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Test Drive Unlimited

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Lovely open racing game

| | See all Koshed's reviews (13)

Loved this game a lot cos it took me so long to complete it, graphics were gr8, cars are stunning, only thing that got on my nerves was the pop-up that i seemed to get a lot of, and it was noticeable mainly when driving flat out and looking ahead of u for the next bend or car, and all of a sudden scenary would pop into place, or a car would just appear out of no where in front of me, maybe the game i got was buggy or something as i haven`t heard anyone else say anything about the pop-ups in this game.
But besides the pop-ups i enjoyed the game a lot, was gr8 fun driving round the island and racing all those cool cars. Thumbs up from me even tho i hate pop-ups in a game.

  Best Game So Far on the Xbox 360

| | See all Fleedleflump's reviews (58)

I've been thinking about how to write this review, how I could wax lyrical about the beautiful looks, adequate sound, astonishing size, and grand concepts, not to mention the seamless integration of online elements. This would all be valid, but it's also all been amply represented here by other reviewers...

Hence, I thought I'd talk about my experiences with it.

I have spent more time playing Test Drive Unlimited than any other game on the xbox 360. This is down to it's size and variety; I can happily spend time just driving around looking for the various showrooms and locations, checking out all the roads to discover all the events I can enter, and generally just having a fine time cruising in my favourite cars (the E Type Jaguar has to be up there with the best, for pure "feel" if nothing else!).

I've spent whole evenings with friends doing the same time trial over and over, trying to shave off every last millimetre from our route and knock every hundredth of a second from the time, all in the name of getting as high as possible on the online records chart for that particular event. At one point, I was the sixth fastest in the world at one particular stretch. There's no other feeling like that.

Finally, I love this game because, if I find a challenge that's too hard or annoying for me, I can simply go and do something else for a while, pick something more to my liking, mod a car, make some money to buy new cars, and then return to the troublesome race when I feel ike re-attacking the challenge.

This is possible the first racing game to also be a leisure-driving game, and for that if nothing else, it deserves your attention.

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  best game ever

| | See all bondie86's reviews (2)

best game ever made....ever. Graphics incredible + huge map covering the whole of hawaii. BUY IT NOW............

  The 'BEST' real feel driving 'Gamulator' by far...

| | See all SimboSapian's reviews (24)

I'm about to kiss Atari's feet with this review... Test Drive is AWESOME... I don't know whether to call Test Drive a 'Game' or a 'Simulator'... so I'm going to call it a 'Gamulator'. Why...? because it caters for both beginners, with just the standard Arcady feel to the handling of the cars, and the most experienced gamers, with a Hardcore Mode (available through download from Xbox Marketplace) which incorporates real feel car physics... to put that into perspective my 4year old son has taken to TDU like a duck to water and, of course, I play it in Hardcore Mode all the time...

TDU is all about the cars... Exotics aplenty, both past and present, and more becoming available every month for download... and to get full access to all the cars you first have to play the game itself and complete the missions which have been strategically and perfectly placed throughout the island to allow progressive access to the entire island... which in itself is VAST...

The more you play and complete the missions, the quicker you climb the ranks... the more you climb the ranks, the bigger the cash reward... the more money you earn for winning races the quicker you can buy and collect the cars of your dreams... Buy Cars, bikes, houses, clubs, clothes, buy 'n' sell used cars online and more...

Awesome HD graphics, seamless game-play, Impressive AI cars, changeable weather conditions (no rain) and the ability to drive anywhere within reason means you can drive Oahu's 130mile coastal road at your leisure and take in the sites... Drive it flat out in a Ferrari Enzo and maybe you can do it in under an hour...

The Online aspect of TDU opens up a whole new experience of game-play... Drive / race / cruise / challenge / and, often, intimidate other TDU drivers from every different time zone on the planet... this on its own lengthens the lifespan of Test Drive as a game... there's nothing like 8 different exotic sport's cars tearing up a freeway at 220mph...

If you like exotic cars and you cant afford one in real life then buy this Gamulator... and if you haven't got an Xbox360 to play it then go buy one... Yes! It is that good... TDU still has a few querks but none really worth mentioning in this review...

Well except for TWO...

1."HEY ATARI... If you're listening... when are we gonna see Subaru Impressa Turbo's & Evo VIII's on TDU..."


2.Atari... you owe me 5 months of my sleep back... and my wife...!!! LOL

Congratulations on a very successful Gamulator Atari... Top Marks from me...

Regards from N.Ireland,
Tough Torgue

  Most realistic driving game i've played

| | See all AlanxA1's reviews (2)

When you are watching the first video to this game and you see the less than impressive graphics of the other humans in the game and how there mouths move at different times to them speaking you will automatically asume this games graphics will be terrible. But do not let that fool you, upon seeing the cars for the first time you will be astonished at how detailed and realistic they look. But TDU isn't just easy on the eyes the gameplay is fantastic and it feels like you are driving a real car. I could literally just drive the cars for hours on end in freeroam but if you get bored of that there is also a wide range of races and challenges for you to choose from. But i must admit xbox live on this game is a little confusing but i wouldn't say that its terrible at all. This is a great game for the xbox 360 and certainly the best driving game for it.

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  Eye candy for the masses

| | See all Quicksilver11's reviews (29)

This is by far the best driving game you can get at the moment on the 360. The graphics are nothing short of breath taking when played on a HD TV. The 3D interiors are amazingly detailed, and the added feature of electric windows is quite fun. TDU also has some of the greatest cars ever made, any car fan should just buy this game for the beautiful 3D models. There are a lot of bugs though, especially online. The police are useless, the bikes are just terrible and its almost impossible to find your friends online. But stick to single player and just have fun bombing around the island in just about any classic car or supercar you can think of.

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  Amazing Driving game!!

| | See all Owen2007's reviews (1)

This game is one of the best driving games I have played on the 360! When on xbox live the ability to talk to and free roam around hawaii with other people is brilliant and finding friends is rather easy too! there is a great range of cars to buy and fill your garages up with! tuning could of been made alot better instead of the 3-stages of tune. it would of been good if there were some jap cars like impreza's and Evo's. I would recommend this game too anyone!" I love It and it is so addictive!

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  The definitive XBOX 360 driving game

| | See all Spidersoft's reviews (16)

I'd only owned a XBOX 360 for a couple of weeks before Test Drive Unlimited was released. In that time I'd played Project Gotham racing for a few hours...

A month later and I'd racked up over 100 hours playing time on Test Drive Unlimited. This driving game is currently streets ahead of all other driving games on any console.

The idea is simple, the whole game is set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. You start the game off having arrived on the island and you have to rent a car to get you to a car sales room - where you buy your first car, then house, etc...

One really nice thing about this game is that the events (primarily races) are scattered all around the island and rather than navigating through a horrible series of menu's (Project Gotham style!) you simply drive to the event you want to take part in. As you drive around (using your GPS to assist you) you unlock (by driving past) new events, and so it goes on.

There are lots of cars to collect, in different classes - and many of the events can only be entered by cars in specific classes.

I've played this for well over 100 hours and it was fantastic. The only reason I'm not playing it now is that I've finished it (and I haven't finished a game since Chuckee Egg on the BBC Micro years ago, that's how addictive this game is!).

Hopefully an expansion pack with new challenges will happen.

Highly recommended.

Graphics are fantastic and truly next generation.

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  Not bad but not great either

| | See all TonyMontana69's reviews (14)

I enjoyed the game somewhat when this game first come out only because I like racing games but in reality the handling is not realistic at all and the game gets boring very quickly, pgr 3 is by far better and now forza 2 is nearly here, need I say more.

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