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Tekken 6

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  It sort of works.........

| | See all HmsFireFox's reviews (1)

I have play past tekkens, i think there excellent, then comes tekken 6,the campaign mode is shocking,its sort of arcade mode,and a little cheesy. The writing on the sreen is absoultly tiny throughout the whole game,and i simple gave up reading it. the online feature is brillant and there are people online,as with some games when you can never find anyone to play.But the campaign may be rubbish, but its quite addictive. i wouldn't pay much more then perhaps ten pounds on this game.But all the old charcters are there and some good new ones.The game gets one star for being good online,and one star for being addictive.

  Give me back my Tekken!!!

| | See all Alchimia's reviews (1)

Where is Tekken? This version is a total Flop , a bad experiment gone to the wc...The Hybrid game is very bad built , the charachters move in the stages not following the pad controller...The places are very incoplete...I gave the second star only cause the game included also the standard beautiful mode "Arcade"...Please Bandai-Namco give me back the old fantastic Tekken!

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  Okay Game

| | See all LilBugs's reviews (2)

Its quite a good game, but how can you get on with a game that you cant even read what any of the writing says when it comes up, disapointed in that, i have great eye sight yet can not see any of the writing on story mode clearly at all, Very Hard To Read And Understand, Anyone else have the same problem

  Best Fighting Game On Xbox 360

| | See all TheGaiden's reviews (11)

Ok I Was Over Hyped for This Game.
The Game Is Awesome In Every Way.
Great Characters.
Story Wasn't all That Great But The Beat em' Up Feature Was ace!
In My Opinion It's the Best Fighting Game On 360 Since soul Calibour IV.

  Typical Tekken - Brilliant :)

| | See all PhylJames's reviews (3)

Everything about this game is brilliant - apart from the oversized final boss. If you played Tekken 5 and thought jinpachi was a nightmare to beat, picture jinpachi's size quadrupled, with more counter attacks. This boss is really quite difficult, but you'll quickly learn to guard/attack at the right time and beat it. The story mode is excellent. At the start, the opening scene of the story mode explains what has happened through tekken 1, all the way up to tekken 6, so if you haven't played previous games, it doesn't matter - you won't be confused as to what the story is about. I spent more than a few hours playing story mode alone, and I enjoyed playing it. Tekken 6 has offline mode and online mode. In offline mode, you can choose arcade mode, time attack, survival, teams, and vs mode. Choosing online mode allows you to play agaisnt other players - either ranked matches or casual matches. In the previous games, I always got stressed and wanted to throw my controller at the screen. Tekken 6 still has this trait. You will probably get very stressed while playing it (I get stressed because of the final boss :) ), but it wouldn't be a Tekken game without it. 5/5 - brilliant game.

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| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

Please note, I am writing this after spending an hour fighting the stupidly over sized, over protective and massively overpowered boss at the end of arcade mode. I wanted to bash my controller through the screen, I wanted to yell obsenities at passing neighbours, I kicked at the dog when it came in the room. Its just that BRILLIANT.
IMO, Tekken games have always wound people up to ridiculous extents. This retains that. Here's my summary on the pros and cons I've encountered so far.
-Impressive graphics, especially on characters.
-Ridiculous number of customisation options.
-60 fps is a really nice touch.
-Exciting gameplay
-Not an annoying soundtrack. I cant remember it, so it must've been quite good.
-Scenario campaign explains story well.
-A nice number of game modes.
-Huge number of characters.
-Online implemented very nicely, no problems there.
-Boss. He's terrible.
-Moves slightly changed, definately for yoshimitsu=[
-Ranked matches. People are so concerned of their rank, they'll just tap the same button over and over again to ensure victiry-where's the fun in that??
Personally, I'd recommend you buy it. I love Tekken, have done for a long time, and this isn't a disappointment. People don't like the scenario campaign, but you only HAVE to play it for a little bit, then you unlock arcade mode. Great fun with friends, and a real time killer. Just don't get to angry....

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  tekken 6

| | See all cazz2k8's reviews (5)

i loved tekken 2 it has been one of my favorutie games since it first came out however i think this game comes very close it's brilliant would recommend it to anyone.

  Quite good.

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Considering all the bad press that this has had, I appraoched it cautiously, fearing the worst. I am a Tekken fan, Tekken 3 being one of my most played games of all time. Having played this, I feel that much of the criticism is unjustified. Online is functional and the graphics are very good. Some of the new characters are a bit of a miss but you could say that about many games in this genre (Street Fighter's Seth?). The fighting itself remains largely unchanged, so this is still a fast moving reaction based game. It's got loads of characters to choose from and both singleplayer and multiplayer are goo modes. It does feel a little dated, maybe too much of a good thing and I feel Tekken needs to innovate in the way Street Fighter did. I'm afraid that this isn't the nineties and despite Tekken 6 being a good game, I feel it's lack of innovation and inferiority to certain similar games (Street Fighter) means that it doesn't stand out in an unappreciated genre.

  A fairly fun game

| | See all PaulvFinch's reviews (9)

The concept of the game is brilliant, a Tekken game that contains all previous characters. Where it falls down is in its Scenario mode, it is very unresponsive and tricky to play. The Arcade mode and VS mode is fantastic retaining and improving all the Tekken aspect that everyone loves.

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  Fighting the right way

| | See all mindless's reviews (12)

bought tekken 6 on a whim not having played a tekken game since tekken 2(showing my age a bit) but im so glad i did this the first thing i had to try was the online apart from some unfair match ups in ranks it was solid alot better than doa online and less lag because there are so many characters i thought there would be lots of similar ways to fight just new skins on same old models but each fighter has there own style of fighting that is fresh. only problems i found were the scenario campaign was kinda repetive and the arcade mode was ridiculously hard at the end but all in all brilliant fighter.