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Project Gotham Racing 3 (PGR 3)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Good racer

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

PGR 3 is a very decent arcade racer and judging by the fact that it was a launch day title!!

But in my opinion if you want a racer get PGR 4.. its even better than this great game!!

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  Great everything

| | See all godvalen's reviews (88)

Great price, great game, great car variety and amazing how different they drive. Great challenges. A game for people who like to practise as it does get hard. You have to work on your skids and moves to pass later levels. Brilliant value for money.

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  how can you call this an average game!!!! utter TOSH!!!!!!!!

| | See all iamthe1iam's reviews (8)

This game completely redifined the driving experince-other than in real life- completely!!
It isnt as realistic as some other games and to be honest the single player mode is a little dull but as far as gameplay goes you cant get much better. Even pgr4 isnt as good as far as actual gameplay is concerned. When it came out i didnt play much else.(in fact i "only" played call of duty 2 and pgr3 for a year straight)
Bottom line is........no other racing game is as good as pgr3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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| | See all SoloGamer's reviews (16)

Just an average driving simulator, nothing special but its 7.99. you ncant go wrong really.

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  Just An Average Racing Game...

| | See all Gamer15's reviews (25)

You'd be better off with project gotham racing 4 or forza motorsport 2. Project gotham racing is a bit too annoying in terms of driving and tracks. The car selection is much, much better in forza motorsport 2, and the graphics are also much better in forza too. My advice would be to get the fourth one or forza 2. I'd only suggest either renting it or borrowing it from a friend...


| | See all spuddygothiclord98's reviews (29)

This game is really cool!
It has loads of different campaign races to keep you entertaind for hours, and when i finished the campaign mode, i deleted it and started again!
This game is amazing and the cars are fab!!!
Defenitly a classic to get for your xbox!

  Forget Grid!!!

| | See all matt1399's reviews (27)

This game is tons better than Grid! At first I wasnt to sure about this because im not a big fan of racing games but boy was i in for a shock even normal races are great because its reasonbaly easy and hard at the same time which makes it very enjoyable also the career mode is excellent because you can buy cars from many wellknown brands and some not well known brands you can also do things like choose races upgrade your garage or just chill out and play arcadey minigames overall Best racing game ever

  Nothing compared to other racing games.

| | See all SamsSales's reviews (41)

Do not buy this, it is this cheap for a reason. I thought hmm 3quid, I can't go wrong for three quid, even if I use the disk as a frizbee lol. But I did, I wasted my time putting the disk into the console, and then selecting a race. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but the hole style of the menus, feel of the actual game, and lack of customizeation and pethetic xbox live races with everybody using the same car had me wondering why I didn't give my 3quid to a homeless man so he could get a McDonalds. lol

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| | See all Sassboy3's reviews (21)

Brilliant considering its one of the first racing games for the 360. Graphics are amazing, honestly no worse than more recent efforts, the cars handle brilliantly, with different cars handling slightly differently. Almost true to life cities, with loads of game modes in one-player. It really is all you need from a racing game.
However there are a few drawbacks because of its age. The loading times are ridiculous, PS2 standard sometimes. City-only racing kind of limits you, wheras other more recent driving games give you Rallying etc. Finally because its old, hardly anyone seems to be online anymore, at least no-one does 'online-career-mode' which i thought was one of the games many brilliant innovations. There are a few people on unranked, straight-up racing...but its no Halo...
Overall then, a great game for ex-Wii lovers like me who havent played a real racer in years, but if you keep up to date with the Forza2, GranTurismo and PGR4, even at this great price it'll seem too old.
Still Brilliant, an all time classic. But does anyone still play Goldeneye64?

  A steal at £10

| | See all chrishow's reviews (16)

One of the first racers for the 360 and still one of the best. Graphics are amazing and the range of cars and tracks is crazy.