (15)

Despite what a lot of people here are saying about it, i have never got the red lights on the front and it has worked brilliantly ever since i got it almost a year ago. I have been on the playstation 3 almost as much as the xbox 360 and i find that the xbox is much better, both in games and the online community.

  Its good, but be aware!!

| | See all pickwickbrad's reviews (1)

This model is the ideal xbox to buy, in the past i have bought the 20GB model which was fine for a year then the RROD appeared, this seemed to be a regular occurance. After sending the xbox of 3 times i decided to purchase myself another model; stupidly i bought the 20GB model again. And YES RROD appeared less then a year later, this time instead of sending my xbox off to Microsoft, i decided to throw it out my window. However after contemplating for a year whether to buy another xbox, with the last of my student allowence i bought the 60GB model (I starved for a whole week for this xbox) Microsoft informed me that the manufacturing problem that i had previously came across has been resolved in this 60GB model, although some of my friends beg to difffer. I have not had any signs to tell me the xbox is going to be faulty i have had no problems whatsoever.

What this xbox has to offer- Unlike my old 20GB model it has the HDMI slot, for those who dont know what that mean; it basically has HD (high defininition). I beilieve that the size of the hardrive is the ideal as it allows you to save trailers,demos, music and other downloadable content, which for any gamer is vital, this again is better then the 20GB as you use up most of the memory just on demos, i wouldnt suggest buying a bigger memory then the 60GB as the rest is just a waste and would be never used up. The xbox has a wide range of game choice which in my opinion is better then there rivals sony.

This console is a must buy, but dont be suprised to come across the RROD!!

  Awsome peice of kit

| | See all Sattch's reviews (1)

I have had my xbox for three years now have benn on live for the same amount of time and have not had a virus or heard of one going round. I have had very small amounts of problems with the xbox which i was able to sort. The fans bearings went on both fans so i brought a new fan unit and fixed it myself the xbox is a lot easier to upgrade with hard drive space and new parts in the working of the xbox. I only opened my case because the warrenty was out on it and it was an old console but the old girl is still going strong and putting up with the hours i drill into it on a weekly basis.

  Its great, but be aware of it

| | See all CarlNFSfan's reviews (7)

Okay, from the moment I saw the Xbox 360, I wanted one, and I was amazed when I did. The selection of games is fantastic and the graphics are awesome. You cannot get a better gaming experience, and for the price? Its worth it.

However, Xbox's are well known for being faulty and poorly manufactured. My consolse has been fine for nearly 2 years now, but then suddenly, I switched it on to find a red light flashing on the front. I knew straight away this was a problem because of some research I had undergone with the Xbox not long ago. Generally, when you have this red light showing, the Xbox needs to be repaired. They dont last long at all. They are great fun to play, but I would stay aware of its hidden nature.

  4 star reliability

| | See all TheFlyingScot's reviews (3)

GorgeousGames I have been on LIVE (xbox online) for about 6 years (started on xbox 1) and I have NEVER heard of anybody getting a virus so do yourself a favor and get connected and since you haven't before there will be a few free month trials on your 360 to get you started. I would have given a 5 star rating for the 360 only for its bad reliability but gave it 4 because when my 360 has broke its been back in less than a week.

  Best Console of All time?

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

I definately agree with people who would prefer this to the more expensive ps3. I have had my xbox 360 about 8 months and have no problems at all. I havent connected to live because i heard that you can get viruses which i cannot risk.

  Xbox 360 / PS3; it's up to you.

| | See all Gabi71's reviews (1)

Very happy with console. Having purchased this already owning a PS3 i feel this completes my gaming experience. Both consoles have their pluses & minuses & you will find plenty of fans to support either. Each has a number of system or gaming exclusives & personal preference is definitely the way to go. In response to a previous review the console i received was manufactured this year & does contain the jasper motherboard.

  Not Recommended

| | See all SEL777's reviews (1)

The xbox 360 is a brilliant console for about five minutes untill it breaks . I had mine only for about 1 week or so and it started freezing and bits of writing and things were missing from the menu. So i had it fixed and put it online. 3 days later it completey bugers. Xbox live has on going problems and is very slow and usauly lags. With a wireless N+ router.

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