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Condemned (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Original Classic Thriller!

| | See all JonnieFarrow's reviews (6)

Not being a huge fan of survival horror type games, the only thing that convinced me to buy this game was the 5 pound price tag. However, from what I experienced I would have gladly paid full price!

Best played in a dark room with headphones on, (like any horror title!) this game certainly delivers shock after shock, and boasts an intriguing twist filled storyline to boot. The very accurate forensic sections of the game make a great contrast from the bloodthirsty melee combat, and effectively separates this title from your average smash-em up horror.

Without giving too much away, I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend this game, and the sequel to anyone, even non horror fans, or to people just who enjoy a good thriller. Whilst certainly not the scariest of titles out there, it will certainly give you the creeps. I'd definitely recommend this title if you prefer your horror hero to be able to hold his own against the things that go bump in night!


| | See all Jammy2791's reviews (13)

its old now, but great, and FAR scarier than the second, because your character feels more out of place, it'll make you jump in your seat or hide at times in fright, but its such a good game, the story line is great, the combat of using whatever you find as a weapon is great too, its a true horror that wonderful to play :)

  Old, but good.

| | See all ketalemies's reviews (9)

I kind of bought this game from play.com spontaneously (huh, pretty hard word...) cause I wanted to play some horror game. This one was PURE HORROR. Oh man, I saw nightmares after I played this one. The graphics are pretty crappy for a xbox360 game, but i didnt care, because it was so temptating to play this game.
This game is for those who likes to play some horror games and also a big plus was easy achievement points ;)

  spine tingling horror!!

| | See all billybluehat's reviews (5)

I have found this game amazing! thrilling right from the start, haven't quite finshed it yet but not far off. PLAY IN THE DARK you'll freak out...Brilliant!!

  Great horror game

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

This game is really fun and scary and it plays with your mind when you play it for a while. When you're playing the game, enemies just jump out of nowhere and start attacking you. The gameplay is basically survival style and it's been done really well. The scariest part of the game is when you're in really dark areas and fighting against enemies that lurk in the shadows.

  Psychological horror that lets you beat up tramps

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

The most terrifying game i have ever played. Play it alone and with the lights off to get the full impact of an underrated classic. Heavy on horror and close combat, Condemned has an excellent story where you track a serial killer. The graphics hold up well now, nearly 5 years since its release. A cut above the good sequel, Criminal origins is the place to go if you feel that FEAR or Resi weren't that scary. The mannequins are terrifying.

  Fairly good

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

I could never get into this game it is a fairly good horror but i found the game is basic and annoying because i could not block to save my life, good as a cheap buy. There is always a weapon to take from somewhere that is good. Basic first person.

  An oldie but a goodie

| | See all BrotherA1's reviews (27)

Ok this game has been about for a while but it is a bit of a classic. I've had for ages and only recently completed as I had bought the second game and thought I'd better. It has a great storyline which is very realistic and boy does this game make you jump. The sound is fantastic and as you play most of the game with a flashlight you can't really see what is coming but you can hear it!! The graphics are starting to look a bit tired now and the fighting is a little repetitive but if you want a game that is genuinely frightning then for £9.99 you can't go wrong. Oh and there is a very good ending to the game.

  Play it with the light off, Late at night.

| | See all FincHy's reviews (42)

Its the only way to truly feel the gameplay. As resident evil 4 left me empty with only 1 scary part! I needed a game that was full of frights and heard about condemned.

The graphics are very very dated but to be fair it was a launch title so i went easy on it.

The scare factor is so high, the highschool & the house levels are so freaky i jumped so many times playing this game.

Its a classic gem and for the price it is now pick it up if you're after a fright, i can garentee this is way scarier than resident evil 5 will be.

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| | See all denyse1's reviews (4)

I didn't get this game long ago and when i put it on i was expecting a criminal game but when i got into the game my hair was standing straight on end, i would recommend this game to people who love gruesome graphics which this game has in good supply.