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Tomb Raider Legend

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all ESBlofeld's reviews (18)

The gameplay of Tomb Raiders of old remains but with much better graphics. The puzzles are not too difficult plus now Lara drives vehicles.My only problem is the amount of ammo that I have to put pump into each leopard before they go down,

  Lara at her best.

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Tomb Raider: Legend is one of the best gmes in the series in my opinion. The level designs are spectacular ranging from Bolivia to Japan. The puzzles are well desiged and the combat is good. I would recommend doing this game on Hard mode as it really isn't that hard, just really fun to play. Legend is much better than Underworld and if you are lookin for a fun Platformer with easy achievements then this is the game for you.

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  Lara is back?

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Great game in every sense.Easy to finish.But not like the first 3 tomb raiders in ps1.So if you have lost your faith in this franchise you better start buying them specially in good prices starting with this one.

  One of those games you don't forget easily

| | See all Lolzor111's reviews (6)

This is a great game. I have loved Tomb raider from the first but this one has to be my favourite. It has the best tomb raider theme yet and it is a pleasure to have Lara finally come to next gen. The graphics are a nice change from the older boxy games and the game play is alot faster. Lara has never looked so good and moved so well 5/5.

  love it

| | See all spuddygothiclord98's reviews (29)

This game is amazing. I heard about it from a friend and thought it was really good.
So i bought it. One of the best games i have ever been on!
It dosen't lack in strategy of fighting or action.
Fabulous game. Buy buy buy buy!

  Tomb raider has changed alot since my day..shes stil fit tho

| | See all SamsSales's reviews (41)

And if i ever meet a girl like lara croft i will be sure to get her as drunk as possible to have my wicked way. Only to give her breakfast in bed the next morning and show her how much of a gentlemen i really am, just because she's such an amazing girl personality wise aswel lol.

But honestly though, this game is really not like the first tomb raider on the ps1. I played that and tomb raider 3 on the ps1. So I seen this an thought hmm yer may aswell go for this it'll make me feel about 13 again. Did it? No.. it feels too updated.

Don't get me wrong, the concept of trying to work out what to do when your confind in a room with no way out of it leaving you wondering why you ventured into the room in the first place is still there. But the feel of lara as you move her beautiful body around the game is totally different. For me the way it felt on ps1 where she would run into a wall then put her hands over her ears for some unknown reason, felt better than it does now on 360. And to be honest them games had more quality feel to them. It's like a game of chess, what the game is made out of like the materials are simple enough, but how you actually play the game is more interesting and thats what gives it its long time being around, as was the case with tomb raider 1. This game doesn't have that at all.

Also in parts it feels rushed, like the developers didnt have that much time to put into certain parts and you get a feel of that when you're playing through the game.

But in its own right as its own game, aside from being our lara in tomb raider, its still a good game. Just doesn't really live upto the legendary series as it is known to be today.

However, these views are just mine and I am of an older generation of gamers now, but you might agree. Anyway I don't mind the fact I spent time on this, and if I could go back in time and talk too myself, I would reccomend it too myself aswel.

So go for it, its a good game, but not really tomb raider as it was.

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  P*E*R*F*E*C*T - G*A*M*E

| | See all SamTysall's reviews (20)

This game is deffo worth buying, the graphics are great and gameplay is great but as i was use to the old games the controlls are a little defferent but once i got use to them it was great and i had sooo much fun :0)

  i liked it!

| | See all pandapandaBANG's reviews (40)

i thought this game was cool. the puzzles were a little samey, but i think it was the story which saved the game :)

definately worth a try!

  pretty good

| | See all sheridan1's reviews (13)

this game is worth buying!
graphics are good
gameplay is good
this is actually the first tomb raider game ive enjoyed in ages
im now looking forward to buying tomb raider anniversary
there are only 8 levels but they are long with various checkpoints throughout the way
the gameplay has variation
obviously a lot of climbing and exploring tombs but also theres some great shooting action and some good vehicles (particularly the motorbikes) and obviously some nice challenging puzzles (can get frustrating but very rewarding when you work them out) ive not yet finished the game but so far it is reasonably easy
this is surprising considering i used to find the older games very hard
in terms of replay value
obviously there are achievements to get
and also a time trial mode which could seem interesting
only 4 stars because i dont think the game is going to last long enough and the camera angle can be annoying and also when your jumping from ropes or poles lara seems to go the way you dont want her to which can be frustrating

overall worth buying though

  Not Worth Buying

| | See all lewUK13's reviews (9)

I bought this game ages ago, i went on it this afternoon trying to get some gamerscore points and thats when i relised why i never go on it, it's got poor graphics and gameplay plus it confuses me with all of the puzzles.

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