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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (35 reviews)"

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  Not a fan

| | See all CMC4life's reviews (15)

Controls don't seem natural to me, I haven't been as involved in the storyline as with other FPS.

A shame, as I really like the story and the gameplay in TC: Rainbow Six, and TC: Future Soldier looks to redeem this for me.

  excellent tactical shooter

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i havent a bad thing to say,love graw 1 and 2 on 360.
tactical excellence throughout,love the co op elements.

  Superb Tactial Shooter

| | See all aGameShop's reviews (2)

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a marmite game. If your over a certain age (lets say 25) your much more inclined to love this game and become addicted. There is plenty of variation in game play and different objectives to keep each mission exciting. Theres also the odd fly by shooting from the helicopter guns which is great fun. I feel some younger players may prefer Rainbow or COD which are a little more gun ho and point and shoot. Whereas Graw offers something else. Strategory and forward thinking. If you go in all guns blazing, you will die. Just like real life. You must be careful and maintain an element of stealth. Also be sure to choose your weapons and team mates carefully as they can greatly effect the outcome of the mission. Weapons with long range scopes are particular useful, as are anti-personel grenade lanchers. The early missions of this game are the best and have had the most time spent on them. Some of the later feel like the graphics have been copied and pasted with the same old enemies. Perhaps that's a little harsh. The shelf life of this game is enormous. Once you have completed single player, you can play again on hard mode for a greater challenge. Multiplay offers a whole new world of possibilities and includes capture the flag and co-op campaign missions. It's a shame the ranked games never seen to work, as online foes are like Gods. Expect them to lie in wait and kill you before you've had time to breath. All in all this game will keep you busy for weeks on end and is well worth buying. I'm off to conquear Graw 2 now. Watch for the review !

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  Expected more..

| | See all Veggis's reviews (3)

I've heard many good things about this game, and when I saw it cheap here, I ordered it. I've never really felt like completing the campaign, so I can't really talk much about that, but I can about the multiplayer and co-op. My first impression of the game was not too good. The controls were kind of messy, the graphics wasn't anything special, and the weapons was "same as always"..

Me and a friend have played several hours with co-op. There is a few different modes, and one of them is missions. The missions require a lot of patience, cause if you die, you won't respawn until next checkpoint (didn't find any option to remove that). The multiplayer is fun, too.

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  it gets a bit repetetive

| | See all jigsaw's reviews (20)

In my opinion this game is poor but for only one reason, the story mode on single player mode is boring as hell, its starts of slow (okay i get thats for newcomers of fps) then it get okay, but the further you get into it it just feels like you have done it a few missions before and your doing it all over again. You end up getting bored and putting it away to collect dust. Online is good and multiplayer is fun, but you don't do that all the time. Okay the graphics are great and the control system is simple, but thats no good when the story is poor. It maybe worth a fiver, but i'd rather spend more to get a better game.


| | See all aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr's reviews (34)

This game is awful and i am regretting buying it
The controls are terrible, so is the gamepley and online is rubbish. It is a boring campaign and just isnt worth playing. The reason i am probably rating it so lowly is that i have been playing rainbow which is a much better game

  one of the best yet!!

| | See all zzGalf's reviews (6)

What a game people! Excellent story on single player and multiplayer player is great fun also.Graphically good and impossiable not to enjoy if you like shooters. This is value for money BIG TIME! GRAW will be enjoyed for a long time!!! A must buy people!


| | See all Notos71's reviews (9)

At £4.99 I couldnt resist, even though i played this some time back!!
A thrilling tactical shooter which still holds its own with todays top shooters.


| | See all harborne88's reviews (5)

I paid full price for this when it first came out. Its not as good as the new shooters but its still very playable and very enjoyable. And its under a fiver delivered. Perfect game to tide u over until the new titles like gears of war 2 etc come out