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Prince Of Persia

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (97 reviews)"

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  My second prince of persia

| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

Having played p.o.p the forgotten sands I brought this cheap and thought i'd give it a go. The good points are its quite relaxing and the jumps and running arn't too complex. The bad points are every so often you'll have to collect a certain amount of orbs to progress. Some people might enjoy this but I dont as I am very inpatient. The game has good graphics and the fight system is very balanced, yet a bit slow at times. You can't really die as if you fall you are saved and put back at the last time you was on the ground / stable floor. Good for gamerscore too, I earned 160G within 45 minutes of playing this game. Overall very worth the 3 pounds I paid for it.

  Such a positive start that just ebbs away

| | See all HenryMo's reviews (16)

When you first put this game into your console, you will be greeted by a lovely, crisp looking cinematic. You will think that this game has potential, and the storyline pushes this, with it being based around eliminating demons from the land and restoring serenity. The fighting isnt bad either: you will often have to face demons that spawn through the ground, and these boss-like fights are really entertaining. However, this is only a 12+ so there is no blood or death: they just get sucked into the ground. With the presentation aside, im afraid this game is drop dead awful, and heres why:
The game is based around you collecting light orbs around maps, Sounds fine, but there are litterally hundreds, and honestly that is all you do except throw you controller on the floor with frustration as you cant find the last 10 or so. Its like a puzzle that cant be solved: you just jump around, climp, slide and fall along a landscape trying to find these stupid orbs. It is so very dull. After about 20 minutes, you will be wondering whats the point. Next, there are so many boring cut scenes of the 2 protagonist talking about things you really dont have much clue about. You even get an achievement for having talked to the NPC for a given amount of times. Honestly, being spawn killed on C.o.D. is funner...
Next comes the actual map: you will open it up and see areas that are covered by evil darkness and ones that are not, and have been made pure. Okay, fair enough, sounds cool. But the only way to redeem the darkened places is by COLLECTING THE ORBS. Why? Why cant we just go to the place and fight some demon to death? It is so repetative and you will just feel like hitting the off button.
All in all, this game is a major disappointment and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  Too short

| | See all UCLANgirl's reviews (1)

It is a good game but it is just to short i bought it for my son and a day later he came to me and said can we sell it its too short. Dont buy it for over 10 pounds too short!!

  i gave it 30 minutes.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

i gave it 30 minutes before i realised it wasnt going to get any better. boring.graphics are certainly nothing to write home about, gameplay - might as well play with a brick than the controller.wasnt impressed.

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  Good, but quite boring...

| | See all ItalianGalbu's reviews (3)

The last chapters were better than this, because this one has, in my opinion, some problems. First of all, the graphics aren't so good; the cell-shading is ok, but the textures are awful. The gameplay: you can't die and you spend a lot of time jumping in the air. No, seriously, I thought this game would have more action and also, a better story. 3 out of 5.

  Conflicted...Great Villains Though!

| | See all Branford's reviews (2)

I am a very loyal Prince of Persia fan, and have followed the series since the start. My favourite feature of the series has been being able to kick ass the way I want to - and this game does NOT allow you to do that. I want to say now that the graphics, the storyline, the banter between the new character Elika are very well done - but there is very little fighting in this game. There are four major baddies, The Hunter, The Concubine, The Alchemist and The Warrior and defeating them is a mixture of easy and hard. For one, you cannot die, which in a way is a good thing, because Elika saves you all the time and you dont have to worry about being a bit reckless. However, when I am fighting baddies, I want to fight when I WANT TO - NOT WHEN the computer TELLS me to! You have to hit selected buttons at certain times to get through fights. Fighting should be about you making the right moves, not making moves when the YXAB buttons pop up on the screen to tell you. Hated that part! Restricted fighting. However, battling with Elika as your helper is a wicked idea! I just wish it was more free and not so contrived. The scenery is epic, and the locations and storylines, and things like healing the land, and gaining access to the major villains is a fun way to get through the game. The scenes with the Concubine and the mirror images of Elika are very Prince of Persia. I cannot praise the game enough for things like that. Its just the fighting. I dreaded any rare chance I got to fight in this game.

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  Good game play and graphics but less fights with enemies

| | See all gianpaolo's reviews (1)

Let first say that in my opinion the old saga was much more fun, you could fight a lot of enemies during the achievement of the objective and the puzzles were more challenging. In this one there are basically no enemies, you fight only the bosses and a couple of monsters between the different sections of the palace (sometimes I found this very boring). The introduction of light seeds and plates is quite interesting but I don't think it keeps up with the sand of the old saga.
Besides the graphics are really good and the game play (it's a lot more "acrobatic" than the old saga) is really powerful. Also the interaction with Elika is very good and amusing. The story as usual is quite clever and fascinating.
Let's hope that the other chapters of this new saga are gonna improve the aspects where this chapter lacks.

  Pants of Persia

| | See all SpuggyLad's reviews (10)

For me this game was as i've titled it...Pants. It was a complete let down after having played through the previous games in the series which were always fun. This one however is a lot more repetitive and I think that the idea of using the concept art style of graphics was a move in the wrong direction by the creators because it makes everything look slightly fuzzy and I just generally think it wasn't such a smart move, the story is kind of boring and there isn't really anything new that you can do that you couldn't do in the previous version. It seems like they made this game to target it at a younger audience to try and reel in a new demographic. But in the process of this i feel they may have put off a lot of the supporters of the older games in the series. Probably worth a rental or if you can grab it for around a tenner it might be worth it but i was completely let down after having paid £30 for the game. Hope this helps.

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  It might be easy but it looks and plays amazing

| | See all sideshowdan's reviews (13)

I was a big fan of the sands of time on my PS2 and this game is worthy of sitting next to it on my shelf.
For a start it looks fantastic, the different artwork before and after you cure the land is a beautiful sight to behold. The controls and how you can string countless combos together and way that the Prince interacts with Elika is genius. The game is very easy as you cant actually die but I can live with that. its a reasonable length and there is 1001 orbs to collect if you are so inclined. One of my favourite games on my 360

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  Prince of Persia

| | See all j2000nr's reviews (9)

I'd played some of the old PoP games, and never really got on with them. I then heard some very good things about this game and seeings that it was cheap i went for it. It was a good choice. The game is very pretty, with sweeping vistas of a ruined kingdom in each zone that you travel through. There are lots of puzzles to solve, however they are all a bit too simple. Where this game really does come in to its own is the acrobatics system, where you can be running along a wall then jumping to a convieniently placed pillar before scampering off on the underside of a roof. At points it does get quite intense as a lot happens in a very short space of time. A nice little touch is that you can never die as the princess saves you from, well, everything otherwise this game would have been awful. As you progress through the game you get access to 'power plates' these allow you to fly or run extremely fast or jump over long distances.

The story itself isn't really that original at all, it follows a very simple path:

Princess meets Prince, Evil God released, Princess gets Prince to save world

It doesn't have the most in-depth game play and the combat system is very weak. However, it does make you smile, so its worth a play