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Saints Row 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  ONe to add to your collection

| | See all oooohBetty's reviews (7)

Really loved this game. Even better than GTA IV! Didn't think I would ever be saying that! Some very funny & original side missions that are great fun! So much to this game! Gives hours of entertainment & is one vast adventure!

  better than gta4 but parents wont like it atall

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

i had gta4 for ages and didnt like how serious the whole game. so i got saints row 2 and loved it. it is much more fun than gta4 and even made me laph a few times however i cant really recommed it to my freind because they always play it with there freinds and there familys because there is atleast one swere word in every cutscene.

  I actually Like it

| | See all PrincessPixi's reviews (4)

Good beacuse - Its easy, fun, co op and lots to do!
Bad because - You cant play split screen.

I think the split screen thing is the only thing wrong with it! Fun game would recommend to anyone for the price!


| | See all XxMIKEYspikeyXx's reviews (4)

Very good game lots of fun story mode is fun and you can do it all on co-op online multiplayer is ok but overall i really like it i prefer it to GTA
because the vehicles have brilliant control SO MUCH CUSTIMISATION its brilliant!!! i would recomend buying it there is soo much to do so much to unlock if you are looking for a game that gives you joy for hours and hours you can choose the clothes you wear the colours of the cloths you wear what weapons you use(THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT WEAPONS) and there are special weapons for example the pimp cane shotgun and the pimp slap melee weapon you can choose what your face looks like the way you talk and the way you fight the melee excels GTA greatly.

  Amazingly fun

| | See all Jackarsenal1992's reviews (24)

It's not as good as GTA but i don't think it's trying to be because they knew both games would be compared so they made this game more crazy and fun then GTA which it is. The missions are much more explosive and unrealistic then GTA which makes this a very fun game to go on and is really good after your finished playing GTA and you need a similar game to fullfil your time. If you enjoy this kind of game buy it.

  Lots of fun...

| | See all NoseyParkers's reviews (3)

A game that apes the best bits of the mighty GTA and does a pretty good job. You can zoom though it pretty quicky mind and the graphics can look a little ropey, but it is lots and lots of fun. Well worth picking up on the cheap - especially because you can play the whole game though in co op mode...

  Great game

| | See all danielcant's reviews (1)

Hi for all people who like free roam games this is a must buy, the storys great voice acting is great and some funny one liners that you cant help laugh at. Also the gameplay is very very fun its not as realistic as gta 4 but thats a good thing.

  great game

| | See all wiiXcore's reviews (3)

For anyone who likes free roam games such as GTA, you really should buy this a really good game.

  Doesnt Deserve 18

| | See all billyjoey's reviews (2)

Saints row 2 is a funny yet sophisticated game. Even though it contains violence it is not serious violence. Unlike grand theft auto this game is all about having a good time and having fun. It is not serious, or boring and does not deserve its eighteen rating.

The customization tool is brilliant although it can take a while to create your character. The gameplay is good and fun and the graphics are very good especially if your playing it on an hd tv.
Overall this game is very fun and will keep you occupied for months.

  All the Fun You Can Have & No One Can Stop You

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

These days crime is very common in games you only have to look at Grand Theft Auto to see how successful a crime game is but during a forgotten era when you used to have a top down view you remember the colourful fun you used to have being able to do anything you want.
Saints Row 2 is the correct way to bring back this old formula of doing what you want in a new era obsessed by technology.
Saints Row 2 does everything right and never takes it self too seriously. For example during a scene in a courtroom you burst in to break a gang leader out and it's not just the police fighting you it's the judge as well so you can pretty much start a fight with an OAP and gurantee that they'll try and fight back.
My only bad comment is character customization which should be a strength but there is so much complexity in making a character that you can end up spending hours before even starting the game making a character only to give up and copy someone else's character design from a website.
So to conclude I say good game but tone down the character customization.