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Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - White

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Customer Reviews

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  Outstanding both as a console and PC controller

| | See all SamsTown's reviews (54)

Obviously got one of these with the Premium 360 pack and was so impressed that I had to purchase a second one along with two official play and charge kits.

Before using the controller I was dubious about the wireless aspect and in game lag having already used wireless mouses and keyboards and been generally unimpressed by the precision ingame.

Microsoft got this product spot on though, I was amazed at the battery life with a week and a half passed and the batteries still shown as going strong in the Xbox dashboard, add to that the easy setup, slick response in game plus the Xbox button which can act as a remote power on button for your console and a quick way to view your achievements during a game.

All of the above paired with the excellent understated design make this controller easily stand out from the rest but the fact that it also works excellently on PC's make purchasing one or two a no brainer.

I also see that Microsoft have started selling retail packages which include the wireless pad and Crossfire Reciever plus the RRP seems to be around the same price as Play.com is currently asking for their standalone wireless 360 pad. I haven't checked Play.com's PC section recently so haven't had the chance to see if they've also started selling these bundles but do yourself a favour and wait for them to start doing so then pay the extra few quid for the bundle rather than buying both the controller and crossfire reciever seperately which would cost around £10-15 more.

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  Whats not to like about this...

| | See all ch33zy's reviews (68)

Easily the best designed joypad since the s-type on the original xbox (at least Microsoft have evolved the style of the pads eh Sony).
24 Hour battery life (and you even get 2 free batteries with it to get you going)
Most of all though is, purchase this and the play and charge kit and you'll never need buy batteries for your pad again.


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  Wireless is the way to go.

| | See all Supafly's reviews (30)

Dualshock eat your hear out! This controller ushers in a new era of gaming, perfect fit for anyones hands. You get used to it a lot quicker than you think. The analogue sticks are situated perfectly for fighters, shooters, racers, sports (pro evo 6 is great on this!) but unfortunately not 2d fighters. Wireless altohugh the dearer of the 2 official options seems to be the best for the average gamer who is more bothered about the game than managing a whole bunch of wires left, right and centre.

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  Wireless bliss

| | See all Quicksilver11's reviews (29)

I did not realise why I needed a wireless controller until I played on a 360, infact the main reason I bought my 360 was because of how easy it is to play using these controllers.

Its easy to charge, the buttons are well placed (better than the original xbox controller), it looks cool and its quite comfortable to use for long periods of time. The best feature is the big X button in the middle of the pad, with this you can access the main menus in-game, and if you hold it down you can turn off your console without having to walk over and do it manually (Good for fellow lazy people).

I do have some gripes with it though, the first being how utterly useless the analogue sticks are for racing games. They act more like digital buttons than smooth analogue sticks, thats great for FPS games like Halo, but for games like TDU or FORZA 2 its annoying. The other being that the battery comparment on the back is quite squared off, it can rub on your fingers a bit. You may not see those 2 things as a problem, but for me its enough to knock this product down to 4 stars.

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| | See all Danny213's reviews (1)

this item is great i am able to walk around my room talking to people using the headset and playing games wirelessly which is cool!! i reccomend buying this its worth the money !!! WOOOOW!!!

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  A real gaming pad - Heavy, rumbles and comfortable

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)

Want to go wireless? this is your pad.

Heavier than the normal wired controller when used with the rechargable lithium battery. But I like feeling the controller in my hand.

If your batteries are running low the dashboard X button flashes green continously.

For me, wireless is the only way to play. The kids can run around the front room without falling over. You can sit futher away and if your using the headset for chat. you can walk around the house and still talk.


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  The Best Pad on the face of this planet!!!

| | See all SNIPERMikeUK's reviews (3)

U seriously cannot get a better controller than this even the horrible playstation 3 pad is not upto scratch this is truly where its at. (with rumble, wireless, amazing battery life, rechargeable battery or normal 2x AA option) The triggers on the pad are one of the best features that really put you into racing games, or alternatively make gr8 triggers for that feel of shooters. I would highly recommend the quick charger over the play and charge kit, it charges really quick, I think the play and charge kit is fine but defeats the object of wireless when charge time comes, that and u have to have your console on to charge via USB, although battery will last about 20hours....

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