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Dead Or Alive 4

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Great Multiplayer

| | See all s1mplyd4v3's reviews (1)

The head to head on this game is great, maybe not as good as SSF4 but it's in the top three. There are a few minor issues with this game, mainly being the random AI difficulty, one moment you can be kicking ass, the next yours gets handed to you in the next round.


| | See all Ben280's reviews (4)

still one of my favourite games ever, definitely my favourite fighter.
all the people who say it is a button basher are stupid and are obviously noobs who dont know how to use the counter system.

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  I love this game it gets me really excited

| | See all JoshuaSmith's reviews (1)

The character design has really played attention to my male needs. Characters have hints of xena and wonder woman, great for guys that get sweaty when playing video games. There are character videos featuring naughty scenes and multiplayer is to die for. LB + B tap and repeat for tag mode success.

  Nice to look at..... that is all.

| | See all mooked's reviews (13)

I sometimes struggle to critisize video games knowing the time and effort coders, artists and developers put in, but as a consumer Im finding it hard to say anything positive about this awful button basher of a game!. The only positive thing I will say is the graphics, they are very nice but the gameplay is mindless trash! I wont sit here and spout all the bad stuff about this game instead im going to advise you to search play.com for the new Soul Calibur and Street Fighter games and spend your hard earned cash on them instead.

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  slight button masher with dollops of cheese

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

the game looks and sounds great,characters are good..and very hot looking but underneath all the sparkle lies a slightly cheesey and button mashing engine that to me,isnt tactical..just masher.
still,i did have alot of fun on this game and unlocked nearly everything.
just isnt tactical enough for me.
i prefer virtua fighter 5


| | See all Azakajam's reviews (6)

This has got to be the best fighting game on the xbox 360 so far. its challenging, has a few new characters and you gotta say it, has ALOT of bouncy boobies :P
But be warned, if you ever go on DOA4 online, remember that whoever you are, the japanese will own you! i fought against one and im sure he was pulling off some illegal moves there:P
anyway, great fun, especially fighting against m8s because we all have our particular favourite (mine being the drunk guy :P) and its interesting to see who will win.
An overall great game ^^


| | See all yido4life's reviews (75)

I like this game and it was only £10 fair price but its just so difficult all the modes are so hard you have to be a real fighting gamer to be able to properly master this game.If i didnt think it was so hard i deffinatly would have gave it 4 stars.

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  absolutely flawless

| | See all bronx1287's reviews (5)

This without question, is the most action packed and skill demanding fighting game ever. I've always been a huge DOA fan ever since DOA 2 for playstation 2 but i really dont think i can stress enough just how awesome this game is. the scenery is great, the fighters kick ass (literally) and if you can master a character (jann-lee for me) theres no end to how much fun you can have juggling yer opponent around the stage. I believe this game requires a type of sixth sense to play as you have to instantly try and figure your opponents next attack so you can react to it accordingly. With that said, theres a lot of strategy involved aswell. DOA4 to me is the pride of fast paced fighting games.

  Wonderful Fighting Game

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

The Dead or Alive series has always had a sexed up image but saying that it actually works. I don't feel the game is too difficult either.
This game is a classic and is a worthy starter title for X-Box 360.

  Worth The Buy But No More Big Big Combos!

| | See all F4TB0Y69's reviews (29)

Great game, but can leave you irritated by Tecmo's increasingly hard games (Ninja Gaiden On hard hahahahahah....oh the pain) is hard if you have never played a DOA game before and younger people probably will get stuck again and again.

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