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Xbox Live 2100 Microsoft Points Card

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Customer Reviews

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  Not true

| | See all DirtyRat's reviews (2)

An XBLA game normally costs 400, or 800 points...that is actually £3.40 or £6.80 respectively.

I think many of the arcade games are great value for money. Sure they may be retro classics, but many of them have been updated to include support for Live so you can play against people anywhere in the world which I think is great with titles like Bomberman Live, Mad Tracks or Streetfighter 2.

Always download the demo first and give it a try before buying.

I do think many of the 800 MS point games are overpriced, but people must be buying them at that price point, otherwise they wouldn't sell them. Overall I've had a lot of enjoyment from playing retro games like Golden Axe and I've had some intense games of Texas Hold em and Streetfighter 2, so it's worth the dosh for many of the games.

  Cheapest on the web..

| | See all ch33zy's reviews (68)

No need to go into what these points are all about (if you don't know then you don't deserve to own a 360).
but they are cheaper on here than any gamestore/website.

and its free postage too, unlike some other sites.

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  Read the small print and you will discover an added benefit!

| | See all Spidersoft's reviews (16)

I won't go into too much detail of what these cards are for, others have already covered that.

Basically these cards give you Microsoft Points (not to be confused with points that can be achieved through playing the games) which can be used as credits in XBOX Live Marketplace. There are various things available, themes for your console [which I'd never spend money on personally], games (many of which are 'retro' games given a facelift and in the future videos and even movies and TV episodes.

The games are what its all about so far, and some of them are very good indeed.

However onto the added benefit of using these 'scratch cards'. You don't need to use these, you can give Microsoft your bank details and buy points directly through your XBOX. It works. However reading through the small print Microsoft basically reserves the right to keep your card on file and (assuming you're already an XBOX Live GOLD subscriber) will use your bank details to keep you subscribed to GOLD; I don't like that - I consider it sharp business practice (though the small print in the T&Cs says they'll do this; the problem is you can't opt out).

(Note as of now when I write this review it is not possible to delete your card details either, so they really have you trapped into a service you might not want in the future).

So - if you want points to spend then buy these points cards, it's a lot lot safer. Plus of course you save £1 each time you buy.

I'd follow the same logic for the XBOX Live Gold membership cards and use those instead of sharing your bank details with Microsoft.

Hope this helps!

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  Worth getting if you know what to use them on

| | See all PhoenixTrigger's reviews (21)

If you look on the Marketplace, you can see a huge, extensive list which shows all the classic arcade games you can buy with these points and even get demos of them. This amount of points can easily buy at the minimum 3 arcade games, and at the maximum, 5 and still have a few left over. This comes at a good price, but make sure you know in advance what you want to download off the marketplace before you get these, otherwise you could find yourself with leftover points which you don't know what to do with.

P.S. These are DEFINATELY worth getting if you own Crackdown and/or Oblivion, due to the fact you can download expansion packs for both with these points, however the Oblivion expansion pack is worth 2400 points, so you'll have to get 2 points cards and use the rest of your points on something else, just in case you bought one pack and then realised you needed more.

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  Great value

| | See all Stutch's reviews (18)

Much better value than buying it off Marketplace, good as long as you know what yoo want to spend the points on in advance of buying them.

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  It makes sense to buy from here

| | See all Supafly's reviews (30)

16.99 for 2100 points is better than 21.00 for 2100 points driect from xbox live, once more these points are legitimate, so you won't get short-changed from dodgey ebayers. With free postage as ever it always makes sense to get it from play.

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  Extends game

| | See all Liam12123's reviews (16)

The points allow you to buy extra levels on games aswell as arcade games off the market place. They also allow you to purchase gamer picture off the market place to personalise yourself. You care also able to change your gamertag for a cost of 800 points.

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  It's ok

| | See all dom4563289's reviews (5)

Its a good buy if you really intend to spend that much on live but, really the only good buys are for oblivion and cod3 but on cod3 the map packs are 800 points and hardly anyone plays them, in my opinion buying 1000 is a better buy

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  Brilliant Buy.

| | See all alex90's reviews (2)

I recently purchased these points in order to get the new map packs availiable for Gears of War but ended up spending nearly all of them on the exspansion for Oblivion which was absolutely amazing and on its own well worth spending money on the points.

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  Excellent Value

| | See all Swinners's reviews (14)

I recently (hesitantly i must admit) purchased 2000 gamers points in order to add some map packs to games like Call Of Duty 3 and Gears Of War.
My speculation was quickly put to rest however as i found that the new downloadable content gave my games a completely new lease of life - i downloaded another 20 or so cars for PGR 3 which gave me hours of driving enjoyment.
I have also downloaded small extras like themes and gamer pictures - honestly there is so much out there, with content that will cater for every gamers needs i would definitely recommend buying the points.
Don't think twice and buy them from play.com, they are cheaper than getting them direct from Microsoft.

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