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Xbox 360 Premium Console with 20GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  Give your xbox tlc and it is more reliable

| | See all vMunchyy's reviews (1)

Trust me, take proper care of it, ie give it vent space and xbox will last for nearly 6 years like mine did. I got it as soon as it came out and have only had one fault which was fixed immediately. I am only getting a replacement as the fans are not what they used to be. Compared to my ps3, I think that xbox live is much more active and accessible. aswell as a nice controller which fits into your hands. Really, the graphics (unless watching a blu ray) are the same as a ps3, and with games like gears and halo, and getting dlc earlier than s3 it makes a much better console.

  Xbox 360 Console Review

| | See all CrazyPenguin's reviews (4)

The Xbox 360 is the best ever all round gaming machine! It has the best games and graphics of any other game console and the online service (Xbox Live) is phenomenal! An excellent service worth the money. If you dont buy an Xbox 360 your really missing out, especially with Project Natal coming this Christmas which looks fantastic. Natal means, you are the controller.

If your going to buy a games console, buy an Xbox 360.

  It's alright... I suppose.

| | See all StephenStephen's reviews (6)

I hear alot about these consoles breaking down, but I must say that in the years I have had my xbox, practically since it first came out, I have never had mine break down, even in the heat of the british summer, playing all day, non-stop, only sometimes will it overheat, but if you switch it off at the first signs of failing (melting graphics and freezing) you should be fine.

Now, compared to a computer running a game at full spec, the graphics on the xbox are not all that great, even in HD, but are still acceptable for anyone who is not a video/audiophile. I can't compare to the PS3.. because I never bought one.

Now to xbox live... tread carefully here, this service provided by microsoft is... alright, if you can handle premature kids screaming down the microphone, and if you feel like paying upto £4.99 a month for this (rather lacking) service, it's alright, you can sit and play games with your friends in an xbox live party all day long if you have the time.

Another snag of xbox live is the downloadable content, games companies like bungie produce things like map packs after the games release, then charge 800 microsoft points for them and won't let you play your favourite halo 3 playlist until your fork out the cash... low brow if you ask me.

Also with all this expesive downloadable content, you will need a much bigger hard drive than 20gb, upto 300gb if you plan on copying your games over to the hd and buying others over xbox live.

Price 3/5
Graphics 3/5
Xbox Live 2/5
Fun value 4/5
Overall 3/5

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  rivals other consoles

| | See all bondyuk's reviews (9)

the 360 is awesome. i have never had and probelms with my console. the variety of games avaliable is greater than any other console and gameplay and graphics are awesome

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  brilliant console

| | See all timot112's reviews (9)

awesome console, the only problem is of course the fear of the 'ring of death' which can be prevented if u dont play on it 24/7 and give it plenty of ventolation, dont cram it under the tv in amoungst all the dvds, but it is a fantastic console with better exclusive games than its rivals! but this and the ps3 are very similar, but this is not overpriced.

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  very good console

| | See all joeman0308's reviews (2)

A very good console, good choice of games and cheap.
Online is very good.
One bad thing about this console is that you definatly guaranteed a red ring at least once. I'm on number three and its very annoying.
Another bad thing is the amount of add ons you have to buy if want to get the best out of it i.e Control charge packs, wireless internet, and the price for online ( although very cheap so doesnt really count). but you can buy better packages that have more add on's.

  Definately worth the money if you can't decide this or PS3

| | See all Craggit's reviews (1)

I bought th Xbox 360 Premium when it was only this or the "arcade" version, I have two friends who have endured the "ring of death" - but mine has always been fine (perhaps I'm lucky or because I use it in moderation not 24/7 like they do).
Theres a huge choice of games, and the welcome screen is much more user friendly since the launch of the PS3.
If you're a hardcore gamer & would play & complete lots of games and come back to play them later then go for the Xbox 360 Elite (much more memory) and the graphics are only slightly better.
Don't fear the "Ring of death" like any piece of electrical equipment it will do you well and last - but play it every hour of the day and like anything it will wear alot quicker!
A must have is to subscribe to xbox live - so much better to play other people instead of AI! Coming up against people that are smarter than you, thicker than you, and have the same strategies as you!
I'd buy this console & Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, subscribe to xbox live & happily only ever play this! Never gets boring and always thousands of players online - no matter what time you go on!

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  Very good console, I'd say go for it

| | See all OokamiSemaru's reviews (1)

As much as everyone likes to knock it the 360 is a brilliant system. More costly then the Wii but cheaper then the PS3, casual and hardcore alike can enjoy this system.

As much as everyone loves the entire RROD! argument against it I can say I've had mine since launch and I've had to send it back once under warranty, hardly the 40billion problems everyone and there nans seem to have.

Excellent selection of games with more coming, brilliant online service, given it cost's £40 for a year but that adds up to £3-4 pounds a month, hardly a bank breaking fee.

Too many people try to knock there realiability and maybe I got a lucky console but if that's the case all my friends who also own the console seem to have just as lucky ones seeing as I have 7 or 8 friends with systems only 2 of them having a single problem with it and having it fixed under warranty.

I'm at heart a PC gamer but I like the 360 for it's titles such as Gears of War, Halo, Lost Odyssey and condemned. It's game's that make the console not vice versa. For the same reason I have a wii for smash bros brawl and metroid and am considering buying a PS3 system for Heavenly sword, Little Big planet and Warhawk (And possibly MGS4 but from my opinion it is to heavily reliant upon cutscenes and not enough action, I guess I'll see in the long run.)

If you really want a persons opinion online really read through there reviews and have a quick blast at what else they've reviewed, a lot of people who have given this system a 1 star rating have given the PS3 a 5 star rating, the internet isn't biased, check somebody elses reviews to see if there tastes match up with yours.

But in conclusion, if you're not planning on playing 24/7 buy this system, if you are a hardcore gamer as myself it's really a choice of preference, if you prefer Shooter action and other such games this system is heavily built around what you need. If you prefer a challenging RPG or puzzle game this system has quite a selection but I'd imagine the PS3 will have more RPG's in the long run having more support from japanese companies like square (though Final Fantasy 13 will be available on 360 Versus will not, I don't really know the difference between the 2 other then that the stories are different and the art style incredibly different but that's just how it goes.)


| | See all ICallumI's reviews (5)

Has this xbox got the new heatsink in? Im am wondering this because my old xbox ( the one with the old heatsink in ) keeps on overheating and freezing.

  Great! Best Out!

| | See all iPlaYTradex's reviews (17)

Lets make a clear point. Yes they can break easily and unexpectedly but i have had mine for a year and its worked fine. I have got one red light! (E74) i have to send it away but im not as i want it for christmas. So i done was to do the towel trick.(search on youtube it does work) ive done it for about 4 times now and its working right now. My mate lent me a xbox cooling fan that goes on the back. Because of my problem a certain part in the xbox is overheating so this might help it. ( Search e74 on youtube or penny trick) but they are much more better then xbox. Its like being with your mates all the time and av a laugh on cod 5. Its great. I recommend these more then any other console out their! Espically at its price. Last year i spent over 300 quid on mine