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Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Starts off great.. then... oh dear.

| | See all Vakarain's reviews (1)

A game which looked like it had promise, fun, and tons of stuff to do. In general this game was quite fun, exploring, cruising online and other stuff, but it all got boring pretty fast. The map is an amazing feat, but it seems to lack much variety, and becomes daunting and very boring after a while. Unless you like burnt tress and rocks of course. The collections of vehicles you can unlock is pretty nifty ranging from Quad bikes to Hovercrafts, and getting them all takes a lot of time and patience, which a lot of gamers lack. And don't bother trying to drive at night, you'll end up crashing over and over. The AI vehicles cheat like many other racing games. Fast start, slow down, let you pass, then speed up at finish. Also non race AI seem to crash into you a lot. And what this game seriously lacks is a soundtrack.. an hour drive listening to the drone of a quad bike, and the 'in game music' if you call it that, the same tune repeated over and over makes it even more boring. So all in all Fuel gets a 3/5 out of me, for being a novel idea, but the lack of further ideas really ruined it.


| | See all tommyr1's reviews (18)

there is nothing at all the matter with this game ... i mean how good of graphics can you put into a map that takes you over 5 hours to drive from corner to corner , i really dont understand why people are sayin its a bad game .. its a blast and if you ask me if you like variaty , big games and nice graphics on the surroundings and cars and that then buy it ....

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  Ok stop knocking Codemasters!!

| | See all Riise07's reviews (8)

Previous commenters are making out the Codemasters made this game. They didn't they published it, so it won't have the same smooth gameplay or graphics. Because it was a different developer.

Apart from that this game isn't bad just lacks fun and excitement throughout.


| | See all shk1979's reviews (12)

I was expecting alot from codemasters for this game. Driving/racing games are my prefered genre but i couldn't get into this game and thought it was pointless.
Hopefully codemasters will make up for this rubbish with Dirt2.

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  Realy Good Fun

| | See all Chowny's reviews (2)

Fuel is realy good fun online playing with you mate's the race's are quite hard but if you stick at them you do them in no time. If you have xbox live you must get this and go online with your mate's

  Biggest playable zone ever created!?

| | See all Babhomet's reviews (52)

I've been quite enjoying this game, OK so it does have its problems but is that surprising with a play area roughly the size of Ireland? There are some great moments to be had but also some annoyingly frustrating ones too. For example, the computer controlled opponents are incredibly hard to catch and always seem to have a 200m start right from the word GO! - this has happened in almost every race above rookie level so often that now if I'm more than 500m behind 1st place, I re-start the race as there is no way of catching them. A lot of the time the racing comes down to your choice of vehicle so the better stocked your garage, the greater your chances of winning but as with all strategies, this is not flawless and occasionally you will hit a brick wall and proceeding further seems impossible. Time to move zones!
The graphics are certainly a bit ragged around the edges and lack the graphical spit and polish of "Pure" for example but once again, the sheer scale of the play area certainly makes up for it. This is also quite a good thing when travelling between zones (which you will have to do quite often) as the variety makes for a fresh change of pace with impressive views throughout the career races and free roam mode. Add to this an interesting array of vehicles, challenges and hurricanes and you've got one of gaming's most unique gems that quite often reminded me of Colin Mcrae rally from the old PS1 days! It's not perfect though and it does have its problems, the worst being the horrific day/night cycle (thankfully only present during freeroam) which makes it impossible to see where you are going and makes freeroam not as much fun as it could have been. I hope at some point a patch will come out to rid us of the day/night cycle as it is rather pointless - but on the whole, an interesting game with some very exciting technology at its core!

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| | See all Stokie1863's reviews (23)

Dont get me wrong I love racing games Pure, Burnout, Need for speed, LA midnight club to name a few. But this game is impossable, I rented this title after reading most of the reviews left about this game, I played the game for a week to give it a good chance but this game is impossable it is so frustrating at times, the handeling of vehicle's in races is rubbish you are all over the place and you hit everying in your path, There are some good points such as the size of the game which is massive but after a while this to gets very boring after driving around and around looking for your next challange, I stuck with it to see if the game would improve with things like up-grades and new tracks and so on but it never did, which is such a shame so if your looking to play this game i really would rent this title 1st rather than spend £30 and get home and be disopointed at wasting your hard earnd cash. this could have been a great game as well.....

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| | See all Rallyracer's reviews (5)

The world is big, but has no attention to detail so the tracks aren't good. Handling is from the 90's. Music is dreadful instrumental rock and it repeats the same few songs over and over again. Difficulty is all over the place. Challenges are much easier than normal races, what? Even color schemes for vehicles are locked so you have to search for them in free run if you want more than 3-8 paint jobs for your vehicle.

Buy Sega Rally(brilliant), Motorstorm 2(better than this) or wait for DIrt 2 instead of waisting your money on this :)