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Alan Wake

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (126 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all supermakis's reviews (2)

Its more like a playable movie than a game. Great atmosphere. Worth the money. Don't hesitate to buy it.


| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

I have played well over 70 retail games this year and this is one of the only ones that made me want to get home and continue. This game is amazing, its a dark psychological thriller that as you play gets more and more weird and interesting at the same time. Constantly being stalked by an evil presence as you try to save your wife who has been taken by the darkness. You have a torch to look around with which is a very nice effect and makes the dark woods easy to navigate. You meet many friends and foes in the game as well as some humour from your friend who helps you investigate. I wont spoil the ending for anyone but it's very gripping and this game is truly epic and I hope they bring out another.

  Amazing story and amazing gameplay

| | See all richi388's reviews (10)

The story just makes you want to keep playing, you always want to know what is about to happen next. Its not a predictable story and it isn't a short game like most games these days.
The gameplay is really good, at first its scary (makes you jump) but you do get use to it, there a a load of things for you to find along the way, it is a linear game but with multiple paths in some places and a really big area so you have a lot to explore.
Fighting emeries can be a pain since the blocking system doesn't help when two take a swing at you, although it looks cool its not as much help as it should be.
This copy also came with a free download for 'the signal' a game add on which continues from the main game, its about 560 microsoft points of xbox live and for only 9 pound it is definitely worth buying

  Brucie says. Good game, good game

| | See all mistersean's reviews (2)

Having seen the reviews for this game, I wasn't expecting much but to be honest I thought this was brilliant. You get sick of playing cod and all it's clones. This is like a cross between twin peaks and Tomb raider with Stephen king writing the script. Well worth a tenner.

  Nice Idea Too Linear

| | See all Colkebab's reviews (2)

Its like being in a movie, which sounds good, till you have to do somthing to progress the film, would rather just sit and watch the story unfold than play this as you have no control over the story at all.

  Bloody Brilliant Bargain

| | See all Mackiesmac's reviews (2)

its the intriguing story that really sold it too me. you get the first DLC free, and i HAD to have the second DLC to try and understand the story.

however the game isn't without its flaws, towards the end it can be awfully repetitive, with no real scares at all.

but still, A MUST BUY


| | See all rocky13's reviews (1)

awesome!the game is hypnotic!the story is very cool (like Twin Peaks) and nice graphic.the price is excellent for this kind of game, but pay attention: it is a thriller game , not horror!!!!
buy it!

  Immersive, Supernatural Crime Thriller

| | See all SilentMessiah's reviews (8)

First impression - The game starts out a bit like a Stephen King novel (I'm pretty sure there's some references in there), sets the scene nicely and can tell its building up nicely for a mind bender of a journey.

Wake comes across as a bit of a d**k to be honest at the start, in the way he acts with his wife, which I found annoying, but as you play further through the dark and tangled forest, the character gradually breaks down due to the situation.

The game play gets quite repetitive at times and each episode seems strung out by long walks in the woodland fighting shadow demon red necks with next to no ammo, for a little bit more of the story, but once you get round that and focus on the story itself, it becomes enjoyable.

It borrows from Silent Hill in some cases too, but isn't as mind capturing a world as it should be for the type of game.

All in all, for the price it is now and genre of game I would say its worth a play through.

  Updated Alone in the Dark

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

Bought this about a year ago, after poor reviews and bored with MW2 I decided to give it a go, I must admit I quite enjoyed the game, its no Silent Hill more Alone in the Dark, I would recommend, and at this price, its a bargain. Buy it.


| | See all Jayyuk's reviews (3)

At first I wasn't sure about this game but after lending it off a friend... all I can say is OH MY GOD...... The game play pure brilliant, the storyline genius, the characters and intensity of the game in general has gotten me stuck infront of the tele just to find out what happends next!

TIP: Don't play in the dark by yourself its one heck of a twisted and frightening game..... I find it anyways.

Would recommend without a question of dought to those storyline lovers!