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The Godfather II (2)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (73 reviews)"

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  Just A Pinch Of Salt Please...

| | See all Lansera's reviews (3)

I loved this game, I hadn't played the first one at this point when I bought this, as this was cheaper than original for some odd reason. the description of people below is correct, it's a cross between Saints Row & GTA, two games again I enjoy very much. multiplayer is there to play but it isn't that good, the campaign is a major improvement compared to the first one, being able to actually see the screen proerly (the first one was very dark), & being able to do new things with your crew. graphics are actually quite good I thought, but you can tell this game is built for gameplay not graphics. seriously couldn't put this down when I started playing it, & is seriously addictive, only problem is there's not much to do when you completed all the missions.

if you can get this game for less than 10 pounds than take it up without a hesitation, there's alot of fun in this for 10!!

  Brilliant !!!!!

| | See all annpan1's reviews (1)

I bought this game because it had been out for a while and was cheap and its brilliant, good graphics and a very good storyline endless fun on this game I can play it for hours without getting bored. So if your looking too put your money too good use buy this game its cheap too buy and a great game. 5/5


| | See all Hotrod's reviews (24)

This game is poor the graphics of the cars etc are poor, they drive very bad, to me this game is not a patch on the first one, I got 15% into this game and gave up, Am glad I only rented this game and not payed when it was out. If I were you just rent it first and save your money. To me the game was a big let down.

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  It Lives Up To The First

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

I found the controles wierd at the begining but quickly got used to them and like the old one the graphics are not the best around but that did not bother me because there is a lot to do on this game taking over rackets and businesses and doing favours four people for money or a hit contract, they have made it so you have to kill a target in a ceratin way for that member to be eliminated permently which i think is better as it makes it more challenging, you get achievments for robbing all the bank and doing all the exercutions that i think is also good because it gives you something to work towars as well as you have to find the weapons that is better than the first where you just brought them, having gang members is good as you can equip them with guns upgrade them and change their clothes, i did find myself wanting a bit more from this as you can't upgrade your character much and like the old one there is not a lot of clothing to choose from. All in all if you liked the first one this is a no brainer and for 15 pounds its worth it i did find the game addictive but easy really.

  Great game!!!!

| | See all Marotta118's reviews (2)

i bought the godfather 1 for ps2 a few years ago and it was my favourate game for about 2 years! was sceptical about buying this one but then play.com had it on ofer so i went for it and glad i did!!! the missions are not as good as the first game, but the idea of having a gang and their different skills etc is a brilliant concept. im also a huge fan of the movies and i the first one you could EASILY tell who each character was because they looked identical. in this one however the characters are barely recognisable!!!!
Overall its a good game and especially for the price of 14 quid as i got it for with student discount!!!

  Not Bad

| | See all Jackarsenal1992's reviews (24)

in a previous review i said that i heard this game wasn't very good but after playing i thought it was ok not as good as the 1st one or GTA but still it was good for the price and i really enjoyed havinh so much power on it. shame they didn't get the copyrights for Al Pacino though.

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  Top game

| | See all stozza's reviews (59)

Great game loads of violence loads of action and great fun to play. Controls very easy too. One of the few games I have really got into playing solidly without getting bored.

  Who wants to be the don of this game?

| | See all OasisNice's reviews (6)

I bought this game hoping to feel like the godfather and although you can send out people to rob banks and assassinate mobsters, it all becomes a cycle that drys up to quickly becoming very dull and monotomous. Even if it is tempting to buy instead purchase a great game like Batman: Arkam Asylum or even wait for a game like Modern Warfare 2 to come out. Just don't buy this game.

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  Good All Round

| | See all ThatScottishGuy's reviews (2)

The Godfather 2 isn't like the first one but is just as good. It is a good length, it has a easy button set-up and is relly cool, i truly enjoyed playing this and it's good for G Score. I'd recomend it to anyone. Online isn't the best but no game is perfect... aka good game.