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Brothers In Arms 3: Hell's Highway

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Brilliant WWII tactical shooter

| | See all SkinnerChinner's reviews (28)

Played the previous titles on the PS2 which were brilliant, if you are interested in WWII or liked the series "Band of Brothers" then you'll enjoy this as it plays, looks and feels just like the TV series. Its also a different take on your standard shooter. Since playing it again I don't know why I, and lots of other fans were so hard on the game, perhaps we were all in a bad mood or something but its fantastic, what really did it for me was the new 3rd person over-the-shoulder view (know as "dig-in") on bits of cover. Emphasises the "cover and flank" key gameplay mechanic and lets you drink in the brilliant graphis, even the multiplayer is pretty good once you get into it, but does need some extra work for the new instalment. Also never get bored of pulling off the action moments! Only tiny tiny gripe is it can be a little glitchy at times, but nothing to spoil your day too much.

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  If you like your WW2 shooters get this!!

| | See all JohnFGC's reviews (11)

I got this game out the cuboard the other day and started the campaign again. I must have been in a bad mood first time round as it didn't really dazzle me. Now taking the time I have remebered what an incredible series of games the Brothers in Arms series are.

PROS- Stroyline is just incredible, if you like band of brothers you're gonna love this. With an appearance from a charactor from the TV series as well!!!
- Graphics are sound, more than sound on HD. Sound FX are great, nice and genuine.
- The whole command thing is brilliant. It's what makes the game stand out. Run and gun will not work on this game. You have to suppress and flank with your two different squads as was the tactics at the time.

CONS - AI is a bit shaky at times. Only a bit though. Plus it didn't take me a huge amount of time to complete.
- Replayability is not great. Nothing like CoD when you can finish a campaign and start again straight away.

All in all fantastic game. Ubisoft have really put this together well. You will find yourself doing everything possible to keep your squad members alive. Anybody who enjoyed the first two games will know that the game really goes to town on the bond between the soldiers and the friendships or personallity trates they all have. Plus it deals with some great storyline questions that were left unanswered in the first two! Ubisoft have taken a really good couple of games and made them better. I can't wait for the next one! Please Ubisoft and Gearbox, don't leave us hanging!

  Worth £9.99

| | See all AllGamesMustGo's reviews (3)

Personally, I would have liked this game to last longer but for the relatively short amount of game play compared to many other games, it really does deliver on the quality. The graphics are great, the plot twists and storyline in general keep the game interesting and overall this is a fun game to play. Action shot kills are a nice touch. I completed it in two weeks but had I played it full on I could have completed it in a few days, maybe even a day. Not to take away from the value of it though, I still go back and play the odd mission or two every now and then just for the hell of it. Sadly, as with alot of games these days, you have to go online to get multiplayer. I'd have liked to do a co-op or deathmatch with my friends but the few negatives aside I'd suggest this to anyone looking for a game. Glad I bought it. If they had even one of the things I mentioned were missing then I'd give it a five star rating.

  Something a little different

| | See all sideshowdan's reviews (13)

As a fan of the tv series Band of Brothers i thought id give it a try seems it was a bargin price on play.
Wasnt disappointed, good graphics and sound, odd little glitch everynow and again mind you, liked the tactics, supressing and flanking the enemy. usual running and gunning doesnt work! Its not just a run of the mill shooter. Worth a go if you`d like something a little different.


| | See all willeth's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic. The story line is great, graphics are brilliant and the story mode is very long ranging from being on your own, controling squads of men, sniping and in tanks. Lets put it this way i would buy this game if it was £50

  Buy it

| | See all shk1979's reviews (12)

£9.99 is a bargain for this game.
Good graphics, good story, achievements flow well throughout the game. All round excellent game.

  Bang per buck

| | See all Maskey's reviews (2)

I bought a few bargain classics recently and this really was the best of the bunch for 9.99.

The story was excellent and the missions varied. Some sniper and tank action, and the commanding of strike teams, bazooka teams and more. The shooting was not as crisp as COD, more like Vegas, but overall very solid.

  Excellent game, excellent value.

| | See all Cashman's reviews (35)

Brilliant WW2 Shooter with fantastic graphics, brilliant tactical play and excellent production, and for this price a total steal. Only downside I found was that multiplayer matches weren't populated but as a single player WW2 shooter, and at this price its hard to beat.

  Kicks COD 5's off the shelves

| | See all Rohan148's reviews (9)

Great game it is the more Tactical version of the war rather than run in and abliterate the other team like COD5
for that reason 9/10

Campaign was amazing its just there needed to be more in it after you complete the game the multiplayer is ok but i have better mulitplayer games to play but for campaign 10/10


  Good game

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

This is a good shooter, and whilst it is no COD or Vegas, it is a functional shooter with a decent story (for a shooter) and good graphics. The cover system is the only one in an FPS that can match Vegas's and the squad mechanics are decent. Add in some good set pieces and slo mo and you've got yourself a good, if unspectacular WW2 shooter. Unfortunately, this game is dead online, no one at all plays it, so if you are looking for an online alternative to Halo or Gears, look elsewhere. £9.99, is a great price for a decent game. Don't expect a blockbuster shooter and you'll enjoy yourself with this.

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