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Far Cry 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  fantastin in some areas

| | See all gimpishperson's reviews (1)

hello im a gimp writting a review of this fantastic game well fantastic if your looking at it from a multiplayer point of view because far cry always has good multiplayer the map editor is fecking awsome.
the story mode is shoit as all other far cry story modes it is so fuging boring it takes half a magazine to kill one somalian you always die and its no fun to play the story takes place in some place in africa and dose not feature any predator feral injections and no fun in fc instincts predator you play as a dude who gets lost on an island well fc predators story mode sucks as well but the sci fi element means that game can have more multiplayer modes like predator and steal the sample but fc2 has none of that just the basic multiplayer like tdm and capture the boring diamond but the map editor allows for fun gameplay and potentialy the one only fun element and the fact you can host these and find out whos downloaded these maps and how mutch hits the map has this is very addictive but i felt like the consoles could have put a content download for predator mode so we wont be stuck with shitty tdm an the other unoriginal modes in this there could have easily been a sci fi twist like the other ones like a african predator side plot or something but this game is soposidly realisic so no fun but the multiplayer is fun.

dont play on story mode

just do multiplayer

  A fantastic game.

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

This game is brilliant. The game provides real "free roam" freedom with the ability to explore a massive landscape and find rough diamonds that you use for currency and weapons.
The game is based in Africa within a war between political parties and illegal organisations. You are stuck in the middle of it and suffering from malaria. You undertake missions for all the waring parties with the ultimate goal of killing a man named "The Jackel" who is an arms dealer. You meet several characters along the way that help you out or give you missions and there is always a choice of where to go, what to do and how to do it.
The weapon variety is unusual and very good as you gain access to better weapons by helping the arms dealers. I highly recommend the dart rifle once you have increased your ammo capacity as it delivers a "1 hit kill" from any distance on any part of the targets body.
The only irritating thing about this game is the enemy checkpoints all over the map, it is fun attacking and clearing them but as soon as they are out of sight then all the enemies re-sporn so they will never stay clear.
Vehicle driving is excellent especially with multilayer, so you can shoot while the other drives.
Fire is very useful as many things will explode or ignite when shot and if a fire starts it will spread and potentially kill enemies.
This game keeps you on the edge of your seat and is that good and so vast that it is immediately re-playable.
I would recommend this game to any gamer and although the checkpoint thing lets it down, it is still a 5 star game.

  Far Cry from the brilliant Far Cry 1...

| | See all PaultheBrit's reviews (6)

I have tried to get into this game 4 or 5 times over the last 2 years. I just can't. It looks ok on the whole, but not amazing for a 360 game. The game play is a pain. Frankly I find the missions are frustrating rather than exciting. The save system is a mess. You clear out a safe house and can then go there to save your progress... Except of course you have guard posts all over the road network manned by (SAS trained?) mercs who seem to have very very good eyesight and respawn within minutes of taking them down! It rather makes going to your base to save your progress- err problematic! Admittedly making you replay your mission progress when you get killed makes you realistically careful while fire fighting; "Oh God please keep me alive as I just did something clever and I want to save my progress back at base! Amen" But to be honest I just found it tiresome rather than anything else. I bought this on the strength of the original Far Cry p.c game which I enjoyed, but this just stinks compared to Half Life, FEAR, Quake, Modern Warfare, FO3 etc etc.

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  far cry far from bad

| | See all callum1987's reviews (37)

I enjoyed this game alot, very good graphics and good storyline, with some good descion making which can change the games storyline, quite annoying howver when you drive to an objective and everyone tries to kill you on the way there, especially when you drive through a checkpoint of some gorrila fighters, all in all a good game, quite fun online but no cod MW, but at a fiver! an absolute steal.


| | See all jadeeeeeeee's reviews (2)

im surprised at some of the poor ratings this game has got. this game has very very good graphics, i was surprised as to how good they are. notably the missions do require a lot of driving, whether it be in a car or boat. i actually find it quite enjoyable being chased by the patrol cars, especially getting my bazooka and blowing them up. the multiplayer is also quite enjoyable, quite surprised that people were still playing online this game when i went on there last night. overall though i think this game is like marmite, you either love it or hate it..... but which game isnt

