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Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Burnout with a twist

| | See all jaaames95's reviews (21)

Like most Burnout games this is adrenealine fuelled fun. However with this edition of Burnout you can roam around the streets exploring the city. The Ultimate Box also has the added bonus of Motorbikes which although sounds great there is a limited amount of challenges compared to the number of challenges that are included with the cars. The developers have stuck with the original recipe for super fast carnage fun that original Burnout games had but with the edition of free roaming which is a really great feature that I enjoyed and hope that they include it in future Burnout games. 8/10.

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  smash"ing fun

| | See all blitz1993's reviews (8)

good game but you might as well get the original burnout paradise because bike are pointless.

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  Burnout Paradise

| | See all ChrisD101's reviews (11)

the new way of accessing events is ok sometimes, depends wot mood your in. Very cool steering, controls are the same and still easy. The map idea was decent in some respects. great game, excelllent fun. Crashes look more realistic but drag on a bit and almost mock you. Online is really easy to access and is fun. rather too many wins needed to get your burnout and elite licenses.

  Another great Burnout game, whats with the ultimate though?

| | See all darkninja's reviews (55)

Paradise city is yours to explore, miles of ingame asphault waiting. It plays like most of the other Burnout games, most of which i have owned, all of which i have loved. Cars are perfectly nippy and the idea of trying to kill other drivers in a racing game will NEVER get old. Burnout have done something that is different for a normal racer, and the well balanced cars and numerous game-modes are incredible (such as 'marked man' - drive across the city without getting smashed up by some threatening black saloons).
I like the little details in this game, such as Bilboard smashing, taking a mug shot of youre opponents angry face online when they get taken down, the classes of car (stunt/ race/ heavy) and the Burnout 'Do stupid things such as drive on the wrong side of the road or smash up enemy cars to earn boost' thing still works. The idea of smashing an enemies car after a race to send it to the junkyard, where you can get in it and repair it for your own selfish ways is a nice little touch. The Online does work well and the acheivements are generously placed.
One slight tear in my eye is the fact that 'signiture moves' and 'After-touch' have been missing after Burnout3. And how i miss them. But not for long. The other little factors of this game will make you forget about it, and i still have B3 for my PS2.

You may want to skip the 'ultimate' though, saving you the £7. Most of the DLC is free anyways.

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  Not exactly the Ultimate Box...

| | See all iRaccoon's reviews (3)

First of all the game is really fun to play, whether online or offline there is always something to do that will keep you entertained.

The second I inserted the disc the title screen appeared shortly followed by a download prompt, a download that was over 900mb in size and if you want to play online this download is mandatory.

Now onto the "Ultimate Box", when I purchase something with such a name I would assume it would contain EVERYTHING possible... but this is far from the truth. It came with about 3 additional features, but the extra cars (Legendary, toys etc.) have to be purchased before they can be used. Maybe a better name would be "The slightly more features than the standard edition Box".

Anyway despite the misleading title I would still recommend this game, its got countless hours of campaign driving mayhem and unlimited hours of online fun... also if you purchase the legendary car pack you can take the Back to the Future Delorean AND Ghostbusters Ecto 1 for a spin, now that's epic!

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  Great game, but there's nothing "ultimate" about this box

| | See all Talicus's reviews (12)

I'll try to be as brief as possible.
As a racing game, it stands out from other racing games because of it's extreme speed, relatively little time in between races due to the free-roaming aspect, and (whilst very arcade-ish) solid controls. The graphics might not be superb on screenshots, but when you see everything racing past you at who-knows-howmany miles per hour, you know you've reached the full potential of your 360 (or PS3 if you get it for that system).

Now, about the "ultimate" box. Apparently little people realise that most of the gameplay aspects available on the ultimate box are downloadable free of charge (in fact, they are automatically downloaded as soon as you pop in a copy of the original Burnout Paradise). There are a few things that you have to pay for on the regular Burnout Paradise, but even if you buy the original Burnout Paradise and download all the extra content found on this disc, it's still cheaper than buying this box! Not to mention that not all the DLC is worth it in my opinion, but I'll leave that up to you.

In short, great game, but there's nothing "ultimate" about this box

  Worst racing game ever

| | See all LunaUK's reviews (3)

How anyone can think of this as a racing game is beyond me.
If you want high speed racing that gets your adrenaline pumping buy Burnout:Revenge!
Unless you have no life and can spend weeks memorizing every street on the map this game is a waste of money.
This version is described as 'Unltimate Box' but you will still have to fork out £40+ to get al the additional download content (DLC) from Xbox Live. The DLC isnt for extra maps or map extention (one is planned) but for cars! Never has a game maker tried to rinse as much money as possible out of players for a substandard game, one of the game updates was 750meg proving an unfinished game was released, lets hope this isnt a new trend thats here to stay.

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| | See all BobbyLeRoo's reviews (2)

of all 45 games i own for 360 this is the most played! with 55 hours offline and 168 hours online to date. if your into high passed corner drifting boosting c rashing takedowny goodness this is the game for you. the game now has over 100 cars playable in game from standard in game cars to premium DLC cars including 4 legendary cars based on kit from knightrider, ecto1 from ghostbusters, the delorian from backto the future and the car from dukes of hazard, also added was toy versions of the highest used cars and 2 boost specials with unique abilitys that no other cars have. the ultimate box comes with all the first free DLC on disc. that includes "cagney" which bassically added 2 new online boostless cars and a few other game changing minor details. secondly "bikes" which obviously added bikes to burnout experience also day and night changes and so on, and the 4 player pass the pad party mode. if you like racing games this game is for you. go out and get it!

  Best Burnout Ever !

| | See all RyuOnline's reviews (14)

Gotta be the best supported game on the 360 with free bikes / cars / updates / island coming all the time.

Online is awesome as its 8 player free roam with over 450 online Freeburn Challenges to master while ur online so plenty to do.

The free update also added bikes & phyics update and are inc on the disc allready instead of having to download the 1.6gig free add-ons, also good if ur short of hard drive space to get the other version. ( 4 player pas the pad mode is also on this version which costs 800pts for the normal version.

New cars to download inc, Back to the Future Car / Ghostbusters / Dukes of hazard / Nightrider so the games got so much life its great.

Top Top game, thats endless fun.

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  the multiplayer is not slit screen

| | See all NotouriousGhost's reviews (8)

the game is the best racing game on any console to current date (febuary 2009).
for £25 it is worth the money.
just wanted to let everybody know the mutliplay is NOT slit screen.
Bascialy one person as a go then the next person plays after they finish . e.g like racing see who does best time
e.g (2) who get the most points on stunts run.
upto 77 cars and bikes together.
fun to play story mode or even mess about

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