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Test Drive Unlimited

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  top game

| | See all rowley123's reviews (29)

the graffics the cars the realistic scenery every things good and id recromend it to any 1

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| | See all phantomphreaq's reviews (6)

If you just want to race, this is the game for it. It has over 1000 miles of open roads and highways. The graphics and car modelling are almost photo-realistic. And the car interiors are something else!! You can almost smell the leather. It has daylight changes from early morning through to early evening. Unfortunatley it doesn't do night time, and there is no changes to the weather. It's not as technically involved as say. . Gran Tourismo, or Forza. And there are very few upgrades to get for your cars or Bikes. But it doesn't detract from a good, solid racer. There's tonnes of races around the island, and scores of sub-missions to complete to get that all important money to buy your cars. (there's such a huge sense of smugness and satisfaction the 1st time you roll out of the Ferarri showroom in your brand new F430)
At £17.99 this is an absolute bargain for a game of this magnitude. If you even remotley like cars, BUY IT!!! :o)


| | See all Gibsonkid5's reviews (5)

an amazing game graphics, gameplay, and everything else is brilliant incredibly realistic but if u crash into trees your car will not be damaged which may sound stupid but if u buy a Saleen twin turbo (fastest car in the game) and fully tune it and you skid off and crash and wreak your new $555,000 car it would be rubbish V.Good espically for £17.99

  cracking game

| | See all Dave748's reviews (15)

Got the game about 2 weeks ago and must have put in around 20 hours of play so far and am only 20% of the way through it so its great value for money. THe graphics and gameplay are excellent, great choice of cars from new and old (jag xj220, ferrari 288 gto etc). I dont have live but that hasnt stopped me constantly playing it, personally I think if you like your cars and bikes then this is for you and at £17.99 its a genuine bargain.


| | See all E14GaRzA's reviews (23)

its a very good game but the reason it gets 3/5 has to be forza if you want a driving game forza really is the way to go

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  So Entertaining...

| | See all LilChrisD's reviews (5)

This game is so entertaining! You can play on it for hours and not get bored, you have a wide majority of cars to choose from and can buy houses to store your collection of cars in! This was mostly the reason why I bought the Xbox 360! Buy it if you enjoy a challenge!

  Nothing Better On The Market But...

| | See all snipertom's reviews (29)

Test Drive is another one of ataris extremely fun games which is more than just racing. As you play you'll realise that racing is not the only element in the game such as buying houses. It's designed to be enjoyed and it is definitely fun to play.
However, petrol heads may be put off by some of the unfair car stats in the game, for example the underated aston martins and is not designed to be a driving simulator.
However the life span of the game is excellent. There is so much to do and will keep you playing for many fun hours. And online is another great feature, not only can you race but you can sell and buy cars in a great online 'car store'.
So its a great game and if you are not too put off by some of a couple of the subtle realism issues buy it!


| | See all Joshua55's reviews (7)

This is driving perfection, no matter how much you like pgr3, this is soooo much better.
The first great thing is it is free roaming!! in a map that covers over 400 miles of road, in a surrounding with beautiful graphics, beautiful cars, and beautiful women (sort of). You can casually drive round hawaii challenging any driver you meet on the way, on xbox live or npcs. And if you get bored of that (although you won't) go and drive into many different shops customising your characters appearence.
Secondly, there are over 200 challenges ranging from carrying dodgy packages for weird men in balaclavers(kind of), to picking up and delivering supermodels to strange locations.
Finally, the number of cars you can buy are immense, with updates from xboxlive as well, so you can buy even more with your well earned cash.
If you love driving games and you don't own this...why not! This is the game that got me into driving games, and i hope you give it a try to make it your favourite driving game too. A must buy.

  Good game but play the demo first

| | See all Nightjar's reviews (46)

I must admit when I first played the demo of this game I didn't like it, I felt the car handling was very loose & I found it hard to control my vehicle.
This however does change.......
After a few of my friends got this game & raved about it I thought I would give it a go, I changed my mind about the handling.

Why you ask?

Well, when you first start playing test drive like all driving games you start with slower & cheaper vehicles, this allows you time to adjust to the cars physics & handling to the point where you will never know why you had issue's in the first place.
The game itself is a very good size although getting an online game can be a little tedious as you may have to wait a while for another player.
The game is constantly online so other online players will be racing around the island with you, if your not online don't worry the game simulates the other drivers.

This is a mix of GTA driving & your bog standard racing game so go exploring or have a race, a time trial or a courier mission the choice is yours.

This is a good game to own, I don't regret buying it & I don't think most other 360 owners will regret it either.
Did I mention the price :)
An utter bargin

Enjoy & see you online :)

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