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Xbox 360 Premium Console with 20GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (273 reviews)"

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  very good console

| | See all dapperdan's reviews (75)

This is a very good console with good games out now and in the future.
Also now that 360's have gone down buy £50 its worth getting one now because they wont get cheaper anytime soon.

  Great but NOT the best

| | See all Panzer28's reviews (27)

Ive had my 360 just under 3 years and had the ring of death once, As the guarantee was out i had to pay £50 to have a new more powerfull fan which is abit louder but works alot better, Ive also had a ps3 just over a year and out of them both the ps3 is a better machine, they both have great games,graphics and online play even tho the ps3 is free and you dont need to pay £60 for an wi-fi connection,Overall the 360 is a great value fior money entertainment systerm

  Best console ever !

| | See all Bendosh's reviews (68)

Everything works and everything is fun ! Xbox live is great fun aswell! Recommened games-
1.Gears of war
3.Two worlds
4.GTA 4

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| | See all michiel890's reviews (3)

i had a few problems with my xbox 360.

1. controllers are tough but after some time they decide not to work

2. red lights kept coming on and xbox 360 would not work

3. games would freeze

4.it is LOUD

5. headset wont work

6. disc tray will not open sometimes

my mate got 1 and the same happenes to his, but i dont kow with yours but ours is messed up


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  Good console but not excellent.

| | See all Jetsetharrison's reviews (21)

First of all i will start of with the PRO'S.
Good online system (friends, marketplace, demo's).
SOME good games at the moment but not many however this will change later this year.
Nice to use (controller).
Not very well built (break fairly regularly - My xbox has started to have disc tray problems and i know some people who have had to send it off over 4 times to get fixed). This can also be extremely fustrating as your left without and xbox for atleast a couple of weeks.
Extremely noisy (can be heard from the floor above in my house).
Alot of the content on the marketplace is just rubbish like gamer pictures which you actually have to pay for. Microsoft should make more of the content free than there is at the moment.

Also microsoft for some reason lately have released their xbox's with better technology so what i have said might be a bit different with the models at the moment (my xbox is slightly older).
HOWEVER, when deciding between a PS3 and an XBOX remember your needs. PS3 would probably be better for entertainment purposes where if your a hardcore gamer you might better off with one of these. If you plan on getting the final fantasy 13 games i would definetely recommend a PS3.

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  what a console!

| | See all Optibuck's reviews (14)

best console.......best games......great online play........better than ps3.In my opinion get this great console.

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  good offer

| | See all paul6532's reviews (1)

i brought a other deal which has gone but everything the same just came with 3 games the xbox 360 doesn't have a hdmi port like it says it does and also mine didnt come with a 1 month free trial of xbox live gold

  Great but not perfect

| | See all TonyDorian's reviews (23)

Don't get me wrong by the title this is not a negative review but i'm not gonna ignore the problems that the 360 does have. The is hands down the best console for gaming on the market full stop. PS3 will never have a game like Gears of War but saying that 360 owners may never get the joy of playing a game like MGS4. Online playing with friends on xbox live is great because not only do you play with them but you can talk online with the mic provided in the premium bundle. The controller is a great size and shape and the butten layout is good too. The problems are that I have had 2 Xbox's break on me and i'm on my 3rd and the wired headsets break after only a few months but sending off the Xbox to get repaired is so simple and free if under warenty and takes 3 weeks max to get fixed and back to you. Microsofts good severce knocks this from 3 stars to a 4. All in all if you are looking for the best gaming experience this is the console for you. Don't bother with the elite if your only looking to play games and don't bother with the arcade console because you can't play on live without a hard drive and it's worth the extra money to play this on live.

  very good console and a lot of fun

| | See all coolkid's reviews (19)

this is easily my favourite console in this generation of consoles yes the ps3 is good but it lacks a good range of games and yes the wii is a lot of fun but is undoubtably aimed at the younger market but as an allrounder this is the best obviously the slight problem with the earlier consoles which unfortunately i owned until the red ring of death but thanks to microsoft its being fixed for free and theirs no real hassle involved with the customer service who are very willing to help with any problem