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  Far from fun

| | See all alfienerk's reviews (27)

this game is awful, i dont know how its done so well with reviews.

ok the graphics are good and it is very cinematic, the whole first person feel is great,

i find the shooting and movement very awkward in combat though and the missions are horribly boring, not to mention the assing out from malaria if u dont have enough tablets, the whole things just increadably frustrating and all these terrible games are putting me off sanbox completely

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  Crying in my beer

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

OH LORD....this game is repetetive and dull.loads of driving round(lovely scenery),do same missions time and again,attack same guard posts time and again...try and find some diamonds....get shot at long range by man with snipers shotgun(wish I could find one of those),have malaria attack again and again.I found myself wishing my character would finally succumb to malaria,slip into a coma and perish.I've wasted a lot of hours on this game just hoping it got interesting.....traded it in for a 1973 train time table instead(about as much fun!).


| | See all outlander83's reviews (7)

Unfortunately this game is actually very good. Extremely realistic in places with fantastic enemy AI and beautiful looking landscapes. The weapons and vehicles feel, sound and look awesome. There are times you really do feel like you're in Africa.

All of this is so disappointing due to a massive glitch in the game called the "73% glitch" or the "closed door glitch". This is a point in the game you come to where you have one main story to complete to further advance the game but the door to the room you need to get into to take the mission is mysteriously closed and cannot be opened thus making the game IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE!

Highly disappointing as I was really enjoying this game and had put in over 40 hour of game play. It supposedly happens in 60% of copies sold regardless of format, ps3, 360 and pc all affected and as of today there is still no patch to fix it. Google "far cry 2 closed door glitch" for your self.

  Everything you could ask for, but!

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

This game has great graphics, lots of missions and side missions, great detail with surroundings and guns (which you can buy and upgrade thats always good) Also its a good free roam lots of people to kill and diamonds to hunt for, and healing is unlike any other game that is very inervativve of ubisoft, i was a big fan of the first one on original xbox but thought the second was not as good and predator was shamful but i only played it mutiplayer, overall i think this game has great action good story and theres more to do than just missions that i think is great.

All that a side there is a masive floor in this game on the mission rescue the barge nearly half way through, the skipper is in the wrong position and you can't talk to him, there is nothing you can do and you will habe to start the game from the begining, that has annoyed me so much that i will never play the game ever again.

  Truly Great

| | See all Ibomol's reviews (6)

Time to dispell a few myth's about this game, methinks.

Lots of people have given the single player bad reveiws so in this reveiw i would like to explain why this game is truly great.

Too much travelling? well, you could say it i suppose, the map is very big, personally, the travelling in this game is not my favorite part. however there is something fun about crusing down a dusty african road in my open top truck, if you think there is too much walking you just MUST use the games bus service, i use it alot, an awful lot because the map is a good 50km, and there are alot of guard stations/Assault trucks on the road.

The graphics, are.. to be honest pretty amazing, water, treese, the road, sky, is all beautiful. The Vehicles and Characters could of had a little more work but it still good.

Fighting - Stealth does work in this game, buy the stealth suit and the dart gun and STAY STILL, in FC2 the merc patrol's and guards respond to MOVEMENT, crouch in bushes and STAY STILL, i can't stress it enought because it is the only way you will stay alive.

Make sure to gain buddys and keep them alive, they are extremly usefull and will save your BUTT more times than you can imagine.

THE AI - does not take to many shots to die, the game is about aim more than anything, place your shots well. A single shot to the head with any weapon will drop your enemy immediatley without giving them the chance to scream. Use appropriateweapons for the situation, if you know your position is likley to be comprimised, take a LMG or a large assault rifle, if you want to be silent, take the Silence MP5 the Dart gun and a silenced pistol.

Do the side missions for extra money, and do the Gun shop jobs to upgrade your weapons set, IED's are great for setting ambushes, the camo suit is great for sneaking.

My best tip, to all of you is to PLAN AHEAD, every mission requires planning to be sucessfull, this is how militia's/assains work in the real world and its how they work in Far Cry Too.

Peace Out (y)