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Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - White

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Customer Reviews

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  Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - White

| | See all CrazyPenguin's reviews (4)

The best controller around because it has the analogue sticks in the right place and the controller is bigger than the PS3 controller making it just the right size.

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  Great Controller With One Annoying Flaw

| | See all BiasOpinion's reviews (11)

Now im a fan of these controllers, i have three for my mateys, and they work perfectly, but like alot of xbox products, they tend to degrade and develop some problems after a while.

the main problem with my controllers is the Triggers, after a while they have developed a bloody annoying squeaking noise when you pull the trigger.

now this may seem miniscule, but when your playing a little COD4 and start shooting someone: Squeak,Squeak,Squeak.....etc...etc...etc you get the point.

the wireless capabilities and usefulness is great, i only wish the build quality was better...

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| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Despite being more expensive than some of the third party controllers out there, I would definitely recommend this over those due to it's sturdy design, comfy feel and excellent response times. You can move around freely without wires and this won't randomly disconnect like other controllers and it's well layed out, big improvement on the old xbox pads. It's very responsive, the buttons have a nice chunky feel to them and with a rechargable kit or decent set of batteries, the battery life is surprisingly decent. I've got 4 of these (co-op and multiplayer gaming) including one from the xbox launch and all have held up well, none have broken. The definitive xbox pad.

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| | See all Staiger's reviews (2)

When I first started using this controller it took some time to get used to, say about a month or two to fully feel natural using it, just like with any new gadget.

Definitely one of my preferred controllers, and also use it for PC games with the adaptor bought separately.

One criticism I would have of this controller, is the D-Pad, it tends to feel a bit loose and doesn't always feel as when you press a direction that it is actually being recorded, although it generally does what I need it to do, to me it just doesn't seem perfectly stabilised. Out of the 4 controllers I've bought they all do this, except for the 1 I received with the actual X360 itself.

  wireless controller

| | See all Davidsonkyle's reviews (1)

I have had my 360 since christmas 2007, i use it every day and i still havn't had i problem with it the controllers are solid iv got a wired and a wireless controller and iv just orderd the limited edition Halo 3 controller im sure it will be as briliant and reliable as the xbox.

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  Wireless controller

| | See all tkhaz44's reviews (16)

I always used to be a playstation man and when i ordered the xbox, thought the controller would be really awkard and difficult to use, but it really isn't. It fits in your hands perfectly and has a much better grip and shape than other controllers. The wireless option is also good because, especially if you've got 3 or 4 people playing, it means you can move around and sit further away without getting the wires tangled. However the one thing that annoys me is the consumption of batteries, which after a while can get expensive and if the battery runs out mid game it's frustrating. I would suggest getting the rechargable battery pack thing which is about £12 on play, it will save you loads in the long term and you can charge whilst playing. 4* : )

  Best controller ever!

| | See all megadrivemike's reviews (30)

These controllers are the best i have 2 for my 360 and a wired one for my pc.

They have a nice feel to them and the analogues are resistant enough for hardcore shooters. They have a nice weighty feel to them (which you dont get with the wireless one) and will last forever.

Had my first one since release day and its been through hell and still works fine!

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  Should have got an xbox

| | See all rizi01's reviews (2)

My friends xbox conroller is so good it fits in your hand perfectly and the triggers are really good and when i dropped it nothing happened to it.
My ps3 controller is so bad when i dropped it i kept on having problems with it. I really think i've waisted my money on a rubbish ps3.

  Note to all PC gamers who want this controller!

| | See all Superted2007's reviews (8)


You either need to buy a wired pc certified xbox controller, a wireless pc certified controller which comes with the wireless hub or buy an additional wireless hub for this controller as It does not come with a hub which is needed to connect this to the PC. Your best option is to buy the official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows which is listed here on Play.com or a Wireless crossfire gaming reciver for Windows which is also listed on Play.com

  need more

| | See all cahalmc's reviews (2)

if you are to buy this you must buy the play and charge lead as that is the only way you will not be running through batteries

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